23 December 2012

Incarnation Thoughts

Christ’s last night in heaven: “I’m ready Father.” “Son, the next thought you’ll have will be that of a baby’s. All memories of this home, this glory, this beauty-will be gone. They will be replaced with filth, cold and pain. The first breath you take will pull you on a course to your death. It will take years before you’ll remember this conversation, this arrangement. One day, parents holding your hand, you will pass a blind beggar calling out to God. You’ll look back, suddenly knowing it is you he is calling to. Then it will dawn on you; who you are, who I am and where home is. That moment will be the loneliest of all. The morning you realize how far away you are from home.”

…Then, finally then, it happens. The deep magic begins. The single most important moment in the history of all the galaxies. In the dead of night when the world will least suspect. In the dead of human history when even the most devout had almost given up all hope. When evil had apparently finally been conceded victory. The world is at it’s darkest, this hour before the first Christmas. Then, with only a mother’s panting gasp and a newborn’s cry, God suddenly enters into our history…to rescue us. Not in thunder and smoke, or even on a white horse, but in quiet, fragile, helplessness, in a cold, dank corner of the world…God becomes not man, but first child…All the angels stand their post and hold their breath…And now we are not alone. He really did remember. God will now be forever with us.

“Hello earth. This is my Son. You will call Him Jesus. I am…giving Him to you. To do with Him as you will. And I am giving Him to you in the most vulnerable way. I am trusting my only begotten Son to you. To you. He will now breathe your air, totally unable to protect Himself. You will hold Him tonight, you will choose to receive Him. You will decide to love Him. This is my Son, in whom I am deeply and wonderfully delighted. Take care of Him.”

A fragile crying baby and not a grown man, so none of us could say that He doesn’t understand our life. On earth so no one could claim He didn’t breathe our air. In the center of mankind so no one could say He was above us, in humility so no one would feel bullied by Him, with no protection, so no one would ever be able to say that He didn’t feel alone, in common, desperate, impoverished surroundings, so no one could say He didn’t feel want, …choosing to enter the race of men and gradually learn who He was. With questions, with lack of understanding. The God of the universe, taking on the form of man, to progressively learn to eat, to sleep, to thirst, to feel tiredness. For you. For me.

By John Lynch.

17 November 2012

Bridge Building

Have you ever thought about the intrinsic detail that go into building a bridge?

I met one of my friends from Russia last week, and we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  My first thought was of Spot Conlon in Newsies yelling "BROOKLYN!" as the boys swarmed into the square with the others.  My second thought was wondering which tower Kate and Leopold jumped from in their travel through time.  It was my third thought that led me to ponder about the construction.

There are so many specifications and exact pieces that go into place to build and support a bridge.  You can not just guess on the length on each suspension cable and use duct tape to secure it all together.  We had to build a bridge made out of spaghetti and glue for physics class my senior year in high school.  I don't even want to tell you how many hours my teammate and I spent working on that thing!  As good as our bridge was, I never ever ever (said with Taylor Swift in my head...you're welcome) want to be responsible to build a bridge capable of holding the weight of all the traffic that goes from Brooklyn to Manhattan everyday!

I can't help but think of the bridge Jesus made for us.  A way to cross over the seeming unknown and plunge into His arms.  How many details and specifications had to come together so that we may have eternal life as a free gift.  God did not have a plan B.  God did not guess.  God sent Jesus, His best builder, to go and prepare a way we can all stand at the base at allowing the architect himself to carry us across.

Growing up, I always heard of Professor Stoner's explanation of just how precise God was in sending Jesus to fulfill all of the prophesies foretold about Him.  If just 8 of the over 300 prophesies were to be fulfilled by the same man, it would be the equivalent of 1 in 10(to the 17th power).  "That would be equivalent to covering the whole state of Texas with silver dollars two feet deep and then asking a blind man to walk across the state and find the one coin you had marked."  Seriously?!?  There is no other besides Jesus!

Can you see how intrinsic God's plan really is?  Lord, I am thankful you are the best architect I wouldn't even know to ask for without your Spirit guiding me.  Jesus, thank you for being the only builder able to prepare a way for me to cross over.  Thank you for caring for specifications and details.

