29 October 2004

Back In Time

What if I were to tell you I spent the majority of the day in a castle cheering on knights and serfs with friends and actually enjoyed myself?

I spoke with the Dutch again today...I don't think they realize how nice it is to talk with someone I've never even met for 10 minutes and not feel weird except for talking slower. My freshman year, I embarked on the 'cloth of innocence' theory and now I see I was way ahead of my time. That cloth of innocence is completely diminished for me. Let me explain: it is not an experience cloth..But instead, one of observation and knowledge. I saw Andra today. For those of you who have heard my reality, you know who this is and why it is so important to me.
Listening to conversations around me makes me wish people could simply come to their senses and accept truth and morality. Why is it the ones you thought you knew in elementary school seem to be the ones you are complete strangers to today? Yes, paths change as do people; however, I can't help but dwell on praying for these past comrades and hoping others are doing the same. I realize I cannot be the one to help them all see truth and accept it, yet I am still keeping my watchful eye about wishing someone else comes along when they are ready. Pray He may soften callous hearts.
After reading this you may think of me as 'sad' or perhaps out of touch. What is sad to me is we sit around putting our creator on pause while we worry about our upcoming test or the way we look or even (gasp*) guys! What is sad is the fact that people won't accept truth. What is sad is we sit around letting it stay that way worrying instead if it matters since this whole free will/predestinization paradox leaves us baffled. I'll tell you what..Romans 8:28 says...it all matters.
I'm not the sad one here. "For in this world you will have trouble...but fear not for I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)
For I know where my hope and faith is...do you? do we live like we do? do we let ourselves?

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