24 December 2005


So..i am kinda bummed that i didn't make it to the Christmass Eve sevice with my family. Long story. Anyways.i enjoyed the Portugese Black Death and had my last day of work with Santa today...hope i get a check soon! Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy this time and savor it.

23 December 2005

So i find myslef doing things i used to and thought i left behind. Not bad or illegal things..mopre actions and mental. stupid silly licia.

19 December 2005


"you're momma is SO fat....it takes two trains and a bus just to get on her good side!"

18 December 2005


photo coming soon

15 December 2005

Major prayer request

A lot of us know Devon...keep him in mind

We are medivacing Devon to Miami tomorrow, Thursday, a.m. He has been sickfor 2 weeks with malaria and typhoid fever. He was getting better, then hetook a turn for the worse over the last 2 days, but especially today,
down after 2 hours of covering him in ice water cloths. As I write this, heis at the clinic, under the supervision of an American missionary doctor,getting a 2 unit blood transfusion. The blood used is from Dan and fromanother missionary who passed the health screening.A medivac plane has been approved by our insurance company and we arecurrently waiting for news as to whether or not it can come directly here toCayes or to Port. We are hoping one parent, me, can fly with him. Dan andDawn will follow us via American Airlines. We have a flight scheduled for 7a.m. tomorrow to go to Port, so the medivac plane can meet us here in Cayesor in Port.The medivac plane would take us to Miami then via helicopter or ambulance toMiami\'s Jackson Memorial Hospital, where infectious disease specialists andhemotologists will meet us (hopefully!). They are thinking that he hashemoragic anemia or resistant malaria - the first case of it\'s kind inHaiti. The tests here are limited, but enough to tell us that Devon isvery, very seriously ill. Dan\'s parents, Herb and Shirley Shoemaker, willbe meeting us at the hospital tomorrow.When he first got sick, he was outback at a sister church. He most likelycontracted it at the previous sister church, 2 weeks earlier. One of ourHaitian staff, Antoine, also got malaria and typhoid there. One of ourmechanics got typhoid only. As far as we know, no one from the US churchhas gotten sick.There are many uncertain things in front of us. Of course our greatestconcern is Devon, the timing of getting him to the states and in the care ofspecialists, finding the correct diagnosis, etc.Dan and I were just in Ft. Myers for RMI\'s board meetings. Devon\'sdiagnosis was made while we were gone. The missionaries here rallied around",1]
Wednesday. His fever spiked to 105 this evening. We were able to get itdown after 2 hours of covering him in ice water cloths. As I write this, heis at the clinic, under the supervision of an American missionary doctor,getting a 2 unit blood transfusion. The blood used is from Dan and fromanother missionary who passed the health screening.A medivac plane has been approved by our insurance company and we arecurrently waiting for news as to whether or not it can come directly here toCayes or to Port. We are hoping one parent, me, can fly with him. Dan andDawn will follow us via American Airlines. We have a flight scheduled for 7a.m. tomorrow to go to Port, so the medivac plane can meet us here in Cayesor in Port.The medivac plane would take us to Miami then via helicopter or ambulance toMiami's Jackson Memorial Hospital, where infectious disease specialists andhemotologists will meet us (hopefully!). They are thinking that he hashemoragic anemia or resistant malaria - the first case of it's kind inHaiti. The tests here are limited, but enough to tell us that Devon isvery, very seriously ill. Dan's parents, Herb and Shirley Shoemaker, willbe meeting us at the hospital tomorrow.When he first got sick, he was outback at a sister church. He most likelycontracted it at the previous sister church, 2 weeks earlier. One of ourHaitian staff, Antoine, also got malaria and typhoid there. One of ourmechanics got typhoid only. As far as we know, no one from the US churchhas gotten sick.There are many uncertain things in front of us. Of course our greatestconcern is Devon, the timing of getting him to the states and in the care ofspecialists, finding the correct diagnosis, etc.Dan and I were just in Ft. Myers for RMI's board meetings. Devon'sdiagnosis was made while we were gone. The missionaries here rallied around
returned from the states LAST NIGHT!!! So he is just turning around,repacking his suitcases and going right back out. We are, of course, veryconcerned about the finances for this emergency. We are already undersupported right now and this will really, really stretch us thin!So this is a plea for concerted, special prayer for Devon and all of us. Weneed God\'s strength and provision.Please pass this on to all who know us and could pray!Thank you,Debbie

14 December 2005

A Christmas Paradox

KAT: i believed in santa claus
KAT: and then found out he wasn't real
KAT: and promptly bawled my eyes out
KAT: but i turned out okay

but is it right to tell these kids about Santa and aid in comforting them to sit on this old guy's lap? i think that is why this year i am pushing the 'action' shots of a high five or he kid looking at Santa. He is more of a concept anyway. Oh well, story of my life: deception! Off to work again tomorrow!

12 December 2005

Defying Gravity

"Defying Gravity"
music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
(Copyright by Stephen Schwartz. Used with permission.)
GLINDAWhy couldn’t you have stayed calm, for once! Instead of flying off the handle -- !
I hope you're happyI hope you're happy nowI hope you're happy how you'veHurt your cause foreverI hope you think you're clever
ELPHABAI hope you're happyI hope you're happy tooI hope you're proud how you wouldGrovel in submissionTo feed your own ambition
GLINDA & ELPHABASo though I can't imagine howI hope you're happyRight now
GLINDAElphie, listen to me. Just say you're sorry!
You can still be with The WizardWhat you've worked and waited forYou can have all you ever wanted -
ELPHABAI knowBut I don't want it - No!I can't want it anymore
Something has changed within meSomething is not the sameI'm through with playing byThe rules of someone else's gameToo late for second-guessingToo late to go back to sleepIt's time to trust my instinctsClose my eyesAnd leap...
It's time to try defying gravityI think I'll try defying gravityAnd you can't pull me down
GLINDACan't I make you understandYou're having delusions of grandeur?
ELPHABAI'm through accepting limitsCuz someone says they're soSome things I cannot changeBut till I try I'll never knowToo long I've been afraid ofLosing love I guess I've lostWell if that's loveIt comes at much too high a cost
I'd sooner buy defying gravityKiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravityAnd you can't pull me down!
Glinda, come with me. Think of what we could do - together!
UnlimitedTogether we're unlimitedTogether we'll be the greatest team There's ever been - Glinda!Dreams the way we planned 'em
GLINDAIf we work in tandem
GLINDA & ELPHABAThere's no fight we cannot winJust you and I, defying gravityWith you and I defying gravity
ELPHABAThey'll never bring us down!
Well, are you coming?
(GLINDA decides to stay behind.)
GLINDAI hope you're happyI hope your happy now that your choosing this -
ELPHABAYou too--I hope it brings you bliss
GLINDA & ELPHABAI really hope you get itAnd you don't live to regret itI hope you're happy in the endI hope you're happy my friend
ELPHABASo if you care to find meLook to the Western sky!As someone told me latelyEveryone deserves the chance to flyAnd if I'm flying soloAt least I'm flying freeTo those who ground meTake a message back from me!
Tell them how I am defying gravityI'm flying high, defying gravityAnd soon I'll match them in renownAnd nobody in all of OzNo Wizard that there is or wasIs ever gonna bring me down!!
GLINDAI hope you're happy
CITIZENS OF OZLook at herShe's wickedGet her!!
ELPHABABring me down!
CITIZENS OF OZNo one mourns the wickedSo we got to bring her -

i cannot tell you how much i am stoked for this Broadway! Hooray for Wicked! Buy the soundtrack! just look at these lyrics! man oh man!

07 December 2005

You can't hide your lying eyes..and your smile is a thin disguise

"53. The one person who can't hide things from me:
ALicia is a bad liar."

so this is what my friend typed today..i know i should be glad i cannot lie anymore...but in some ways it is scary to lose your old identity. To not be able to do everything you once could. I can't suprise people or hold pranks to the extent i used to. I can't tell people i'm ok when i am really not. Ariel, Alexa, Jean, and Katy have broken this. Oh man.

edit: 8.08pm..mattias..you kinda stink too! hoi maggie!