11 November 2012

The Great Perhaps

I picked up a new book recently on my trip to Long Beach, and a line from it keeps resonating in my head.  It's a book about a graduate going off to find himself in the world.  For him (as far as I can tell by the title...i'm still reading),  this journey takes him to seek Alaska.

“Francois Rabelais. He was a poet. And his last words were "I go to seek a Great Perhaps." That's why I'm going. So I don't have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps.”  

I've been thinking a lot lately about how the Gospel is able to penetrate our cultures and desires, in order to, redeem them back to how God has designed us.  I think this idea of 'The Great Perhaps' plays right into this. I've spent more time than not on my worrying rocking chair, spinning my head in circle, but not making any forward progress.  Asking God what His will is for my life and what he wants me to do.  Do I stay in collegiate ministry for the haul?  Do I go overseas?  Do I go back to the work force and intentionally reach my co-workers for Christ?  Is it ok that I've been in this job for over 3 1/2 years and still enjoy it, but there are parts that can be frustrating at times.  

What if I'm supposed to be somewhere else.  What if I want to start a woodworking shop where my friend can bake and I can sell photographs.   What if I get sick of people feeling entitlement in life to deserve any more than the wrath of God?  I can be plagued by the what-ifs in life if I let myself.  

But there is a beautiful reality I've been reminded of recently...God is far more sovereign than we realize.  

BOOM.  Did your mind just blow?  That simple truth is just that: truth.  God's will and desire for us is not a terrorizing corn maze with people trying to confuse your steps, but God desires us to succeed and move towards Him.  He desires our hearts!  Not our ability to try and figure out every single moment of our lives and worry about fearing God is a way that paralyzes our steps.  God has a marvelous plan for you, and he isn't going to make it impossible for you to find!  In Psalm 119:30-32, it describes it as a path we get to run into with freedom because Christ has enlarged our hearts and set them free!  I asked my grandma once if she ever wondered about staying in God's will when she was younger, and she replied something along the lines of, "No, never had to think about it much."  How freeing to pray, and then make choices!

I am so glad I don't have to worry about the "Perhaps" in life, but get to focus on the reality.  My reality is that I am an ambassador for Christ.  Currently, in State College, PA.  I am a royal priest, holy, a new creation, a mighty warrior, filled with God himself: the Holy Spirit, an oak of righteousness, a helper, a leader...and one day, I am certain, I will stand in the midst of a Rev. 7 crowd praising the Glorious name of the Father, because Jesus alone is worthy to open the scrolls.  I get to rise from my chair, and move and start seeing this reality now, I don't have to wait until death.

Of this, I am sure there is no perhaps.

28 September 2012

I'm Reading Your Thoughts

I went to Goodwill looking to find a new surge protector at a discounted price.  Want to walk around for a little bit after my bike ride, I browsed the rest of the store.  I wandered into the book section, with everything for around 99 cents I couldn't resist!  I found all sorts of books, but one that stuck out to me was a Beth Moore devotional about David.  My roommate before went through one of these, so I thought of her as I found it and said a prayer, not really intending to take it home.

I began to scroll through the book, and as I did so, I noticed someone with really nice handwriting filled out only the first 13 pages.  I began to read her prayers, and as I did so, I say just how beautiful some of them were!  I felt the need to look around and see if someone was watching because I felt like I was in some way spying!  I went on to read how the tragedy in Haiti had shaped her heart for the nations, and how she prays for her husband and son.

I still feel like in some way this sounds creepy to read and share another's thoughts, but I found it encouraging to see another's heart desiring to be wholly devoted to the Lord, and less devoted to oneself!

Here is a part that encouraged me.  I hope you know in your journey of faith, you are not alone!

03 September 2012

What Legacy Do You Leave?

Penn State is a campus that has been plagued with a NCAA ruling resulting from men's actions that has left the community in shambles.  In case you haven't heard, Joe Paterno, the former most-winningest coach in history, had his victories stripped, and his statue as well.  Paterno's statue was even a stop on my city tour when I visited in April.  Fans would flock to take their photo with their football king.  (this image above is Joe's statue before any controversy arose)

State College (where Penn State is) is a very interesting town.  Everything revolves around football!  I thought Texas high-school games were intense!  Stores close, and you don't even dare to leave your house on gamedays where it becomes the third largest city in PA only under Philly and Pittsburgh.  200,000+ people enter town for the game even though only 107,282 fit into the stadium!

