31 December 2004

Time Stands Still...

Funny isn't it, how time can fool us...

As of right now I am a year behind some of my friends. I am trapped between the years 2004 and 2005. For the Dutch, 2005 has struck and for the U.S...it has yet to come. I personally am stuck right now trapped in between two cultures of Europe and America. Trapped between realities of high school and college lifestyle. Simply put...I am trapped. As my friends overseas lay down to soak in the victory of a conquered night, I prepare for the bonfire initiating the celebration of 2005 coming...Although slowly. Enjoy the time left of 2004 and make sure to go into '05 without regrets. Call the person you forgot. Write a letter to an old fiend..But most of all, praise God and live.

Happy New Year/chances/opportunity

30 December 2004

If you were and Animal, what would it be? Why?

If I were an animal I would be a platypus. There's not really a certain reason as to why I chose this animal except for they are cool. Platapi go about nonchalantly in life and they look very similar to ducks! Ducks are cool animals and since platypus are like ducks, they are cool by association. Also, 'a lot of platapi could do a lot of damage.' A friend of mine once said this refering to ducks but I believe it works with a platypus as well. What a life it could be...

editor's note: "I do not believe my speech teacher exactly knew what she was in for on 30 sept 2004 when she asked me this question"

24 December 2004

Santa Claus has come..to town

So Marshall (Santa) and his wife joined us for Christmas Eve service at church tonight. Working in the mall with Santa reminds me of what a sad poor world this can be when people ignore what this season is all about. Today, a girl I work with was too afraid to walk to her car without security due to a few distraught people in line who chose not to see Santa before 6pm Christmas Eve. I mean come on, he has been there since before Thanksgiving and the mall was closing! Brent's lesson during service was filled with stuff I have heard him say through the year but I truly enjoyed getting Santa's and his wife's perspective on it.

Continuing with tradition we are off to soon open gifts, take a family picture, and then watch one of the many versions of Scrooge. I hope all of you reflect on why this holiday exists beyond the tinsel and decorum to see a not so plain baby in an undecorated stable...No strings attached.

Feliz Navidad from this Garcia.

23 December 2004

Wisdom is knowing what time it is

Wow..so i really aveen't blogged in a while...

i applologize to my three readers because a compter has become inaccessable to me during this time. Well, let's see...Sunday was German Fest in Muenster, Texas and near the end my sister got up to make an annoucement abpout my leaving/graduation. What she said just really reminded me of why i love her so much.

Yesterday was the end of my High School career. I arrived at school at 8:45 prepared to take my economics exam and then be at work by 10! I finished my exam first at 9:18 so i was out of there! Yesterday was kinda sad though...i don't know why but it started to hit me in my heart even though i don't feel as if it's over. I feel like it's ok becasue in two weeks i'll be back...but the fact is i won't.

Things for Holland are coming along well thouygh but i bettter head off to work..i'll try to blog again soon..te amo a toda..spartacus

16 December 2004


Three days left of this so-called education of high-school!

So I ran into my old LEAP teacher from elementary school yesterday and then my elementary choir teacher today! Man I miss these ladies. There is one teacher above all who has simply truly inspired me to live my life as I do now. Herbst is a close second followed by Sauder(school only Brent). But this lady risked her job in order to comfort a crying 5th grader at Camp Goddard. You see, my Abuelo had just died so my mom drove me up to Oklahoma late on that tues because I didn't want to waste the money and be a spare in a class of five. By thurs. It was too much. Mrs. Jana Nelms took me aside and prayed with me! You are not allowed to express faith like this to a student you see. My point I guess is she has made me want to teach other's about Christ's love because of what I saw in and through her that night. She failed to be perfect, but shone where she could. Thank you for saving me from myself...I hope to find you again someday as I wished you never would have left. This is my thanks to you, I only hope I can actually tell you this someday in person...

14 December 2004


I was just talking to my friend Nima so this came to mind...

The word irony I slightly mentioned in my prior post came to me after receiving an e-mail from leanderthal (the intern in Holland when I was there). You see, I talked with her quite a but before the Hays were there and honestly can only recall the first conversation when Rob Edwards and I left early to pick her up before meeting the rest of the group. This is what she e-mailed me, "ONE TIME YOU GAVE ME A QUOTE "YOUR STRENGTH MAY GET YOU TO THE MOUNTAIN, BUT ONLY GODS CAN GET YOU TO THE TOP". I HAVE REMEMBERED AND USED THAT ALOT AND I THANK YOU FOR SHARING THAT BLESSED LITTLE QUOTE WITH ME!" And yes, it was in all caps! It's funny how one thing you say can mean something to someone that you don't even notice. I guess I just never really think people take heart or even care to remember things I say unless they're jokes. This awe-struck me! I simply wasn't expecting it. Glad I could help you Fox. Now I think I realize why I personally cherish quotes so much, and maybe we all shall see them soon...