05 December 2005

Alice Cooper could not have said it better!

School's out forever!!!

well, not quite, but it is fast approaching. I am officially done with English as of this morning and recieved an A!!! Tomorrow marks the end of drawing 101 and i take my math final but i still have to write a paper for in there. I had quite a pleasent evening hanging out with j-ra, terry and andrea. we played xbox, watched alias, and are currently listening to brian regan! i can't wait for new years at the russell's! hmm, i can't sleep..the dorms are still too hot. So i have no roommate until i get back next semester. christa's parents are out of town so she is commuting for the week. Ok, off to quote Briopq4 before bed! night allemaal!

28 November 2005

Vengeance is a lazy form of grief -The Interpreter

Back at home in Arizona...SOOOO tired!

24 November 2005


Only at Kids Kastle on Thanksgiving can you watch a bunch of friends play football injury after injury, and run around in circles singing and dancing to the song "Give thanks with a grateful heart" with 8 other girlfriends picking up on Katherine being herself! I miss the group!


22 November 2005

Eternity plus One!

George in Holland accepted Christ today! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!

19 November 2005

KT's new quote

"you're always telling me you have secret agendas...so now i'm a conspiracy theorist!"

16 November 2005


we 'aint got no place to go..so let's go to the punk rawk show!!!
Relient K/MXPX/Rufio concert..oh my, i am so ready! Dancing time! In the words of Katy, "This is my happy face!"


i recently got a myspace and was looking through serching for friends.it saddens me that on the personal profile a lot of people i used to be friends with have a 'yes' marked in either the smoking or drinking section. I saw photos of them in parties i wish they didn't go to. I saw these 'good elder christian kids' take turns for the worse. It saddens my heart...really, it is pretty depressing. As watching people 'get it' in their faith inspires me, so the opposite makes me wish i could weep. Oh yeah, the stress problem and medical issue symptoms are returning..has it really been six months already?!?

15 November 2005

Good Day

First time i really enjoyed the reading in Human Event. Erasmus and Thomas More's Utopia are my kind of satire! Continue praying for my grandparents please!

13 November 2005


Do catholics go to heaven?

Story of my Life to Date...

ok..for the first one: this is THE Katy... You know how much I love ducks!
The Navs boys at the State Fair..and some cute girl on the right! me and stormtrooper!

halloween fun!

12 November 2005

Wonely...i'm so lonely..

It's actually not that bad, i realize i made my xanga sound kinda extreme. I am just a little worried for one of my friends right now. I know they are all grown up but i don't think they are making all of the right decisions right now..i choose to keep this person nameless..please pray anyways. Two weeks from now i'll be home..freaky!!!

08 November 2005

Memory Lane

I remembered what i wanted to write the other day. Billy told me in the car one day that he prayed for Katy's and my own friendship. Not even with him, but just that we could connect and sharpen each other (even through the loose shards and disagreements at times). Do you know how cool that is?!? I love my brothers in Christ..they are so good to me. Now i will ask all of you to pray for Billy, he is having a rough time with his roommate and girlfriend. Until...until.

06 November 2005

Return Policies

"This is the cup God has given us right now and what is up to us is to drink it." -Diana Alexander

p.s. for all of you who helped me out with the situation yesterday..thank you. i have my brother back! Praise God!

04 November 2005


40 min bike ride to the drug testing center...40 min wait...50 min back of dehydrated death in the heat! Santa better bring some great toys for this elf! UGG!

03 November 2005


I have vowed..no more plasma for money. Back to total relience on my parents.. EEEK! you don't know how much i despise and feel bad for that! Yet i know at this time in life i have to. Off to purchase even more art supplies right now! Oh man...

02 November 2005

A soldier in arms

Many of you know who this is..please keep our brother in CHrist in prayer. I can't imagine how hard it must be over there. Have a great day.

Friends, I have much to tell, but little time, so I will write all I can andmay have to finish this later on with a part two. First of all, we were onCNN yesterday. Any of you who caught the memorial service for the fourfallen soldiers here in Baghdad yesterday, that was us. You can actuallysee my building in the background. Things are very somber here, as I havetold previously due to casualties recently incurred. Last night I sat in a chair with a neighbor in front of our buildingsand listened to a battle that was close enough to make out everything. Itwas just outside the wall that is only about 50 feet from my room. Dont'worry, though, as at no time did we feel in danger. We have multipleAirborne units here, and these dudes are bad. We listened to this fightlast night, mostly gunfire with an occasional tank or grenade roundexploding for over and hour, and there was one point in which shots wereheard non-stop for over twelve minutes. It is unlike anything I have everexperienced, and it was very close. Fortunately we did not have anycasualties, and that is where I will leave it. Work is going well despite minor frustrations due to being inBaghdad and not in Dallas, so far as resources, not the actually city. Myinternet connectivity is extremely limited, so bear with me while waitingfor more personal responses, but I assure you I will respond if you writeme! Well, I have much more to say but not the time, so for now know that myheart and my prayers are with you all. Know each of you makes all thedifference in my life, so thanks! I love you guys tons!Keep Up the Good Fight, J.R.

01 November 2005


Oh man, the A/C is down in our dorms! This is not good in Arizona..please mr. a/c fairy..save me! It is so hot, i sweat in my room!

Sir to the 21st

Thank you John Richard Nurge..i miss you. 1 hour, 13 min. and 12 seconds worth!

30 October 2005

Ug buys ugly houses...

Ug, has been the word on my lips this past week.

Things have been so hectic here at ASU since coming back from Texas this past weekend. I spoke at Navs on tuesday about Holland which made me EXTREMELY nervous and stressed. From what i hear most people didn't notice how much i was shaking or the fear in my voice. Then i had a paper due friday i hadn't started..on thursday i found out our professor was going to push it back until monday. Now i have to restart since he doesn't like my thesis! At least i have more time! i also have the final draft of my english paper and an art project due. Get to go buy more art supplies for that tomorrow with money i don't have! Therefore, plasma is first tomorrow..although i am concerned about it taking up my time.
In other news, our first meeting of the Best C bible study was on friday followed by the Legend of Zorro! It went pretty well, i felt out of it so i truly hope the message came across. Katy is leading next week(yes, that katy) and i am really excited to hear about what God has been placing on her heart and how He has revealed himself to her this past week. Whoa! i just realized the time and better get some sleep. Love you all, thanks for visiting!

26 October 2005

Anyone else need a trim?

hair cut
Originally uploaded by baseballchick903.
So...this is what i've been up to lately. check out the xanga for the other details. Yea! thank you terry!

25 October 2005

black and yellow beauty

"did you know the Bible doesn't have cliff notes?!?" -mariam

23 October 2005

1st class

i forgot to mention, i totally understand Brian Regan's interpertation of first class since i rode in it for 34 min in my Autin to DFW flight!
Also, quote that made me smile..."if our country elects (HIlary Clinton), i will take that as confirmation that God is leading me into foreign missions!" -Jeremiah


So, i just wrote something really long on my xanga and really should be working on my paper right now. Confusion stirs within..and stress..don't forget stress. interesting conversations in Texas with siblings this weekend and the words to the song i wrote in Holland stating "It is feeling i fear" seem to be striking true to me ever-more-so right now.

19 October 2005

The only art...

The only art i can succeed at right now is the art of losing...

2-D design is intense..i am getting tired of it! i stayed two hours for nothing today. no joke, we were getting reviewed by her and sat there waiting and after 2 hours 57 minuates had passed, she had still not gotten to me. She told us we could leave once we were done...i never even got to start! now i have to go back another day. oh wells, that is how my life is rollin' these days. How's life for all of you? Lately, i'm missing the CBC Agape life. Oh four-bucks! how i miss thee! the laughter, the fire-trucks, the joy.

17 October 2005


Mario is the victoy of N64 yet again! by 5 stars and 153 coins!!! 4 days till i see my family again. So, i am speaking at Navs next Tues. now. ack! pray for me. Need some sleep before my 7.40. night.

16 October 2005

The Majestic!

So, my bike, the majestic, and i went out for over 30 miles today! I'm not even that tired. church and go-karts tomorrow...time to shower! doeidoei

12 October 2005

New forum!!!