I don't really have opinions on the NCAA rulings or if it was fair or not, but what I do know is that God is a jealous and sovereign God, and He is in the business of glorifying His name and using all situations for His good in perspective.  When the NCAA deemed Penn State ineligible for bowls for the next four years and viewed Paterno as guilty for aiding Sandusky by not speaking up, they tore the statue down.

Too much of anything in our live can create idols in our hearts, God is about reserving that place for Him alone.  God is about emerging our lives into His!

“I am the Lord; that is my name!

    I will not give my glory to another
    or my praise to idols.
See, the former things have taken place,
    and new things I declare;
before they spring into being
    I announce them to you.”  Isaiah 42:8-9

You do not rebuild the same way once something comes down.  You build better, and stronger with a more solid foundation.  It is no accident that God has called me to Penn State for the time being, or that we are are called to the exact places He has determined, "that men would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us (Acts 17:27)."

So now that Penn State is starting from the ground floor, I am excited to see the new ways God will rebuild the ruins into a city that may glorify His name, and His name alone.  May God be glorified at Penn State.

(Paterno's Statue site now)

Mark 13:31  "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away."

11 August 2012


Sad I'm Leaving Long Beach

Russian stoic faces not showing our emotions

We have heaven!

I haven't blogged much at all lately!  I wasn't really able to while I was overseas as I thought, and then I haven't really known what to write!  I'm at Penn State for the next adventure now. 

I feel like I've been through this roller-coaster of people and friends where I come onto the top to say ,"Yay, I really like you and I'm glad we get to spend time together!"  To going downhill saying, "wait, i wasn't ready to say goodbye yet!"  To clinging to the fact God is good, and sovereign, even when I'm not exactly sure what is happening and that his timing is perfect!

I drove out to Pennsylvania with a dear friend of mine and as I dropped her off at the Philly airport Monday, I decided to spend the next day with my friend Ariel.  Ariel was raised overseas and we've known each other for ten years as of this summer!  I met her kids and she convinced me to stay two more nights then I originally planned.  One of the things she told me when I was 15 was that God brings people into our lives for seasons.  Some longer, and some shorter, but we can't be solely sad when they end, we have to rejoice that Christ gave us the time together.  

These images represent that roller coaster for me.  While I don't know where exactly the amusement car will stop, I'm staying in the seat until the car comes to a complete stop!

11 June 2012


"Privet!" (Greetings, from Russia!) Have a look at our journey in this scrapbook. Our teammate, Stephen, has been working hard on it!  Share it, and be praying for the health and safety of our team this last week!


09 June 2012

The Moon and the Stars

So every night, my Russia roommate, Kiya, listens to the Phil Whickham cd as she goes to sleep. Going to sleep after her, I can hear the cd each night through her headphones volume being so loud! I've met with Kiya in discipleship this past year, and it is a blessing to be overseas with her. Last night, "cannons" came on declaring, " the moon and the stars, declare who you are.". I love the stars and the night sky! At one point in my youth, I wanted to be an astronomer out of this infatuation. One of my favorite things to do at ASU was to drive out into the desert and stare at the sky while singing and processing to God. It's weird for me to be in Russia, a land where there are no stars at night during this summer season! The sun "sets" around 11pm and "rises around 4:30 in the morning. At night, the moon and the stars never show up here! We get to reflect the Son in this land, just as the moon does not shine itself, but refelects the light of the sun. What a blessing to be in Russia as Christ's ambassadors doing everything for Christ's glory. May we declare who He is together in this land!

04 June 2012

Russian Fruit

My roommate, Tiffanie, once told me that when God squeezes the heart, the juice comes out our eyes.  There was a lot of juice flowing the first three nights for our team in Russia, but the fruit is so good!

I've lost count, but I believe this is our 5th day in Pushkin, and this is the first time I've had a computer to update you all properly!  So I am sorry you have had to wait, but we are here!

We landed on the last day of June after a long day of flights and team members throwing up on the plane and in the airport!  We still have no idea what caused the sickness outside of a strange bout in warfare.  I am pleased to say that after two days and much prayer and rest for those four students, the illness has fled our team!

We are definitely battling in a war, but I am so glad to know that with Christ, we are on the victorious side!  As a team, we are reading through 1 John together on this trip.  What really struck me was 1 John 2:8 which reads, "the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining." 

