17 June 2006

full swing

let me just say...i really love rain. yeah sure, it is as craig said today, 'proof of the sin of man.' as no rain exisited until The Fall but still. I haven't seen even a hint of rain since before going tp PA over spring break. Katy, Josh, Ryan, Jodi, Amber and I went to In-and-Out and spent the day together with a bunch of Navs.

Tonight there is a storm. Lightning...thunder..flooding. I haven't seen a good storm in over a year and i was in Holland then! Speaking of which...i miss my dutch family. i miss my ASU family too. one of the main things that helps me out right now is looking forward to seeing all of you guys again. Soon?

02 June 2006


"Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't." -Richard Bach

on that note..i'm off to Mexico for a week. 8 homes; 4 days...I'm glad God is on our side!