Feel free to join..all are welcome! This is for the new Bible study we are starting up..i have class in six hours and i don't care!!!

10 October 2005

Relient K Kinda Day

We finally got down to 86 degrees today!! i was freezing! hooray for bikes! check out my xanga for all the details!

09 October 2005


prayer is always appricitated. thanks for the text messages..you know who you are!

06 October 2005

Stealth Bombshell

ARGG! I can't believe Vaughn is dead!!! did anyone else notice the fact that they were in Amsterdam though?!? or that they spoke Dutch!

05 October 2005


"Part of abiding in Christ is finding Jesus where we are at." -Emily C.

Ahhh, smores, open vuur bij mijn huis...memories. i miss you guys..more than you know. Thank you for helping me see Christ in you.

04 October 2005

Toy Story Moment...

You know where Andy and Woody are dancing around and the song comes on talking about how good friends they are...i have always wanted that in life.
God may not choose to rely thing like that to me..but he does give me some pretty great insight on who he is through others. Happy birthday Katy..no more embarrisment from me ok...i think i did that enough at http://www.xanga.com/frizbe21! Love you, may he assist you to see his presence and become a woman of God through and through over this next year. I would never do anything to intintionally hurt you. Can't wait till we start 'through painted deserts' do you find the first word in that ironic? or the fact we live in a desert? Take care. see you soon.

02 October 2005

Dear SB,

You think you are so mysterious and yet before the e-mail i figured out it was you. You call and i love to talk when not in class and when having ample time. I saw Julie Andrews and thought of you for the following week. You think you are SO sneaky, and i love you for it. :) So mom, this post is to you...i don't mind people knowing you check my site..it makes me feel loved. So SB, Strawberri, Phyllis, and mom..enjoy your day, know you are loved, and continue working to become a woman of God through and through.

01 October 2005

game day


29 September 2005


Does anyone else realize that the Alias and Smallville premiere's are on at the same time!!! Oh well, i guess my espionage will have to go on but my super powers will remain.

28 September 2005

Story of my Life to Date...

i stole this from Hayley's blog..how true that is...

HOW FAITHFUL IS OUR GOD! okay, so there once was the girl that went to college...and everyone around her said "this is going to be so good" "you're going to have such a good time," "this is exactly where He wants you" and on the outside, the little girl said it too. but really, when she was all alone she was panicked because well...the little girl didn't think this is what she was made to do. "but Jesus...don't You remember...You've called me to the nations..." "yes, I know My little one," He said, "but I have called you here for now." "oh, but Jesus...I want to pursue You...I want You...I am hungry for you...don't You want that from me""of course My love, I made You to pursue me" "then send me here, or there, send my anywhere! (this little girl can rhyme) but just not here! don't You see the kids all around the world with a passion for You...they're leaving their homes, forsaking all they've known, and i want to do that for You" "do this for Me""i don't know how," the little girl said...she had never done this before. "I will teach you, and you will grow in Me everyday...it is not your job to be like them, it is your job to be who I've created you to...and this, My love, is it"

Isn't it cool when God reiterates things to you after you have already learned them. Like trust me, trust me, yup still here Alicia. I love God!

27 September 2005


So, i found out today my scholership requirements have changed! No more community service needed. 24 hours/year which is no prob. But the best...only maintainind a 3.25 instead of 3.5 GPA!!! God rocks my face off!

26 September 2005

Women love men in uniforms

Austin Michael Higgins.

I will miss you, please don't take the helicopter mission! God is going to use you so much. Don't think back...look forward. Hopefully we can keep the friendship streak alive. I know you probably won't ever read this..but you know it. Take luck! Your sis, Alicia

24 September 2005

You wanna wrestle?

Oh man, sorry the updating has been a few days. Things have been hectic and my internet was down for a while! Well, i moved rooms..i am now on Best C4 instead of 3. It is def. a good thing. I am currently watchinf the ASU/Oregan State game as i am so tired! I haven't got much sleep lately at all! And then we had a Brian Regen party after going to Gammage for a free tribute to Blake Edwards concert where both he and his wife, Julie Andrews, were there! I was three rows away from her! It was awsome to see her sing along to the songs in her seat! I went to a Old Testament 8-hour survey course which is why i am so tired now. Hung out with some pretty cool people, had pizza, watched Sweet Home Alabama, and am now off to dream-land as i am going to church tomorrow with Billy and Katy. Night.

21 September 2005

Thoughts from a misbent youth...

So, life really is confussing right now. i keep on second guessing myself. I sat out on my favorite bridge for about 40 min and just returned. During Bible study tonight..i think i finally came to a realization that scares me. I think too much. Seriously. Some stuff keeps flying through my mind and i don't know how to handle it. I just want to turn it over to God but stupid me keeps myself from doing so. I talked to Samara tonight. That was so refreshing. I also spoke with Jeremiah again today. We talked about Holland and the hurricane some as his family has to relocate. I thought of Mrs. Nelms a lot. She also lives in Katy, Texas like Jeremiah's family. I would hate to lose contact with her yet again. Maybe she is one of those people that Ariel likes to mention...in your life just when you need it and no more. No follow up, or worries...but you can't help but think about them and the impact in your life. I've been doing a lot on photoshop recently..i also move tomorrow to my new dorm room. Not to mention my two papers, art project, and math homework due. I am meeting with Katherine on Friday to go shopping for a friend's gift. it is too far away for me to get on my own so she volunteered to drive and we are hanging out for the day. Well, i'll put some of my furtherfinish band work up here..let me know what you think. I don't know how the band feels having only Joran on the cover even if the back is all of them. I am also designing a staffphotography website and new business cards. Man, i am so tired. I need to follow Guido's advice and sleep an uber-load! Well, i best be off to shower and write my human event paper. doei. love you all. (notice the period katy?!?)

20 September 2005


I stumbled across an old website of mine today! Oh man, i'm a nerd! http://www.geocities.com/baseballchick903/Laughter.com.htm

19 September 2005

Hey guys..just wanted to let you know some stuff is going on between helping out friends in Texas and here at ASU with me..if you could pray i'd appriciate it.

Too good to pass up!

A panda walks into a bar, sits down and orders a sandwich. He eats, pulls out a gun and shoots the waiter dead. As the panda stands up to go, the bartender shouts, "Hey! Where are you going? You just shot my waiter and you didn't pay for the food." The panda yells back, "Hey, man, I'm a panda. Look it up!" The bartender opens his dictionary to panda: "A tree-climbing mammal of Asian origin, characterized by distinct black and white coloring. Eats shoots and leaves."

Here is a photo of Matt on the bridge.

18 September 2005

Sounds of Silence

Have you ever heard a jazz saxomophone player dance notes off of Frank Lloyd Wright's last designed bridge and send them to the stars? Thanks for the music Matt, it was beautiful!

16 September 2005


Hooray for seeing my first Broadway show for 10 bucks with people i am starting to really care about.!
Hooray for fridays!
Hooray for ASU football on Sat.!
Hooray for plasma drives!
Hooray for people actually helping one another even if it seems help is far from minds!
Hooray for Wilco's 'Heavy Metal Drummer' song!
Hooray for old ladies at Movin' Out!
Hooray for the Bijbel!
Hooray for sleep!
Hooray for my community service/internship starting at 8:30!
Hooray for lunch with Emily!
Hooray for Ultimate Uno!
Hooray for music!
Hooray for photography!
Hooray for 90-min bike rides not involving groceries!
Hoaray for me sleeping! Right now!

14 September 2005

God is good...

I love my two Katy's! God has blessed me with not one, but two of these great people..thank you LORD for that!

13 September 2005


So i am trying out this new thing called google-talk. It is pretty cool but it isn't quite up to par as MSN Messenger. There is this one really cool feature though where you can 'call' people. Basically, if you have any sort of microphone in a web-cam or free-standing...others can hear you speak through their speaker system. So, i was trying this new feature out with Guido yesterday...i talked and he heard me through his speakers! Isn't technology amazing when it works! Well, Guido decides to talk back, so he's talking and talking and talking..and then i asked why he wasn't typing to respond. "can't you hear me?" he asked. Nope. So he decided to start yelling on his side so i could hear better. "Guido, do you have a microphone at all?" i asked. "what do you mean?" It turns out good 'ole Guido had been yelling at his speakers the whole time wondering why i couldn't hear! Ik hou van jou Guidodadi!!!