For the past two years I've prayed for Russia to be flooded as a country with color and life after Alissa shared Is. 60:1-3 with me before she left for Russia in 2010. 

1“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
2 See, darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the Lord rises upon you
and his glory appears over you.
3 Nations will come to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your dawn.

I am excited to see what God wants to do this summer for His great name.  We are not here without Christ being here before us!  I am excited that both you and I are partnering to contribute this summer.  One of our largest problems this year has been that the students who have been a part of this English camp over the past 10 years have started spreading the word and inviting their friends!  In prior years, the camp has had 30-40 students, but this year we have 78 plus about 15 University students in a night class with us!  What a good problem to have!  The students from school 606 had recruited high school and university students from other cities even!  How amazing!  This is not because of who we are, but becasue of what God is doing in this place! 

The juice God has been squeezing has been some great team bonding through pain and hurts that have been brought into the light based off of team relations, as well as, individuals getting some processing time by being away from the everyday life back in America.  The other 14 teammates are a joy to be around, and I can't wait to look back and praise God with you on all He is going to do! 

I am teaching the sports class with Tannor, Sherin, Nick, and Tanya (my Russian friend who came with other students to America almost 4 years ago while I was at ASU!)  I am excited to invest in these 42 students!  Pray I can remember names, and my back has grace with me!  I wish I could upload new photos, but those will have to wait!  Thankfully, my internationally phone allows me to upload some occassionally to facebook!

PRAY as tomorrow night we begin our Personal Belief Discussions (PBDs) with any students who are interested in talking with us.  In the past, Gd has used these discussions to draw many brothers and sisters to himself. 

Much love to all of you, I hope I get the chance to update again soon!

Here is a picture of Tannor and Tanya from our first day with the students at School 606!  I love our Sports class teaching team!

25 May 2012


Jesus says in Matt. 8:20 that, "the son of man has no place to rest his head.". When I first moved out to Long Beach, all these verses about the Levites not having their own land, but living off the land of others, no place to rest your head, and leaving everything behind we're bombarding me. I felt lonely far off in an unfamiliar land called "California.". I had a place to live with a widow and my new Edge teammate. I had my car, my parents were still in my childhood home for a few more months, but I felt so lonely. Have you ever felt homeless? Have you felt such a deep intense longing for familiarity and belonging to latch around you? I remember driving around lost and stopping the car not even knowing which way to turn despite receiving a GPS for graduation a few months before. Nothing would fill the void I felt. I hung art on my walls immediately, but it still didn't feel like home. I was in a stranger's home, trapped by myself. Yesterday morning I left my Long Beach home. God gave me a home, He gave it to me in Him. After seeing Him as my portion, I could find my home. My home has been in Long Beach, a place I had a hard time believing could transform into that in 2009. I clutched the metal house key in my hand for a moment. The hint of cold metal faded into my hand. I passed it to Lauren, and then the tears came. But you see, I can't hold God's hand until I open my own. I am homeless on the Earth at the moment. Even my parents house key is back in Texas. I have one backpack, purse, and suitcase with me. My furniture is sold, my last rent check at Park Place is written, but it feels different this time. I'm not homeless with Christ. In my quiet time yesterday, I'm in Acts as I read straight through the Bible. I thought about moving past it having just spent the semester studying the book I the R.I.O.T. Study, but in my indecision, I just started reading anyway. Verse 10 says, "they were looking intently up into the sky as he was going...". Our pastor, Darin, went through this a few months ago ad spoke of how the disciples were shellshocked. Jesus told them he was leaving so the Holy Spirit could come, and yet, here they are...staring up into the sky, wanting Him to just come back again. So often, I find myself staring at the sky, not wanting to fully move on just yet. I'm not in a place of despair. I'm in a place of waiting on the Lord as He is my portion. (Lam 3:34 says, "the Lord is my portion; therefore, I will wait for Him.") So here we go, off on this next adventure. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda scared and intimidated, but with His hand in mine, I'm two-stepping forward. :)

16 April 2012

Who wants to spread Gangrene?!?

There is this painting by Peter Paul Rubens called the Lamentation of Christ that sticks engraved in my mind whenever I hear the word gangrene.  Granted, I don't hear of gangrene that often, but seeing this painting shown on a 40 foot projection sticks in your mind. Seven years later and it's still embedded! (I'll spare posting the image on here, but you can click here if you really want to see it, it's not that bad in retrospect.)

