31 October 2004

Grand Finale at the Sound of a Buzzer

Senior Brayden Bunting stood at the sidelines watching the events on the field. His face suddenly turned stern and unwavering until a single tear slowly descended down his check. Last Friday night, 29 Oct, was not the last football game for the Marcus team; however, it was the last home game.

"This can't be it," Bunting said. "I just don't feel like this is it and that it's really all over."

Marcus faced a loss of 27-28 against state-ranked Allen when, instead of going for an extra point punt in the 4th quarter, the team attempted a two-point conversion as senior Grant Parker was taken town at the 4-yd-line.

"For all of us seniors," an unnamed source said, "We never truly felt like seniors until tonight when we realized it's all about done and over."

With around 100 seniors, or one-sixth, of the senior class of 2005 graduating a semester early...These last six weeks are some of the only chances one may have to see their childhood friends.

"I'm just now starting to become close with some of my elementary friends again," Senior Spartacus said. "it's weird for me to think that in a few short months I'll be half a world away and I may never see or have the opportunity to become as close with these acquaintances as I am now."

As the buzzer sounded, the field was filled with seniors for the last time singing the alma matter on their home turf. As feeling that this part of their life was almost gone...They all went out and adopted a platypus.

**editor's note: I was really missing newspaper and the quotes in this document are accurate. To all my fellow seniors, this is it. Let's make the most of it and remember...When pulling a prank, make it one for the books.

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