11 September 2005

Hoots and Salutes!

-Hoots for ASU losing to LSU in the last minute 38 seconds of the big game! Stop being greedy and let Keller play his game coach!

-Salutes for Aaron here in the middle enjoying his collegiate marching band experience! (even if he did lose in house rules Uno tonight)

**And the salute of the day goes to Jean...Hooray for God!

09 September 2005

Big Game Day

Tomorrow #15 ASU takes on #5 LSU. Our campus is flooded with LSU transfer students and soon, NCAA players. Interesting. According to our QB Keller '...despite our feelings for what has happened, it is a game. And for us tomorrow, Game on!' Well, i am off to grab a bite to eat before getting my 50-yd line wristband for tomorrow's game. it's on ESPN just in case you want to get inb on the action. Then next week...USC. Go SUN DEVILS!!!

08 September 2005

Post #150

"God notices you. The fact is he can't take his eyes off of you. However badly you think of yourself, God is in love with you. Some of us even fear that someday we'll do something so bad that he won't notice us anymore. Well, let me tell you, God loves you completely. And he knew us at our worst before he ever began to love us at all. And in the love of God there are no degrees, there is only love." -Rich Mullins

06 September 2005

ik ben moe . (and maybe sick) Gefeliciteerd Cuz! Ik hou van jou!

05 September 2005

Camping...It's EXTREME!

So I had a blast this weekend. I turned 19, got embarrassed by a new friend on multiple occasions, and went camping near Flagstaff, Arizona with the navigators. God is so good. On Wed. I am starting my Bible study with the honors navs girls' and couldn't be more pumped for it. My classes are going well I guess. I am getting the homework done just dreading my next paper and art project due this week. I think I really am hoping God has something in my future working with youth, discipleship, and for furthering his glory...my thoughts go back to Holland these days. I miss home. I hope I can make it through the rest of this semester successfully. Ik hou van jullie, Al#3

03 September 2005


I thought i would steal Nurge's ideas here. well, in afew hours i am heading off for a weekend camping trip with the Navigators. And i guess i've been sold out. I changed the facebook date today but someone told. Today i advance to 19. I'm not a fan of birthdays just becaus was the i've come to realize not everyone has a memory of these things like me. I love suprising others..but don't really like being suprised myself. I still think my best birthday was a few years ago when C-Mac held a suprise party for Rebekah and no one believed Bekah when she said it was mine too! That was awesome! Well, i just want to take this time to thank all of you who have helped me out on the way. I love you all and wouldn't be here without. My deepest gracious hug ever! -Alicia

02 September 2005

Sun Devils Bringin' the Heat!

Number 20 ranked Arizona State won 63-16 over PA's Temple! A-S-U!

01 September 2005

Game Day

So today i am also boring and posting the same thing to Xang and Blogger...deal with it!

So, I just finished my honors class and am wearing gold pumped up for the first game tonight again Temple (some team from PA). I just wanted to share with you guys the wisdom from your ASU Barret's Honor's class...
Are you ready?
"While smoking marajuana is 'getting high' in America, in the eastern cultures it is a mystical experience."

31 August 2005


Oh! How i wish for sanity!

30 August 2005


Boo for studying...yea for Equilibrium.m

"It is not the message that matters, but your obedience to it" Father in Equilibrium...what are your thoughts?

29 August 2005


As of last night, not only am i the reigning Mario Party 5 champion in Holland...i am also the Mario Party 2 champ right here at ASU. That's right...no autographs please.

28 August 2005

Mi Liefies..

To whom these are from. I love both of you very much and thought of your friendship today..Thanks for all the talks, fires, and laughs.

25 August 2005

The Lost Little Light of Mine


"Shut up you moron!!!" "Ok, self"

So, i have never felt so dumb then working in my drawing I class...i admire those who can draw..and have accepted that i cannot. Why can't the school just leave it at that? Let me take photography courses!!! i don't want to wait a whole extra year!!!!

24 August 2005

Cookie Hold Up

So...After my human event class yesterday there really wasn't much more for me to do in the day. The English was read..The sleep was acquired. I decided to wander.
Upon this wandering escapade, I, discovered 5th floorers Dani, Lara and Matt baking some cookies before the evenings cookie social. I decided to join the fun and then after bringing down the peanut-butter cookie batter from 5, the elevator decided to break down causing a few to be stuck in it(which we didn't know at the time). Two female friendly campus police came...smelled the cookies and continued their work. One partner took the stairs to the second floor to see if anyone was stuck. The second partner emphatically accepted our offer of a chocolate-chip cookie. We heard a crackle on her com. "repeat" she cried back. Then immediatly she informed us, "Someone's stuck!! Gotta go!!" After shoving the whole cookie in her mouth, she bolted to the stairwell as duck with its tail feathers lit.
I don't know if this makes much sense..just add in my usual faces and gestures and hopefully it will be just as funny to you as well. And then I found 5 euros..Dang it. I'm in America...$6.21. That oughta be about right!

23 August 2005


So..I really do love my truck.
It is so reliable. This 1991 Dodge beauty is deserted in Texas now. I have another bike over here. I have not yet named it; however, apparently because it is so hot in Arizona, on certain times of the day you are not supposed to bike ride on the streets. Let me explain. Heat expands toch? This causes your back bike tire(the most difficult to repair) to bust . in a very annoying manner on your way to class. Oh the joy of heat.

On a much blijer(happier) note, I am loving the Navigators. We had our first 'official' meeting tonight and I got Katy, Terry, and Justine to come with me. God is zo goed. he provided in ways we never expect. I love hanging out with these people. We are hanging out again tomorrow, have a girls night this weekend, and are planning a camping trip over my birthday weekend! I am so in! Classes are good. I have two bald professors which I love, a Chinese 2-D Design instructor, an English teacher who had a pirate-teamed wedding in Vegas, and a Drawing 1 teacher who asked us to turn off our cell phones so we don't ruin the "vibe" in the room. I was required to buy $200 of art supplies which all look the same to me. Oh well. I am truly grateful for these new Christian friends and seeing Mariam(a girl I went to HVE with) all over again. Pray for me to become involved in my personal study as it is easy to push those books I want to read aside in exchange for the required. Well, off to bed so I can bring a healthy Drawing vibe tomorrow. ik hou van jullie! (jij ook pookey!)

22 August 2005

College Life

I was planning on uploading some photos of my campus for you all on flickr.com but I uploaded our cheese party photos from last night instead and ran out of my monthly allotment of space. So I guess you will just have to wait until Sept. (which of course rebekah is the best month ever right?!?) I am finding my way around pretty well now. Yesterday wasn't as good. The is the view from my dorm. The "A" is white now since the freshman white-washed it the other day. I have met with a group called the Navigators a few times now. The first 'official' meeting is tomorrow. I really think this may be the Christian group for me. They are awesome people. I had my first class its morning so now I am sitting eating lunch in the Memorial Union thanks to this whole technology called wireless internet! Double Score!! Well, I am talking to a few of you online so I will go to put my full attention there. Take care my peeps. And remember...jij kan kom chilla als ja willa! (Not pick up Jeanie!)

21 August 2005


No..not that! Clean up your minds dirty!?!

So i feel like i am a tourist for the first time. Walking around with a map and having absolutly no clue where i am or how to return to where i came from. Holland was easier than this! man, off to attempt and find the pool! Doeidoei.

19 August 2005

Diminished Dreams

So for whoever cares i am at ASU right now...too tired to type anything else as i have been awake for 23 hours! Photos coming soon after i seek out revenge at the airling personal who took my silver lighter that alexa gave me almost 3 years ago!!! I AM SO BITTER!!!! This is the lighter that started the collection. Just you wait Henry Higgins just you wait! *shaking dirty fist in general direction*

17 August 2005

Leavin' On a Boeing Plane...

