18 January 2005

Latest Conclusion

So here are my thoughts...to take and cherish or trash

I just read everybody's latest blogs over Pine Cove and am still sad about not being able to go but at the same time it gives me comfort to know things are gonna be ok. If I had gone I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to fellowship with the Village church and play the longest Ultimate Frisbee game in my life! (over 3 hours) Going to the Perspectives class yesterday was cool and so glad I decided to take it alone without friends last year. It's strange to me that by being out into a situation I didn't want to be in over 2 1/2 years ago sends me to Holland in two days! I am stoked about tonight as my cousin is going to Mid-school tues. night and may start going normally.

This morning I went shopping to find a few last minuate items. As I reentered the mall for the first time since working there, I saw a sign that broke my heart. Closing. My favorite store is going to be gone when I return. Prints Plus has so many memories for me. Running into friends, posters that inspire my work, and talking to the guy who works there on slow day by comparing Hinduism to Christianity. I'm sad about saying goodbyes so that's where I'll end this. Doei

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