17 March 2009

run away

There is one spot at ASU that I claim for my own. On a campus where 80,000 people can be surrounding you on a given day, I like to run away every now and again. There is a bowl shapped area of grass by the music building on campus. Maybe you don't understand how special that last phrase was. There is a place of green grass. Lusish, beautiful, vibrant green grass out here in Arizona! In the desert is a small place of green grass! (got it yet?) Anyways, on this rare and beautiful patch of grass you will find a tree. It is perfect for leaning on and due to the bowl shapped land, this place blocks all others out fo view. And just for a little bit, you may believe you are the only one on the campus.

This sanctuary is one of my favorite places to talk to God. No one else is around to influence, just me and my Lord. Needless to say, class was cancelled today and my spot and I were reunited for one glorious hour. I think God wanted to chat. I like that.

05 March 2009

The Office Visits ASU

We filmed this for the Sunland Regional Conference a few weekends ago. Hope you enjoy! It's 1 min. longer than the final version. If you love the office, you'll probably get more from this than the average person!



Congratulations! The EDGE Corps Director's Team would like to officially invite you to join our 2009 EDGE Corps Class!

02 March 2009


Here are 2 of the first 10 photos I took with my new camera! The first is just a moment of "ah" God gave me as i looked through my camera's lens the first time! Kinda a cool initiation as I want to use my work to serve Him! The second is a flower behind my neighbor's house. So pretty!

01 March 2009

the stem of echoes.

We walk together, footsteps echoing through the trees
Our steps possess the same rhythm,
Though the reason for which they beat does not align

One step in line with the others sounds the same
The same as one step marched to the beat of the heart.
The mind tells the foot to move,
The heart tells it where to go
The path moves along in its own way.

Thus, the mind, heart, and path venture together,
The destinations may vary,
But only one leads out of the forest.