25 January 2005

A-HOI Matey

What if pirate ships could fly...would you jump on?

So in case you are just totally out of it, I am in Holland right now. Things are odd. I can't tell as to whether or not I am actually here yet. My house is far away so a lot of biking is involved. The one things I miss is all of you guys as well as all of my 8th graders. So here it goes...

LORD, I just wanna pray that al of the conversations go smoothly for your greater purpose as although some people had problems with my leaving they will be able to move on and serve you all the more. I pray they all know I miss them just as much if not more and love them so much wishing they seek your presence to be active in their lives. Protect all and comfort my heart.
Your bond-servant, Alicia

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