My professor stood at the front of the classroom going in detail of the disease and how Rubens, and a myriad of other artists at the time, chose to depict Christ in this way fully representing his picture of a disease in which massive amount of body tissue die and fall off the flesh after turning this sickly greenish/grey color.  There was one picture where the foot seemed to be rotting away!  Gross!

2 Timothy 2:14-16 says, "Keep reminding them of these things. Warn them before God against quarreling about words; it is of no value, and only ruins those who listen.  Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly." 

I like that it doesn't say those who indulge are ungodly, but paints this picture: that we are all becoming, and we can choose to be transformed into Christ, or away from Him.

Continuing onto verse 17, "Their teaching will spread like gangrene..."  The teaching of those who do not correctly handle the Word of truth and choose speaking against others in passing blame, doesn't just stay stagnant!  It spreads.  Teaching flooded with godlessness spreads like gangrene.  It rots our flesh and heart and organs until life is removed completely from our breath.  

What are you spreading?  The words of truth, life, and joy?  Or are you spreading like gangrene?  

19 March 2012

Abraham - Lost in Het Nederlands

In Holland, biking is the main form of transportation.  And though housing is typically close together is a city, I lived in an abandoned military house a 30 minute bike ride from town. My first night I was dropped off after a younger youth group meeting and after picking up my bike, my boss pointed me in the general direction of my house and said goodbye and that we would meet tomorrow. I had about 48 hours of being awake at this point.  It was near midnight, and my bike light didn’t work.   Instead of traveling 30 minutes as it was supposed to take to get home, it took me almost 2 hours!

  I was so lost.
After 2 false starts, I headed down the correct bike path on the polder to get home.  I pedaled furiously, building up horror stories in my head of what the noises along the canal could be.  I rode over another small bridge and wondered if I had hit the main road.  Everything was so dark with no street light or bike lights.  Not even a working cell phone to hold up in hopes its screen would add clarity.  So I leaded forward and all of a sudden I saw two eyes looking at me.  It was a cow!  The guard dog was not happy and upon waking to my presence he began to chase me off of the farm!  I pedaled as hard as I could, hoping I would stay on the path and not fall into the water cradling both sides of the bike path.   A handful of ducks started by me flew in front of my face and some of their feathers brushed me, scaring me all the more.  I ended up in two more farms before I made it to the main road, and then there was one more problem…right or left?
I began to question why God had put me there after all.  Why me?  I was only 18.  I didn’t feel ready for this.  I was a foreigner in a strange and all I wanted was to find my home. I finally got off my bike and in my weeping and talking to God, I told Him I was lost and if he wanted me home, I needed his help to get there. I wanted to give up.  Stop right there and just lay down hoping the attacking ducks would keep their distance from me and I could magically tap my heels and be back in my bed.

 It was then I saw a familiar sign…one in English!  Texaco!  It wasn’t much to go off of, and I didn’t see it when Peter pointed out my house from the car earlier that day when I only been awake for 36 hours at that point.   Texaco…Texas!  A sign I could read that had lights around it! So I began to move towards it.  And eventually God led me home!  But I can’t even express to you how relived I was when I opened my front gate that night. 

It reminds me of old lyrics saying, I once was lost, but now I’m found. You see, I realized what a joy it is to be lost.  It means you are wanted, someone is searching for you.

Have you ever lost your keys?  They are of value to you, so you tear apart your room, pull of the couch pillows and look everywhere to find them.  See I was lost, and God searched and searched to find me...because he chose me and loved me.  No matter what paths I tried to take on my own, He brought me home.   (Isaiah 53:6) 

Where in your life do you feel/have felt like you are taking matters into your own hands?

What would it look like to wait on God for something He has promised you?

23 February 2012

Wrong Expectations

As a result of my quiet time in Luke 23:8 and talking with a friend today about the root of Catholicism, these are my thoughts for the evening:

Where we can get mixed up in legalism is when the seemingly ritualistic side of our faith is in hopes of producing a response from Christ, instead of being in response to Christ.

Father, may I always treasure your presence over your presents.  May this be true of us all!  Help me respond to your loving kindness, and be more aware of your goodness to me.  