So, i head out to Arizona in 13 hours. I guess i better pack. I love you all, and in case i don't see you...good-afternoon, good-evening, and good-night.

16 August 2005

Bending to my Knees

"When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face"

I couldn't really say that any better than coldplay themselves, life is interesting.

The phone rang, my heart raced, The pulses echoed a hollow tone to their mocking depth and distance. What was i doing? Am i really this foolish. After dialing the numbers i realized the truth...yes i am that stupid. 'It's not that i don't care, I'm just stupid" Forgive me.

15 August 2005


Sometimes you make me so mad I want to push you into on coming traffic....
But then I realize..I'd kill myself trying to save you.

14 August 2005

ik ben terug...

So i was in San Antonio this weekend. I'll share an interesting story with you in my next post if i remember. If i don't...too bad for you.

This blog is a question for you all to now pray for Greg Lewis and his family. he passed away yesterday from cancer. Only one more to complete this circle of three now right Alexa? Take care and be safe everyone.

11 August 2005

Interesting stuff

So today was the start of the LISD school year..and I didn't have to go. But I did get an education today.

I had Starbucks this afternoon with Andra. It was really cool to catch up with her again. I am totally over the trust issue and fear she caused me three years ago(she doesn't know it was her that pushed me there yet) She is off drugs, starting school and trying to quit smoking. I did find out my friend sunshine had started smoking however. She is one of the last I ever would've guess. Then I gave a Holland presentation to my mom's bible study. I really enjoyed it as they were so interesting it encouraged me like no other. Also, I talked to Jean today and am thinking about presenting to the missions board and trying to get some money for youth contact to eventually rent another building in a few years...We shall see. This evening I went to Starbucks with Amanda and laughed so hard I actually spewed. it's been a good three years or so since that happened but I really enjoyed our time together a lot!! I love you Amanda!!! I saw Bailey Ashley Pembroke and her dad...I saw George, Brian, Chad and the rest of the guys at Starbucks..and I saw Frank at Blockbuster.

I also saw Andrew Smith. My co-photo editor last year. This was the shock of the night. It turns out this morning Cameron, a friend and Marquee photographer, killed himself. It is pretty shocking but it hasn't hit me yet. I was listening to the conversation on my left as Bailey and Amanda talked. They were all so upset and unknowing of what to do. Most of the people in that group Andrew left me to go talk to is either Mormon or nothing. I am meeting him at Marcus on Monday to talk about it now. Whoa. What can I say. Please give me wisdom Dad. Well I better head out..Don't forget to read the post before this...It is about AOL language and worth looking at. Take care. Check this suicide song out..it's the one called "Goodbye(I'm Sorry)"

Are you AIMing me?!?

So..this is what i don't get. Since when did aol aim recieve it's own status to be inserted into the English language. I just don't get it. Like people saying wuz ^? instead of what's up or even wuz up? It seems to me hitting shift+6 is more difficult that the U then P. And then jk has been around a while in simple conversations..i get this one but LOL? If you are laughing out loud must you announce it before you do? Or if you say it but don't laugh isn't that hypocritical. That could cause some scars along the way. G2G is just as long as saying gotta go. The 2 takes more time to say and takes away from the language flow actually. And then TTYL(talk to you later) ok, it is shorter but it make me think of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger saying "Ta Ta For Now" TTFN.
I just don't know what this world is coming to. From softball i started saying jk or the spanish way of jk(hota kah). Than in Holland grapje(ggrrr ap ya) So i guess i can understandstand that one but especially lol..i mean come on. laugh or not. It's like being your own sports announcer. I am not going to sit down. I am now going to type the letter A. I am now thinking. I am now getting annoyed with this! I am now going to laugh...perhaps out loud. I am now going to ponder on this. Don't be lazy kids. Speak full sentences. As for me, I am now going to bed!

A.U.B. Amanda! (it's not an aim term..it is just because the Dutch way to say "here you go" is something i have not yet conquered in spelling so A.U.B. is easier..maybe it will catch on...)
Don't be afraid to ask for help. It is not an inconvience when somebody cares...it is an inconvinence when we don't ask and make people guess what is needed.

10 August 2005

Democratic USA

So, in the spirit of America..i am taking a vote. Which do you prefer? Xanga or Blogger? Frizbe21 against Spartacus21. Who will come out on top as Alicia's blog choice? only your responses will tell...

09 August 2005

30 can be a pretty cool number too...

So today is my parents 30th wedding anniversary.

I guess i take it for granted that i do have two loving parents(even if i don't always feel that way.) Even though i want the rock-star drug abused jail bird then came to know God story...i am glad to have been raised in the enviornment i was. It's rough being back home and seeing how they have changed. I just and stubborn sometimes..well, let's face it, a lot, but i still and thankful for their support in my life.

I just returned from star and fire-gazing at Grapevine Lake with some friends. Why is it God shows me people whom both i can be comfortable with as well as am willing to let them get to know me just before leaving yet again. That kinda stinks. But to the title of this blog. Thanks mom and dad..you may not here it in person just yet, but thanks(for almost everything *wink*). Here's my hope to 30 more!

07 August 2005

Lovin' Da Fiets!

So, my arm is still really bruised and sore from the giving blood incident.

One thing I miss about Holland is the biking. Believe it or not I became fond of my Ranger. Than Ranger 2 and finally the reserved inigo. Today/tonight was the college swim/volleyball/hangout end of the year party. I have not regretted leaving my camera behind more!!! Anyways, I saw Danny and Jason at Blockbuster yesterday. You may be asking, why is Alicia mentioning that? Well, let me tell you...They were biking so we decided that at the Farney's party we would go out biking! We went out for 45 minutes. There sure are a ton more of hills here though! I kinda wished we could've been out longer but it was getting pretty dark.

The real reason I love the Farney's is because their house is so large and out there...The stars multiply from the one or two I may see from time to time around my house. I miss Egmond and seeing the Ursula Major constellation out of my room window! Well, Alias season 4 beckons..I think my bike is summoning me for tomorrow! WHOO HOOO!

06 August 2005


Sooo..in the morning i will go to Crossroads for the last time in quite a while. Now i will be off to find myself a new home church in Arizona. That's wierd.

05 August 2005

Is it normal for your leg to twitch?

04 August 2005

Blood Donor

So, I was actually kinda sad that I couldn't give blood after Holland. Even after my last experience found here.
Then I got a phone call saying policy had changed so could I come in and let them stick a needle in me after-all! If that doesn't excite you I don't know what would. So I decided to go in. There was a new nurse so the interview time took twice as long. It seems people get wierded out when you have been out of the country for six months or so. Acceptable. I sat in the chair as normal ready to give blood. She couldn't find the vein in my left arm so she decided to stick my right. Almost done, this other nurse came over to adjust the needle and ended up causing a hemo-something. Basically meaning my arm will suffer from pain and bruising for the next couple of days. I guess it's good I had this as oppose to someone else because I really didn't care which could come across as patience to her. Maybe that's why I seem to always be stuck with the new people at banks or restaurants or airports or blood care centers. Someone has to try em out so I guess I'm glad to help. 11 more weeks till I can go back again!

02 August 2005

Hooray for Vision!

I'm getting new glasses! I walk into the office and the first thing the doctir says is 'i think you will need a stronger lens." Go figure! it turns out i'm neither far-sighted or near-sighted...i'm a differnent long word meaning i just can't differentiate between lond and short distance ranges. That's odd. Oh well, i guess people always have told me i see things with a uniqe perspective(i'm gonna take it as a compliment!)

01 August 2005

As Dangerous as it is...

So I'm thinking a lot these past few days, as dangerous as it is.

