13 November 2009


During worship last week, I saw one of those typical worship background images and yet it stuck out to me for some reason. There was a girl standing with her arms raised into the sun as she was silhouetted. Here's the cool thing, her left arm was cutting through the space on the image where the sun was. The glare going back into the camera lens was so bright, the arm disappeared into the sun.

I want my life to be like that.

First, that people can look into my life and not help but see the Son. Second, that my life will continually blend into God's that I may become less and He may become more...

"...when darkness and light collide...light always wins."

06 November 2009

and by his wounds we are healed...

There are so many things I could write about Jesus and how amazing He is in this space. But one way this was expressed in my life today was in my inability to journal. I heard this talk on silence and solitude this past week at our Collegiate conference and something about that struck me. I think it had to deal with how multi-tasking my brain can be.

But this last week I ended up hurting my wrist, so as I sat beneath a large oak tree getting time with God intending to journal out my thoughts...my hand hurt so bad I could not write without pain. So I set down my pen and listened. In Ecclesiastes it says to not be in a hurry to leave the king's presence. So I sat and had a sweet time partially talking, but mostly listening to what my Savior had to say. What a sweet afternoon.