16 February 2012

All the Time!

These past few days have been the recurrence of some of the most painful back-pain I've experienced in a while, and yet at the same time, God is unfolding His goodness in my life in ways that are so complex it is hard to make sense of it all!  I love Psalm 45:1 speaking of our heart being stirred by a noble theme.  I've definitely felt my heart stirred a lot from Friday unto tonight, and it is a beautiful thing.

How can I even describe this weekend with so many willing to go to the ends of the earth this summer, or having the Lord remind me that "I am my beloved's and He is mine" on Valentines Day followed with 30-something friends singing of God's love for us before discussing Acts 6&7.  Today, was a sweet, sweet time reading, going to my chiropractor, catching up with a dear sister and then lifegroup with some pretty amazing folk!

Father, thank you for the ways you are revealing yourself to me!  Thank you for the rain and ice packs and macaroons.  Guide me gently into your arms and take any anxiety that may lie deep within me.  Sustain my body and lead me to hear from you in your Word.  May my heart be yours completely.

My heart is stirred by a noble theme 
   as I recite my verses for the king;    my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.

I will perpetuate your memory through all generations; 
   therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever.

Psalm 45:1, 17

09 February 2012


In college, my roommate Katy received a beautiful half-boxer/ half-pitbull dog by the name of Vegas.  I was so excited to have a dog living with us because I never had one before!  Our bird and my two rabbits before we're great, but I always had a dream of getting a dog.  

Katy got Vegas a pink collar and tag before leaving for Namibia to serve and glorify God there. About 2 months later, Val, another one of my roommates, took Vegas for a walk but her tag popped off!  Like breaking apart a kit kat bar the metal broke as if it was meant to!  So I went to buy a new collar, and put our address and Katy's number on it. I had been working full days, 7am-3pm at a warehouse and then 6pm-midnight at my security job. 

One night, i got home and the gate was wide open. I open the sliding door to see a note from my other roomie, Becca, stating Vegas had run away!  I dropped my things on the counter and immediately grabbed my bike to go searching for Vegas.  I rode out on my bike calling her name. Part of me felt really stupid for not knowing which way to go or how long she had even been gone for.  All the time I was going over in my head an old sermon I heard about how wonderful it is to be lost. When we are lost it means someone cares and is looking for us as opposed to trash where it remains and is unwanted.  I wanted Vegas to be found!  I just couldn't turn around and go home, so I decided to keep searching. I asked a few people on the street if they had seen a dog running around and then i foolishly remembered i hadn't even prayed yet. 

So I prayed.

God answered.

I rode to the 7-11 on the corner.  I never walked Vegas that direction before, but I felt like I was supposed to go there. Granted, by now it is late at night and i get spooked easily so i didn't want to walk up to this truck, but the window was rolled down and the guy didn't look too sketch. I wanted to ask him if he had seen a dog running around.

As i was asking if he saw Vegas, her head popped out of the window of the quad cab truck! It was her. Her collar and tag were gone but Vegas was there nonetheless. It turns out they found her running back and forth like frogger in the traffic! 

Honestly, I think they were trying to keep her for themselves as they tried to convince me this wasn't her.  But Vegas knew me, and started to climb through the window to get to me.  What a beauty in being found!   I offered to buy him something from the gas station but he declined. I took the long walk home, Vegas in one hand and my bike in the other.

Have you ever lost something you truly valued?

How do you think God feels in regards to seeking after that which has yet to be found?

20 January 2012

SKYDIVING. aka: plummeting to Earth

I was planning on going to Eloy to film and photograph Josh, Amy, Bekah, and Willis skydive.  I had no idea I would end up jumping out of that plane as well!  Peer Pressure is the only way I can figure I suddenly went from being a bystander to participant that day.  I found myself in a small room watching a video of everything that could go wrong and signed a stack of waivers so large I actually felt bad for the tree. 

The shuttled us over to put on our harnesses and the next things I knew, a man named Dean was introducing himself to me to go over proper jump procedure. 

“Are you afraid?”  Dean asked politely, though I’m sure he could tell I was whiter than I ever have been in my life before!  “Don’t worry…me too,”  He said trying to ease the mood.

The steps between the golf cart and small propeller plane seemed enormous.  I stepped up the ladder and as we made our way inside, Dean strapped us together in preparation for the jump at 13,000 feet.

