11 August 2012


Sad I'm Leaving Long Beach

Russian stoic faces not showing our emotions

We have heaven!

I haven't blogged much at all lately!  I wasn't really able to while I was overseas as I thought, and then I haven't really known what to write!  I'm at Penn State for the next adventure now. 

I feel like I've been through this roller-coaster of people and friends where I come onto the top to say ,"Yay, I really like you and I'm glad we get to spend time together!"  To going downhill saying, "wait, i wasn't ready to say goodbye yet!"  To clinging to the fact God is good, and sovereign, even when I'm not exactly sure what is happening and that his timing is perfect!

I drove out to Pennsylvania with a dear friend of mine and as I dropped her off at the Philly airport Monday, I decided to spend the next day with my friend Ariel.  Ariel was raised overseas and we've known each other for ten years as of this summer!  I met her kids and she convinced me to stay two more nights then I originally planned.  One of the things she told me when I was 15 was that God brings people into our lives for seasons.  Some longer, and some shorter, but we can't be solely sad when they end, we have to rejoice that Christ gave us the time together.  

These images represent that roller coaster for me.  While I don't know where exactly the amusement car will stop, I'm staying in the seat until the car comes to a complete stop!

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