Tonight I put in the class of 2005 CD Craig just gave to me. I'm weighing this whole Holland thing and trying to figure it all out in my mind. I'm back. My body is in America so I should transfer my mind here as well. Last night I went to the Russia meeting and Mrs. G said something that really spoke to me when discussing Christians worldwide, "Our languages are different, but our hearts are the same...they beat." Between that and Amanda saying the thing that impacted her the most was, "going over there and realizing, I was nothing," my mind is turned back to Holland.
God has taught me so much I don't want to lose it. I don't want to 'waste' the next four years of my life in studies when what I want to develop is not photos, but a deep relationship with God. It sounds kinda cliche and cheesy but I truly desire this now. Being a sheep, I still don't make the time, recall this desire to mind, or put sleep as a lesser value than this. That hurts. I'm starting to feel. Not overall but in small things (If you have ever seen the movie Hardball or Finding Neverland you will know what I am talking about). I want to change but I just don't know how. I still worry when I should trust. People say realization is the first step and then comes the desire to change. Well, I am stuck. I need support and encouragement to continue out of this rut I am in. I can't do it on my own. Eugene Peterson once said," A diminished view of God is the price you pay for your comfort." Well, it's been quite some time since I've felt entirely comfortable in a place so now I am asking you, LORD...help me see you clearly. If you do, I'll do my best to remember the staff.

"'As nothing is more easy to think, so nothing is more difficult than to think well.' If we ever think well it should be when we think of God." A.W.Tozer

31 July 2005

Free At Last...


I am uber-excited. For 75 dollars i now have two repaired xbox's after a power surge in Egmond almost 5 months ago! Thank you Chad James. jij bent mij nu held door(voor?) twee uur...den ariel is het nog een keer. BUDankt! Off to save the world from aliens and read some comics! yea for sunday papers.

29 July 2005

Lappy 486

Early birthday for Alicia!!! I just got a new laptop. Yes, folks...unlimited msn messenger and flickr photo updates from now on! Happy Birthday to me!

28 July 2005

heard this today

sin is what we do when we're not satisfied with God" wow—I started
pondering where I find satisfaction. hope your week is going well,
also, a few of you were having trouble remembering my quote from last
night so here it is:
Complacency, contentedness, and comparisson are all excuses we use
for our relationship wth God. -adg
One last one for the day:
Good friends are like stars.........You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

27 July 2005


"Every Missionary is Trying to Work Themselves Out of a Job."

i don't really consider myself a missionary. Just beacause of how people normally interpret the term. Yet, when it comes to Holland and this aspect...i think i accomplished this. As bitter-sweet as that is.

Influence of Brian Regan

Ik geef geen geel doodlezachen, maar Ariel geeft alles.

try saying that! very few can...properly.

26 July 2005

The Vibrations in the Floor...

This morning i woke up, actually for those of you who really know me it was more like rolling out of bed.

I walked into the barren living room with two cds in mind. The new TFK or Foo Fightersa disc 2. I've had that one on repeat in my truck for quite some time so i choose my beloved TFK. There is nothing like The Art of Breaking pounding through this muesum feel house. You know, the type of house where if you touch something wrong your parents say it will break. I haven't felt this way since i was 5. Well, needless to say i missed this sound system in Holland. I took a shower and could still hear the poetry through the beating water. I'm off to Hurricane Harbor to help out with the mid-schoolers today. Can't wait to come home for once!

25 July 2005

We could be on to something here...

These are my favs..try your own. Here.

Your detective name is Moose Marcus
Your rock star name is Sour Patch Kids Tiger
Your punk rock band name is The Blij Slinky

also, last night was cool. i may be blending back in as i try to make the most of my time here. switching to camougo.

24 July 2005

Missing Home...

"Where is home
when places come
and people go
It's where my friends are
and my heart
can't wait for home

T.S.O. once wrote this and it kinda stuck. Today I am missing my home. I think of youth contact and what they are doing. I think of what I used to do Sundays six months ago before I left. I think of T.S.O. and what she is doing today. I know it's not good. I'm still in this 'America stinks' phase. In a few weeks I'll probably get over it and move on but right now this is where I am. In-between time stinks. Especially for one who loves to be involved (especially in background things). What do I do? I am just going to try and make the most of this time. It is here for a reason. Time is God's precious gift to us, how we use our time is our gift back to God. Here I go. Frisbee beckons.

22 July 2005

Definitions of Names

Alexa - Means: Protector of Mankind
Alicia - Means: Of Noble Birth
Ariel - Means: Lion of God
Diana - Means: Divine
Laura - Means: Laurel-Crowned
James - Means: Supplanter
Jean - Means: God is Gracious
Marcel - Means: Young Warrior
Rachel - Means: Innocent Lamb
Guido - Means: Forest Guide
Ilse - Means: Consecrated to God
Justin - Means: Just or True
Kristy - Means: Christ-bearer
Erin - Means: Ireland
Jude - Means: One who is praised
Craig - Means: From the Crag
Amanda - Means: Worthy of Love
Katie - Means: Pure, Virginal
Daniel - Means: God is my Judge
Phil - Means: Lover of horses (odd that ariel is a lion)
Austin - Means: From the name AUGUSTIN
John - Means: God is Gracious, Merciful
MAria - Means: Bitter Sea
Kayla - Means: Wise Child
Bethany - Means: Life-town near Jerusalem
Phyllis - Means: Green Leaf
Brent - Means: from high on the hill
Lionel - Means: Lion Cub
Dustin - Means: Warrior
Michael - Means: Who is like God?
Heather - Means: A Flowering Plant

that's all i got for now. sorry if i left your name out. i got tired. Go to birthday alarm to try for yourself. I kinda like the 'of noble birth' thing. My father is on the throne (mijn Vader is op de troon for all you dutch-folk) in heaven(hemmel) you know. Doei! (that means good-bye!)

Some things i've realized...

I like buttons

Noodle can be a dangerous term

The Ninja Turtles can help out with a lot of life's philosophies

Being a daughter is pretty cool when you have two sets of paretns *wink*

I appriciate my bike here SO much more now

I miss speaking Dutch

21 July 2005

Catch This Phrase...


This is the phrase i wish to pass on at CBC. It seems to be going well so far. what do you think? of wat dink jij? of zo iets. p.s. Happy 21st my liefjes!

19 July 2005


Leaving can be a tricky thing...especially when duck tape is involved...

So i don't really feel as if i am leaving behindmy home here. The walls are bare and give off a slightly hollow echo from the filled laughter. The bags sit packed waiting for a few last minuate items. I don't feel like i'm really leaving behind this world i've adopted as my own for six months. i'm beginning to understand what my sister meant when she said it would feel this weird. I wonder how much i really have changed or whatever. only going home and hearing people tell me i can't go a sentance without throwing in some random dutch or wow what a cool tattoo (just kidding mom!)but really. i guess i realize my time is up and must simply fulfill the motions now. 3 weeks to unpack, pack and then move to Arizona. Here i go...

08 July 2005

Burning Stop

Last night i was at the coolest place with two of my most favoritist people ever!

I got an idea a few omnths ago and carried it out. Ariel, Alexa and myself went to the Coldplay concert last night in Arnhem, Holland for their birthday gifts. I had such a great time! The music was great, the atmosphere was (well how can i out this?) Dutch, and i wanted to savor each moment. The clocks ticked, tears streamed down faces, white shawdows was overpowering and of course the yellow head blood-rushed scientist was present. I love observing people. It has always been a passion of mine (almost as much a passion as pushing buttons is!). A concert just seems like the perfect place to put that passion into practice. it's funny how different people are even when they are related in the same family. i love lyrics, for me...to enjoy a concert requires some active participation, some sitting and savoring, and of course singing along to every song as loudly as desired since no one else can hear your voice when it is lost in the multitide. Alexa is the more active participation. Her rock-fist shins with a small light to cheer on the group. Clapping and standing is a must. I think she really wanted to be close to the stage with the rest of the hard-corers. Then there is Ariel, she also watches others, sings along to the few words she knows, and then soaks in the atmosphere. I think it is cool that i had one to my right and the other on my left. i thank God for friends and the impact they have in our lives. I think there are a few things here i am underestimating my missing...the people, youth contact, and the way of life. Until the time comes upon which i must depart...i will enjoy knowing, it shall not be long before a home-coming is due.

21 June 2005

Yearbook Worthy of Quoting

There are these things in yearbook known as senior ads. Parents pay money and get a so-deemed "ad" placed inside the back of the yearbook. My friend Tim Clark had one of these so-called ads purchased for him and what was written by his parents touched me enough to not only write it in my quote book but also share it with all of you. It went like this:

Let the Living Christ go with you...
Let HIM go before you to show you the way...
Behind you to encourage you...
Beside you to befriend you...
Above you to watch over you...
And within you to give you peace.


