25 June 2007

Acts of Random Kindness

"Do you think if you pray for patience God just gives you patience..or instead gives you the opportunity to be patient." -Evan Almighty

The quote may be slightly off...but God, i'm beginning to get it. I just didn't know it would require over a year of this test. It's funny how life doesn't run in semesters. Some lessons takes years or even lifetimes to learn. I think I'm just beginning to learn that.


Anonymous said...

That is profound...yeah, you get it. God is giving you opportunities to be patient. I saw this quote today..."Do not worry about tomorrow, God is there already".

spartacus21 said...

mom...you know i don't care if people know who you are. There is another wuote i know that says...there is no use worrying about today...it is already tomorrow in Australlia.

Amy Trianne said...

HEY! was i talking to you about this? or someone else? anywho, i love this quote, and i have been saying it to other people cause of this movie. thats so random that we both like it ;p
just thought i'd share.