18 February 2005


I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

Ummm, i'm not really sure what to right. I sat down, fingers poised ready to seize the blog. to fill it with words to make you laugh, cry, and think. what more could there possibly be! The tapping of keyboards around me made me notice the lack of response from my own. Ok...insightfulness and advice. Here I go.

here I go....

sorry, I tried but that's all I got. Love you all.

"I laughed, I cried...it really moved me Bob." Larry the Cucumber

09 February 2005

Raindrops keep fallin'on my head...

Advice: don't stare at people's lips when they are talking Dutch. It makes you want to laugh out loud.

So i've been thinking a lot lately about how i can be of more help around here. Things are moving SO SLOW! I read Heather's blog and all i could think of was how i so wish i could be there. for almost three years now i have wanted to lead the tues. night study. I wanted to give my senior speech and look people in the eyes as i told them what they really meant to me. All that changed 2 1/2 year ago when i met Ariel and Alexa Hays in Colorado. Abby Lorenc and I had talked prior to family camp about how excited we were going to be that we could talk to Peter about becoming missionaries. I didn't talk to Peter once on that trip. It's strange to see that if i hadn't injured my knee i would've been in a softball tournament that week. It's strange that i wanted to go on a boat trip with my friend but instead my parent's insisted that i go. But then again, i guess it isn't so strange because God's plan is so much larger than our own. I better go, school just let out. Loving and missing you all, SWAT