23 February 2006

05 February 2006


In the words of Brian...
Honestly, sometimes I feel so stupid when I write about God on mymy sites, like I'm expected to or something. "Oh, there goes that Alicia kid writing about God again so that other people will be tricked into thinking she's a good Christian that has it all together."

But God deserves to be written about. There aren't many things God doesn't deserve. And in the past few days He has been reminding me why I have faith in Him. Faithfulness is an attribute that God and God alone truly has. Phone calls, messages, smiles... it's not always through reading and praying that we see His character. When everything else in life sucks and you're just sinking and sinking and sinking and you're so close to drowning, God will not always just scoop you out. Sometimes He waits painfully nearby, saying, "Have faith, son. Trust me." It is at that place of brokenness that you can truly understand the peace that passes understanding.
I may not have it all together and it may sound cheesy and lame, but lately I have been learning the only things truly worth learning.

new dvd's thanks to Immanuel and Katy!

Lost is soooo addicitng! but i still recommend it!

03 February 2006

new concept

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