13 December 2004


a weird word brought back...

11 December 2004

Change is Inevitable...

So lately this has become Nurge's and my favorite quote..right John?

Anyways i am up late simply unable to sleep in fear i am forgetting something. Tomorrow/today i will be in church all four services to tell people about Holland and what exactly i will be doing there. I can't tell you why this freaks me out i mean not a whole lot does. Maybe it's the fact that this whole idea and concept formed over the past months, or dare i even say years, is coming true. I am 8 days away from the end of my high school career. Three days until my last Bible Study with Mrs. G. My job ends on Christmas Eve. and then on Jan. 20 my flight takes off. Weird. that's all i can type to sum up how i'm feeling right now. Well, i'm talking to one of the dutch so i better go and then try again to sleep. Thanks for scanning these words...i love comments..no hint implied.

Signed, Alicia "the yellow dart" Garcia

09 December 2004


Man, to quote McDonald's...I'm lovin' it!

I met the absolute cutest kid at work tonight! (and that is not a word I usually throw around!) His name was Colton and he was terrified of Santa. I've gotten used to these types of kids lately and he was no different until I started talking to him. He even ran away from his mother! Straight out the gates and into the walkway! I picked up this 5-yr-old in the red shirt and wiped away his tears whispering a promise that Santa had a gift for him. His eyes brightened. I inquired if he could take a picture with Santa and his siblings to get the prize. He nodded emphatically. I sat little Colton up there and he gave me one of the largest smiles of the night. Afterwards the mom simply inquired 'what did you do.' This kicking screaming kid immediately transformed into a mother's paradise. Colton received his gift as well as a candy cane from me as long as his didn't tell his sister and brother. He gave me a HUGE hug and went to see his picture...Boy, I sure did love my job tonight! Well, at least until the next family...

Today I went to go see the choir during 2nd period. You guys are great, wish I could've made it tonight..Sorry. Also got interviewed for a newspaper article and sold a few more calendars for Holland. Life is simply as the Dutch say, goed!

08 December 2004

Well Adjusted

Am I the one that's going crazy?
I'm so tired of masquerading
I pretend to be so well adjusted
Maybe it's just me and i'm disgusted

I need a room in a mental penitentiary
So lock me up with maxium security
The doctors say tht they don't know what's wrong with me
So strap me down it's time for my lobotomy
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
The doctors say that i'll be getting out real soon
The doctors ssay that i've been making big breakthroughs

One little minute seems to last a lifetime
Like starring at the ceiling even though you're blind
We are all pretending to be so complicated
You and me jst ma be dislocated

I need a room in mental penitentiary
So strap me sown it's time for my lobotomy
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
The doctors say that i'll be getting out real soon
The doctors say that i've been making big breakthroughs

The doctors say, the doctors say I'm okay
The doctors changed their minds and now I'm here to stay
Sorry baby, I'm not crazy
Pardon me baby, yo no soy loco
The doctors say that i'll be getting out real soon
The doctors say that I've been making breakthroughs
The doctors say that I'm not crazy after all
The doctors say take two of these and give me a call

05 December 2004


Joy is not a requirement of Chrisitan Dicipleship, it is a consequence. ~Eugene Peterson

--if this is true...where does that leave us? Do we choose to accept the joy supplied?

03 December 2004

I've got a pickle...I've got a pickle hey hey hey hey

Yesterday I now by far encountered the most embarrassing moment in my life!

After school, I went to give blood as I have done before. You see it never affects me but being my 5th time they decided to double what I could give so no biggie right? Wrong. I felt fine after receiving my snowman ornament and blood donor bracelet so I grabbed my complementary juice and rushed to the post office to mail a package to Holland. The line was long so I was getting irritated as I only had 20 minutes or so before I had to be at work. I finally made it the around the center of the line where there is that counter to lean on. You know, the one where you're right behind the next person in line but before you get there you must first conquer the rest of the maze. Well, it started to hit me, I knew I was tired from the night before so I was trying to force myself to say things I knew. I once learned that with use of this logic it is near impossible to sleep; so I tried..."my name is Alicia Garcia, I live at"...and then it hit. My eyes couldn't stay open any longer, I felt the weight of my body start to drip down onto the tile floor. My eyes were closed and yet I was still awake. "Man, I hope no one notices" I thought to myself. It was then my knees could no longer support the upper half of my body...I wouldn't, I couldn't give in. I fought to stay up with my pounding head and my body shaking violently against itself. I was sure someone had noticed by now and yet no word was said. OK, now I was fine, I had to lean on the box so then I could at least stand up, the shaking had stopped. I started to concentrate on what the guy at the counter was saying to that customer. The customer had about 50-70 envelopes and I knew my time was dwindling. It came over me again. The Butterfly Effect brand of a shake that I couldn't make go away. my eyes were gone again, I held onto the counter for dear life. The guy in front of me finally inquired if I was ok. Snap. That brought me back into reality. My eyes opened. I had to squat down to keep my equilibrium but I was not to experience my 2nd blackout in my life this time. (the first was two years ago by the hand of an exquisite piano player...it was an accident.) I got up to the counter impatient now as she asked me the usual questions making sure I wasn't smuggling anything overseas and I signed the five papers I had gotten so used to over these past few years. I walked out and sat in my truck drinking a liter of powerade waiting until I was able to drive to work.
Now I can only think how odd I must have looked to the others in town. A girl with a needle-marked bandage wrapped around her arm starts shaking violently and is delivering a package to, of all places, Holland--drug using capital of the world. If it were me on the outside, I would've guessed heroin. But no, just a gift of blood to try and help another. Praise God I wasn't late to work, and didn't pass out at the United States Post Office main building. As for now, off to work again! Just think, only 79 days until I can donate again...maybe next time I'll be sure that they just take the normal amount. Yes Jeopardy fans, no more double down for me.

