06 November 2009

and by his wounds we are healed...

There are so many things I could write about Jesus and how amazing He is in this space. But one way this was expressed in my life today was in my inability to journal. I heard this talk on silence and solitude this past week at our Collegiate conference and something about that struck me. I think it had to deal with how multi-tasking my brain can be.

But this last week I ended up hurting my wrist, so as I sat beneath a large oak tree getting time with God intending to journal out my thoughts...my hand hurt so bad I could not write without pain. So I set down my pen and listened. In Ecclesiastes it says to not be in a hurry to leave the king's presence. So I sat and had a sweet time partially talking, but mostly listening to what my Savior had to say. What a sweet afternoon.

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Ayeser said...

Amen to this post, it's a good reminder to the rest of us to slow down and let the quiet time/worship BE the end product rather than a means to something else. While reading it I thought of Isaiah 30:18... God is so eager to share things with us if we'll pause and give him stillness