07 March 2011


Every now and again I like to take the time to look back on different things I've written over the years and mostly just laugh at myself.

I used to write a LOT more than I have these past two years. In some ways I miss it, in some ways I probably shouldn't write (or say) the majority of what I consider. Even earlier tonight my mouth thought it wise to come up with a Catan battle cry before my brain could scream, NOOOOO!

I don't really have much to say besides that. I think of all the times the Lord commands the Israelites to remember, and when they forget to, he reminds them again. It is good to be humbled reading thoughts I used to be so adamant about that really don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. So if I must be passionate and adamant, it should be about the Lord.

Sorry if that offends you, but really I'm not sorry, I'm sad. Sad you have yet to grasp true life and onto the One who will never let you go. What are you being stubborn about? Are you actually pursuing answers or are you allowing your questions to resonate around a hollow room trying to make sense from the commotion?

I challenge you, seek answers. I'm not going to tell you they will lead you to Christ, I'll just let you see where they lead you. I have confidence in where I stand...do you?