31 October 2004

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Grand Finale at the Sound of a Buzzer

Senior Brayden Bunting stood at the sidelines watching the events on the field. His face suddenly turned stern and unwavering until a single tear slowly descended down his check. Last Friday night, 29 Oct, was not the last football game for the Marcus team; however, it was the last home game.

"This can't be it," Bunting said. "I just don't feel like this is it and that it's really all over."

Marcus faced a loss of 27-28 against state-ranked Allen when, instead of going for an extra point punt in the 4th quarter, the team attempted a two-point conversion as senior Grant Parker was taken town at the 4-yd-line.

"For all of us seniors," an unnamed source said, "We never truly felt like seniors until tonight when we realized it's all about done and over."

With around 100 seniors, or one-sixth, of the senior class of 2005 graduating a semester early...These last six weeks are some of the only chances one may have to see their childhood friends.

"I'm just now starting to become close with some of my elementary friends again," Senior Spartacus said. "it's weird for me to think that in a few short months I'll be half a world away and I may never see or have the opportunity to become as close with these acquaintances as I am now."

As the buzzer sounded, the field was filled with seniors for the last time singing the alma matter on their home turf. As feeling that this part of their life was almost gone...They all went out and adopted a platypus.

**editor's note: I was really missing newspaper and the quotes in this document are accurate. To all my fellow seniors, this is it. Let's make the most of it and remember...When pulling a prank, make it one for the books.

29 October 2004

Back In Time

What if I were to tell you I spent the majority of the day in a castle cheering on knights and serfs with friends and actually enjoyed myself?

I spoke with the Dutch again today...I don't think they realize how nice it is to talk with someone I've never even met for 10 minutes and not feel weird except for talking slower. My freshman year, I embarked on the 'cloth of innocence' theory and now I see I was way ahead of my time. That cloth of innocence is completely diminished for me. Let me explain: it is not an experience cloth..But instead, one of observation and knowledge. I saw Andra today. For those of you who have heard my reality, you know who this is and why it is so important to me.
Listening to conversations around me makes me wish people could simply come to their senses and accept truth and morality. Why is it the ones you thought you knew in elementary school seem to be the ones you are complete strangers to today? Yes, paths change as do people; however, I can't help but dwell on praying for these past comrades and hoping others are doing the same. I realize I cannot be the one to help them all see truth and accept it, yet I am still keeping my watchful eye about wishing someone else comes along when they are ready. Pray He may soften callous hearts.
After reading this you may think of me as 'sad' or perhaps out of touch. What is sad to me is we sit around putting our creator on pause while we worry about our upcoming test or the way we look or even (gasp*) guys! What is sad is the fact that people won't accept truth. What is sad is we sit around letting it stay that way worrying instead if it matters since this whole free will/predestinization paradox leaves us baffled. I'll tell you what..Romans 8:28 says...it all matters.
I'm not the sad one here. "For in this world you will have trouble...but fear not for I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)
For I know where my hope and faith is...do you? do we live like we do? do we let ourselves?

28 October 2004

Tyger Tyger burning bright...

My list of eerie tiger involvement in my life...

1. Born in 1986--year of the tiger
2. When attempting to get a mocha frapachino combination mixed at Starbucks in my name of 'spartacus', my mexican sister Barb decided to randomly name it the 'tiger'
3. Barb rewarded me with a tiger lighter after coming back from NY
4. Alexa slayed a tiger in order to protect my severed head...see picture below

i have a few more but if you have any more to add to this list then please comment.....and remember, if you don't get it at stokes then it just won't do

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27 October 2004

Perspectives on the World


This class is one that impacted me greatly...i also found out Abby Lorenc and Jessica Semmelbeck took it the same time i did last year. I questioned the course until asking Moody VP Larry Mercer if he had heard about the course and its accuracy. After getting an astounded reply from him i decided to take it and have not regreted it for a day since then. If you are interested in doing missions, hearing about it or want to see what God is doing in the world i strongly urge you to sign up...you won't regret it.

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In the Army Now...

I don't know why, but lately i have simply been in an army kind of mood. I used army metaphors last night with my 8th grade girls and wore my dogtags today.
--random comment: i may be takin gon a 6th job as, get this, a Budweiser employee. yes, yours truly the SADD officer and very against drinking mexican may soon be employed by the enemy!

Anyways, i don't really remember much of what i was going to write as it seems to have left my mind but i do remember last night's conversation i had with one whom i shall call 'screw girl.' We talke about the upcoming opertunity of Ireland and i couldn't quite put my finger on what i wanted to exactly say so instead i decided to use the words of others.

Top 5 Reasons why People Don't Go On Mission Trips (talk to me if you want the rest of my notes on this particular topic):

1. "I'm willing"--don't follow through
2. Debt
3. Support Raising--either and arrogant or ignorant person
4. Family
5. Marriage

"Support Raising is not anti-Biblical; but anti-American"
Todd Aaron of thetravelingteam"Which one will win? Faith or Fear?"

Find your mission...find your purpose and do it. You won't nessacarily have a 'feeling' over whether or not to go or do a particular thing, but you'll have to force your head knowledge to transform your heart with God's aid. Press on...the mission is your's and your's alone...hope this helps screw girl.

25 October 2004

Remembering the Alamo

This weekend i ventured forth into the wonderful world of San Antonio. I can't even describe what a great time i had visiting my great Aunt Mary who, i just foundout, is named one of the top tn best chefs in America! Her resturaunt is called El Mirador so if you are ever at Durango and St. Mary's in San Antonio drop by and see her. Ok, enough for that public service announcement. I first of all want to congrate the band for doing an awesome job and getting into state for the first time EVER!!! way to go Bat Girl! Back to SA, i walked by the Alamo, conquered the river walk and picked up an honorable mention i'm not too fond of for a picture of a reaaly cool homeless guy i talked to as he was jamming out to his music. Halo was played, trollies were ridden, and all before the 9 p.m. toll to the sound of dripping rain and seven over-exahusted teenagers walking around with extra meals for the homeless. It was a great trip overall even though we missed one day of school simply to go to classes. I guess that's what makes us journalism kids strange to outsiders...a field trip to take classes...hmmm, what may be worse is the fact that we actually enjoy them! Our keynote speaker in the closing session happens to be this years; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Lesson. Odd to see what becomes from certain opertunities..this was his third time nominated and he finally won! Brings 1 Tim 4 into the picture as he was first nominated at the age of 26. "Combat Dave," as the infintry called him, appears to be a Christian by what he said. He told a story too long to type but at the end asked us what 'our mission would be.' Odd enough as i shugged off the idea i rings true...what is my mission what is yours...who will lead? Or who shall we force to simply follow? will we honor our father with what we do? or try and shun him from our lives? I know what all of us wish we would say to there questions and yet the answers seem so much harder when they arise...viva San Antone

22 October 2004

To my boys: I am so proud of all of you guys. I know we thought about this game since Ms. Nelms's skiing in the 5th grade (we'll maybe only Brayden wondering if he would ever make it to this day!) Congrats guys, this is a great gift for our senior year...as we embark on our lives, let us not forget the memories we have shared. Thanks for helping me write this chapter of my life. NIGH! Posted by Hello

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