26 June 2007

to my family members reading:

I have some friends who are going through a hard time tonight and probably for a while. After nine anxious months, God's soverignty took home their baby girl earlier than anyone imagined. Pray for perspective and their mourning process. Pray for this family please.

25 June 2007

Acts of Random Kindness

"Do you think if you pray for patience God just gives you patience..or instead gives you the opportunity to be patient." -Evan Almighty

The quote may be slightly off...but God, i'm beginning to get it. I just didn't know it would require over a year of this test. It's funny how life doesn't run in semesters. Some lessons takes years or even lifetimes to learn. I think I'm just beginning to learn that.

23 June 2007

don't leave your post

tonight was my first night at my new security job. Fall Out Boy was playing. It's 2am. I come home and the house is empty. Vegas has been acting goofy all day. Late last night I dropped Katy off at the airport for her long trip to Africa. Becca is staying at a friend's place. I have to admit..it's a little nice to have the condo to myself but i find myself lonely at the same time. Is it time for school to start back up yet?

18 June 2007

Grilled survey

Today I was paid $75 to sit in a room with 9 other girls and watch movie trailers and then discuss which one we liked the best. Did i mention it only took an hour? Some college surveys are just the way to get things done! Took the earnings out to by some buns and grilled up some amazing burgers. I love being Texan at heart.

12 June 2007

The bypass pin has been removed, you are clear to depart. Have a safe flight and great day. *salute*

These past few weeks have been intense in training. If you are one minuate late. You are out of the program and eligible for rehire in 6 months. I get up at 4:30 everyday. I am not a morning person. Today was our first full ramp day. Meaning no in-class lectures, videos, or safety stratigies. Hands-on. I marshalled in my first plane today. Loaded. unloaded. Got soaked with potable water after Ron swore it was only half-full despite the gage reading full. We all go through the same training before dividing up into our stations. I'll probably be just a connex runner soon where i get to drive around my tug all-day! It's exciting stuff to be face to face with a Boeing 757. But i'm tired. I'm not sleeping enough. I miss being a kid and having time and energy to spend with friends. Whatever happened to my plans of reading numerous books this summer?!?

03 June 2007

heaven for a misplaced Texan...

Oh yes! Texas made ice cream and Dr. Pepper combined to make absolute joy in a chilled glass! I just don't think there is a better 10 minutes to my day!
--sidenote: 11 hours till Day 1 of new job!

01 June 2007

hey beautiful
who took your smile today

hey beautiful
who took the stars from your eyes

God's in control and you're not alone tonight
you have everything to give
you don't need a spotlight
to shine tonight

hey beautiful
who took your dream away
hey beautiful
why are there clouds in your sky