16 June 2005

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls
Originally uploaded by baseballchick903.
The beauty of Switzerland was seen as i went to the EUNC graduation with Delaja, Guido, and Jean last week. God is amazing with a paintbrush!

25 May 2005

The truth behind my senior speech...

i talked with semmelbeck last night/this morning and i just felt it nessacary to explain myself...

I haven't even seen the video yet so i really hope it makes sense. I tried filming numerous occasions and just could never quite make it through. I wanted to say more, i wanted to go through every experience and in words make sure i could flly thank al of you. I couldn't make it. i wanted to spread my word of wisdom and let you know how i feel. i couldn't do it. i wanted to be sure you felt how encouraged and challenged i've been by all of you. i couldn't express it.

Thank you all SO much. i will and do miss you but things will be fine. To the class of 05, thanks (i can't say it enough) i hope to see yo uall again son. Austin, be careful in the air force ok. andra, i'm glad you are recovering. neema, pursue your dreams at ou. and so many more.

to the class of 06, also thanks and remember. "change is inevitable, expect the unexpected." Congradulations on surviving a year of our pranks, jokes, and sarcasim. Now it's your turn. Keep the fire burning and the ideas and the problems you see of us in your head...don't lose them. Don't brush stuff off, if you see something you want to change then don't be afraid to. Jump to the occassion. Rise like yeast in the oven. (i know, pathetic but it's all i got) just don't be sad. all of us will still be a phone call or e-mail away.

Specifically to Jordy and Nurge........i cannot express how you two seniorites have helped me grow. thank you, dank u wel, mucho gracias. languages cannot express what i wish to say.

The New ASU Freshman, Alicia D. Garcia

24 May 2005

you underestimate my sneakiness!!!

Man i love being able to still be sneaky!

This next week is graduation. Last sunday night was a youthweekend here (to find out more go here ) but i am sad because i had to miss out on the CBC senior speeches. i feel out of touch with everything going on in Texas right now. The yearbooks came out and i am anxious to see it as i forget al of the photos i took for it. The sneakiness part was that we were able to purchase one of six of this certain designed corrie ten boom watches. My old youth pastor always spoke of wanting a watch but instead of purchasing one forhimself he bought one as a gift for his wife. So, being me, i decidedto get other's help in fullfilling his wish. Brent once said duringthe begining last summer "wisdom is knowingwhat time it is" we were studying proverbs and discovering wisdom. Ecc. also has the time statements that go along with it. I have been overjoyed lately as God has been showing me so much. Love you all!

-the misplaced texan!

05 May 2005

Funny isn't it?

Funny how we don't view life as precious until it is gone. i just
found out this guy i knew is now dead. he tried to kill himself and i
guess it worked after spending a month is the hospital as a result.

When will this world ever learn?

You Guys

I just wanted to let you all know i truly appriciate all the comments and support. i am not sure if you know about www.holland2005.tk though or you can use www.holland2005.blogspot.com anyway, just want to make sure you are getting all info possible. i will only keep this post on here temporarily so write down the address! love you all.

30 April 2005


So i'm starting to miss the idea of home...

Garden State has so many thoughts on the subject it really strikes close to my heart. I am starting to realize that i am here in Holland as well as the fact i will never have a home anymore. yes, i will live places and will be with my parents in Texas again but the ideal view of 'home' is something i can never again experience. my chance is up.

I'm starting to miss cbc and it's cool world within itself. i miss mexico, year end parties, and just having the ability to hang out at all times and places. I think i'm slightly scared about entering into this whole new world. i know i'll be fine, get an education, and make friends but i kinda just want to hold on to the ones i've already invested so much in and stay in my comfortable vortex. I'm torn in two ways..maybe more as i do enjoy it so much here in Holland and yet i don't want to become too involved because i too am leaving soon. That's the challange, raising leaders to continue once your gone. it is easy to start stuff here but the problem is finding people willing enough to follow something God has placed on their heart. I still can't shake the idea that i am done with marcus. when i get my yearbook maybe i will truly realize it. i'm done with cbc...i'm done with mid-school ministry. this time next year i will be in arizona adapting to a new lifestyle and place. A place of which i have never imagined myself going ever before. Before i left i thought Alabama or UNT. but never arizona. maybe that is what is so cool about God. He knows everything. he knew a LONG time ago that i will be going to Arizona. He knew i would be having these feelings and typing this now. God is above time. He knows and is all. I guess it just never gets old to hear about how awesome He is.

28 April 2005


Everyone on this planet has a philosophy, theology, and worldview whether or not they realize it. Pablo Picasso once said, “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform the yellow spot into a sun.” The way one views the world as a whole is reflected by how one views the small everyday matters in life.

Some people start out with an ideal of what they want and then work to achieve it in life. This may appear in a want to acquire more in a sense of possessions, status or respect. Others choose to take the more leisurely way of life by starting out with something, such as the yellow spot, and then seeing what will become of it. The American Dream follows the first way of seeking to obtain a large house, kids, and just basically the peaceful “Leave it to Beaver” lifestyle of the new century.

The way more members of our generation tend to turn is in the second attitude. Youth these days tend to not care about anything. Religion, politics, and life are bound to go on and have the youth’s approval to do so unless it fringes on the same principle. Basically, the world is free to go on by itself until it no longer pleases the people who put it that way in the first place. People feel that if they are to be passionate about one thing, then they will have to be passionate about everything while this is not the case. Then, instead of choosing to be involved whole-heartedly by one thing, people choose to not care about anything at all.

It is impossible to categorize humanity into these two concepts as not only are people different, but also, so are the worldviews people hold as everyone has gone through different experiences in their lifetime. Because of this fact, it is also impossible to determine which is better in this world. While one may start out seeing the sun, another may just see it once crossing the finish line. So while I try to find the balance between the yellow spot and sun, I choose to admire all of the differences and mixtures that make up humanity in all of its aspects.

19 April 2005

AHHHHHHH..i'm breathing with my heart here...

nope..not my quote but it is interesting eh?

Thank you all for the comments on my last post. since exceding 21 it is now my duty to write more. I am working on photos and hope you all enjoy. Nurge, there is something special for you in ariel's set.


13 April 2005

Why not?

"If you read this,
you must make a comment of a memory you have of me.
it can be anything you want,
it can be good or bad,
just so long as it happened.
then post this to your journal.
see what people remember about you."

This will remain until i get 21 comments...or at least until i get tired of it and decide to change my mind.

12 April 2005

Serious now.

How do you explain that Allah is not the same as God to a girl claiming to be Christian and yet holding on to Muslim beliefs?

05 April 2005

My bro and cuz

check out here for Justin and Joran's band site..more soon


Ok, so the last question didn't flow so well.

What is another term for watering can in English?

03 April 2005

Next in Line...

Why do ducks look so cool in the Dutch sun?

--not as cool as a platapus might i add.

02 April 2005

Next Pregunta

Why is Ariel Hays so cool?

(because she is associated with a super uber-kool ninja is not an acceptable answer)

28 March 2005


ok, since i don't have as much time to update both blogs...i want you guys to talk to one another.

Here is your question for amuzement:

If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

15 March 2005

Clang clang clang goes the chain...

Have you ever seen a car so small it fits through a front door?

me either.
Things are going quite well over here in Holland. I love writting again! For the past year or so i just got tired of my Frost, Whitman, and Yeats and decided to put away my spirals or writting and song lyrics to which i never wrote a tune. Recently, i am enjoying writting again. I like the feel of a pen in my hand. I take interviews on the news and write my own stories about what i think the Dutch are saying if i could only understand them. I am writting lyrics to songs again. I am writting short stories and poetry and enjoying it again. It's not my job, it's my fun. My camera has been at my side still as well and i am beginning to enjoy getting back into that journalist mood. I don't miss school but i do miss yearbook class and assignments and what i consider goofing around while Herbst considers it work. It can't be work if you are enjoying it that much right?!? I can't wait to see how the book turned out. I am so excited to see it in May when i onvince someone to mail it to me. I don't feel like i am done with school though...just like a sumer vacation or something though but this is really it. No more prom, no more out-smarting Ms. Ervi, no more putting Herbst's chair in the ceiling tiles or sneaking into the cross country office by way of a ceiling tile to get the track scheduale to take photos at the next meet. No more softball games or group locker upstairs. No more Chick-fil-A mornings or lunches with Bat Girl illegally. This is really it...i hope it sinks in soon.

