09 January 2005

~Swirling Vortex of Enigma~

won't anyone throw in a rope?

So these past few days have been ridiculously crazy. The congrats/farewellness was yesterday and it was great. My parents gave me a party that I will remember for a very long time. Probably the biggest surprise was my fifth grade teacher (who I blogged about 16 Dec.) was there yesterday! She drove all the way from Katy, Texas near Houston just for that! It turns out my kindergarten teacher had helped my mom give me a gift I mentioned a month ago with thoughts that my mom would soon forget. It was a blast but I still felt as if I was being congratulated for something I never really did.
I saw so many old and current faces...I was very pleased and my mom was left happy so that's what really matters. I think I had my first grasp on reality as I had to say goodbye to my oldest sister Laura. I think I've always felt more of a connection with her. After the celebration cleaning was up, I said goodbye to Mrs. Wickett as I fought back tears. We've been bonding a lot lately and it's a shame to put that on hold at least for now. I've even been considering going to UT just to be closer to her and also since their journalism department is top-notch with a few of my old editors going there.
After a nice dinner at El Chico among friends we headed out to go see Finding Neverland which I would recommend but not if you're already in a fragile crying state. It deserves an Oscar. And then today was my last official Sunday School with everyone there as next week they will all be gone at Pine Cove. I'm thinking about going up to the College class next week so it won't be as hard. I also am sad the Ireland trip was cancelled, I felt like I was a part in helping it form so it is kinda sad but maybe you should all go to Holland now instead eh?!? Wed. night I will be saying a lot of goodbyes and hopefully see-you-laters. Could it be hitting me as reality you ask? Maybe...a few more days will tell.


Jules said...

sorry i wasn't at your party. have a great time, ok? talk to you at Bible study. love ya!

heather said...

hey alicia, what was that whole bible study thing at that other church you were talking about on sunday? i think i wanna go to that. give me more info please! thanks girl.

spartacus21 said...

this has all the info. i am also gointg to perspectives the first week with them. www.perspectives.org is the main website so they answer most questions too. give me a call if this doesn't help

Anonymous said...


Wishing you the best of luck....and I hope you have a wonderful time.

~Shannon (Laura's Friend)