“So when we get ready to go, I will count to 3, and then we jump.” Dean explained.   ‘What in the world am I doing?!?  I paid to do this.  I’m not backing out.  What if I die?  I didn’t even tell my parents what I am doing today.  Lord, is this is my time, whatever.  Ok.  I’m going to jump.  Ah!’

The door slid open and whatever confidence I had mustered up flew out, it was probably somewhere over Phoenix by now.  We walked up to the door.  Oh my, ohmyohmyohmyohmy.

“Are you ready?”  Dean asked, but didn’t really give time for a reply.  “Ok, one…two…”  With a push we were tumbling out of the plane!  What happened to three?!?  Ok Dean, trust gone…but wait, this is kind of cool!  This is amazing!  I can see for miles and the heart-lodged-in-your-throat-making-you-want-to-throw-up feeling was nowhere to be found!  I waved to the cameraman and gave a ‘hi mom’ shout-out. 

Contrary to the movies, you can’t talk, so Dean signaled by waving his hand it was time to launch the chute out.  I prepared for the jerk…but nothing happened.  I looked up to see out chute in a clump above us.  We had slowed down some, but the ground was rapidly approaching! 

“Oh fudge.” Dean said.  What?!?  Ok God, is this really how you are going to take me?!?  That’s it.  I’m dead.  Alicia dies in skydiving incident.  Trust really gone now Dean..really! 

“Ok, don’t panic,”  yeah right.  I need to unhook you to pull the reserve chute on my chest.  Hold on here and here.  He moved my hands to the straps attached to the first chute.  Before I could protest or ask what was going on, my harness was loose.  My hands were clinging to the strap and all I could think was I was going to separate from him and die.  Whoosh.  The reserve chute came out and Dean quickly tightened my harness to his again.

“Well, that was interesting!”  Dean said.  What, interesting?!?  Terrifying!  “Wanna do some tricks now?”  I didn’t want to do some tricks.  I wanted ground and I wanted it 5 minutes ago! 

When things don’t go your way, who do you look to?

Do you really believe God can rescue you from whatever situation you are in?  

documenting reasons

Top Books read of 2011:

Lessons from San Quentin

The Great Divorce - C.S. Lewis

A Tale of Three Kings - Gene Edwards

Luke's Story - Lahaye/Jenkins

Redeeming Love

Leota's Garden

Cre Through the Eyes of the Cro

Erasing Hell


Maniac Magee

Just Do Something

10 January 2012

Face Plant

Have you ever viewed yourself as truly washed pure as snow?  Snow is an interesting thing to me.  When the sun is shining brightly onto snow it is blinding to look at!  This was one of the thoughts passing through my mind as we drove up to Sunrise, a place to ski in Arizona.

I've never been skiing before last Monday, and I've also never had the most interesting shapes of bruises on my body!

I almost hit a tree, I got stuck in a tree, I had more problems standing up combined then I have since I was 18 months old, I flipped over more than once, and I face-planted.

I'm not sure if this is going to make sense to you, but  face-planting was one of the joyous events of the day.  It hurt a little (not too much Mom!), but I found myself unable to get up because I was laughing full of joy!  Sure I didn't make it as far as I wanted on that turn (still haven't mastered turning despite Troy's patience!), but I had to think of how funny I looked to other people!  I slid close to my friend Sarah and saw the panic on her face, but I just couldn't stop laughing!  As I was taking a second to regain my breath before continuing on, it made me think of the fact, as we are blinding others reflecting the Son with our faces white as snow, we are going to fall sometimes.  We are going to face-plant!  But the Lord loves us so and lays out a path for our feet.  Granted there are times we get stuck in trees or feel like we can't stand up long enough to go down the path, he provides His Spirit, friends, and everything we may need to come alongside and aide us for the journey.

I'm so grateful God doesn't expect me to get everything right off the bat or understand whether the path turns right or left just up ahead out of my vision.  I'm grateful for some pretty sweet friends and family both close and afar journeying down the mountain with me even when I can't see them.  I'm grateful for the ways God reveals His Glory to me and allows me to reflect it to this world in the ways He has designed for me.

If my face is going to be planted in the snow, I'm glad to know that while it is planted, God will cause the growth to come!  Praise the Lord for no major injuries and a sweet time with friends!