18 February 2005


I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

Ummm, i'm not really sure what to right. I sat down, fingers poised ready to seize the blog. to fill it with words to make you laugh, cry, and think. what more could there possibly be! The tapping of keyboards around me made me notice the lack of response from my own. Ok...insightfulness and advice. Here I go.

here I go....

sorry, I tried but that's all I got. Love you all.

"I laughed, I cried...it really moved me Bob." Larry the Cucumber

09 February 2005

Raindrops keep fallin'on my head...

Advice: don't stare at people's lips when they are talking Dutch. It makes you want to laugh out loud.

So i've been thinking a lot lately about how i can be of more help around here. Things are moving SO SLOW! I read Heather's blog and all i could think of was how i so wish i could be there. for almost three years now i have wanted to lead the tues. night study. I wanted to give my senior speech and look people in the eyes as i told them what they really meant to me. All that changed 2 1/2 year ago when i met Ariel and Alexa Hays in Colorado. Abby Lorenc and I had talked prior to family camp about how excited we were going to be that we could talk to Peter about becoming missionaries. I didn't talk to Peter once on that trip. It's strange to see that if i hadn't injured my knee i would've been in a softball tournament that week. It's strange that i wanted to go on a boat trip with my friend but instead my parent's insisted that i go. But then again, i guess it isn't so strange because God's plan is so much larger than our own. I better go, school just let out. Loving and missing you all, SWAT

28 January 2005


Every see something that makes you want to stop and play with a platypus?

Hey guys, if you want a great laugh at the expense of one of our beloved Dutch folk(assassin), there is a picture of alexa here we need to let everyone know about. the responsibility lies with you Doctor.
just look at the random pictures and it is hard to miss. This should cheer you up Nurge!

27 January 2005

With the Flip of a Coin...


SO TODAY I"M THINKING THAT AMANDA LYNN BRADLEY STILL OWES ME A STORY ABOUT A PLATAPUS!!! it's so weird thinking that right now all of you are in school and i am way over here. it's all too sureal and has yet to come true. or maybe my biking and directional skills simply wish that. i doubt any of you remember (because i didn't) but there was a video tour of both cbc and Marcus that we filmed back in Oct. for the Hays. I never would've thought that i, myself would come to cherish that video so much. I've been reassured that maybe for three months or so you and i will all be in touch but after that only time will tell. "wisdom is knowing what time it is"--do you all remember that?!? Anyways, i've just been in kind of a somber mood and missing all you guys. I'll give you my cell number and maybe you can give me a call sometime or since i lost all of your phone numbers on the list i had you may feel free to e-mail them back to me. Love you all, Adios for now. Sir Brooks..i'll see you down under with the enigma eh?

25 January 2005


check this out..dutch humor eh?
Click me!

A-HOI Matey

What if pirate ships could fly...would you jump on?

So in case you are just totally out of it, I am in Holland right now. Things are odd. I can't tell as to whether or not I am actually here yet. My house is far away so a lot of biking is involved. The one things I miss is all of you guys as well as all of my 8th graders. So here it goes...

LORD, I just wanna pray that al of the conversations go smoothly for your greater purpose as although some people had problems with my leaving they will be able to move on and serve you all the more. I pray they all know I miss them just as much if not more and love them so much wishing they seek your presence to be active in their lives. Protect all and comfort my heart.
Your bond-servant, Alicia

18 January 2005

Latest Conclusion

So here are my thoughts...to take and cherish or trash

I just read everybody's latest blogs over Pine Cove and am still sad about not being able to go but at the same time it gives me comfort to know things are gonna be ok. If I had gone I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to fellowship with the Village church and play the longest Ultimate Frisbee game in my life! (over 3 hours) Going to the Perspectives class yesterday was cool and so glad I decided to take it alone without friends last year. It's strange to me that by being out into a situation I didn't want to be in over 2 1/2 years ago sends me to Holland in two days! I am stoked about tonight as my cousin is going to Mid-school tues. night and may start going normally.

This morning I went shopping to find a few last minuate items. As I reentered the mall for the first time since working there, I saw a sign that broke my heart. Closing. My favorite store is going to be gone when I return. Prints Plus has so many memories for me. Running into friends, posters that inspire my work, and talking to the guy who works there on slow day by comparing Hinduism to Christianity. I'm sad about saying goodbyes so that's where I'll end this. Doei

16 January 2005


This guy has always been a huge inspiration to me. Ron Blue works for God's glory at Dallas Theological Seminary. Give it a listen. He also has a sermon on the CBC website. 4 more days!
scroll down to: 10/17/04 Ron Blue

13 January 2005


This time next week I'll be on a plane!!! eeeekk!

09 January 2005

~Swirling Vortex of Enigma~

won't anyone throw in a rope?

So these past few days have been ridiculously crazy. The congrats/farewellness was yesterday and it was great. My parents gave me a party that I will remember for a very long time. Probably the biggest surprise was my fifth grade teacher (who I blogged about 16 Dec.) was there yesterday! She drove all the way from Katy, Texas near Houston just for that! It turns out my kindergarten teacher had helped my mom give me a gift I mentioned a month ago with thoughts that my mom would soon forget. It was a blast but I still felt as if I was being congratulated for something I never really did.
I saw so many old and current faces...I was very pleased and my mom was left happy so that's what really matters. I think I had my first grasp on reality as I had to say goodbye to my oldest sister Laura. I think I've always felt more of a connection with her. After the celebration cleaning was up, I said goodbye to Mrs. Wickett as I fought back tears. We've been bonding a lot lately and it's a shame to put that on hold at least for now. I've even been considering going to UT just to be closer to her and also since their journalism department is top-notch with a few of my old editors going there.
After a nice dinner at El Chico among friends we headed out to go see Finding Neverland which I would recommend but not if you're already in a fragile crying state. It deserves an Oscar. And then today was my last official Sunday School with everyone there as next week they will all be gone at Pine Cove. I'm thinking about going up to the College class next week so it won't be as hard. I also am sad the Ireland trip was cancelled, I felt like I was a part in helping it form so it is kinda sad but maybe you should all go to Holland now instead eh?!? Wed. night I will be saying a lot of goodbyes and hopefully see-you-laters. Could it be hitting me as reality you ask? Maybe...a few more days will tell.

07 January 2005


don't forget tomorrow, sat 8 jan 2005. there is my graduation/farewell party from 3-5pm at Crossroads!!! Hope to see you all there.

The Generation that will change the world is the Generation that the world cannot change!

06 January 2005

Ah, the taste of victory...

Press on men! I see the eye through the darkness yet!

So, today I accidentally slept until around 1 or so and then ran around town doing a bunch of errands and made some money. I still don't feel as if I am done with High school as I know it but maybe when I go back to visit herbst soon, I will feel like I am done. As for now, off to try and clean my room as I just finished up another essay. Hope all of your days went grand. Oh and by the way...Alias rocked last night! Too bad I only see 3 episodes before I leave! I'll manage...somehow...

05 January 2005

Stealth Bombshell...

Alias starts in 3:45 hours!
bring it on!

Funny Isn't It?...

Have you ever seen a one-armed bandit run from a blue truck in front of your house? Just wondering...

Things are so crazy lately. Holland preparations are on the way and my mind is spinning with everything that still needs to be done. If it isn't done it would be ok but it is set in my mind of what I want to get done. How can I outdo what I did last year? I don't have to worry about THE PRANK anymore since I am not able to go to Pine Cove. Scholarship essays are crazy right now for me and I think my main problem is I truly don't care as to where I go to college. I have numerous choices and anyone seems ok. Essays calling...

p.s. a few of you told me you wanted calendars yet so besides lola, if you want one let me know so I can make it. They are $15.