01 December 2004

Mrs. Robinson

This whole alternate universe complex just never seems to end.

Last night I told some of the mid-schoolers about my farewell party on Jan. 8 since we won't be having another official tues night until after then. I was making the announcement and then I made a major mistake. I glanced to the left. I saw "Nail Gun's" face as the words of my departure left my mouth in a flood of words. It's not that I want to rub in the fact that I'm leaving or make people question how things will be once I'm gone. I think I say it so much in order to try and separate myself from the group mentally. In 14 school days my high school career is over. Terminaden. FinĂȘ. Done. I have a favor to ask..if you see me in the back during Sunday school like I was last week...let me be. If you see me not saying as much in a group conversation I'm still ok. If I wear my ear buds cranking up the tunes...know all is well. The fact is, I depart in less than two months but I know you all will be ok. I have to let you guys do what you were built for without getting in the way..i'll be around. Even if I don't end up at DBU, you guys can't get rid of me but for right now let me ease away. He knows what's in store and that you can handle it. After all, we're all in God's hands. Heb. 11:1

30 November 2004

An Interview with Santa Claus

Yesterday at work we were kinda slow so I had about 90 minutes to stand around talking to Santa. Our Santa is soo kind. He is from OKcity and has been a Christian for years. Here are a few thoughts and insights we came up with the other day...

Santa is a mask he puts on two months out of the year and yet as Christians we are supposed to let people see what being a follower of Christ is all about. Santa couldn't figure out how this could be. He finally came to the conclusion that this is where he is supposed to be in life by as every child comes to tell their wishes and say 'hi', Santa says a silent prayer for them to get to know God's grace. The one thing he doesn't like is representing a man that takes away the eyes of people from Christ who of which Christmas is all about.

Last year one of my lessons to my 7th grade girls consisted of this idea...
people try taking God out of Christmas by changing the name to X-mas. What they don't realize is X in Greek stands for Christ's name. What else do we associate the X with? A pirate map. The goal of this map is to acquire a treasure of value which we cannot even comprehend. There are obstacles and challenges filled with clues along the way. Christ is the treasure we all are searching for whether we realize it or not. Be a clue along the way...make people question their beliefs and test them to be truth. No matter what situation your in from Santa to Sonic, be a good example of what our craziness looks like. Only one belief will win in the end...Enjoy the journey and spread your acquired wealth.

29 November 2004


COwabunga!!! I thought I would take one of Mikie's sayings to express how I feel today...'Man, I LOVE being an elf!' give of take the last word. Love you all now it's off to work I go!

28 November 2004

Ahhh, sweet melody

Did anyone else see the night sky yesterday? It seemed like the sky in Bruce Almighty with out the moon as large. Take a breath of the night and enjoy. Man, God sure is a great artist...

26 November 2004

mind warped

Well, this morning started very early with our traditional running around town to shop and find the best deals. It's not my favorite day of the year due to the stealing of precious sleep time involved but I did get a lot of stuff I needed for Holland. Yesterday wasn't so great for me as I awoke with the turkey at 7am (after staying up until 3am due to my mind's venturing around the universe) sick, and unable to taste the holiday. I spent the majority of the day stuffed in my room away from the 21 other relatives in my house and not accomplishing anything. I still have an entire book to read which we were assigned last Friday and both the read book and 180 study questions are due Monday. I work a Santa schedule of 10am-9pm tomorrow and then 11am-2pm Sunday plus church so the probability of my actually finishing this will astound even me I it comes even close to the truth. College applications and transcripts for admission and scholarships are all due in 4 days!!! Still have to call back to tell DBU what day I can go in for an interview.

Oh, my calendar is complete so for a suggested donation of $15 towards Holland you too can own this Alicia D. Garcia original! I guess I better get working on Sense and sensibility...It's only taken me 4 1/2 hours to read 24 pages so far! Wish me luck...

25 November 2004


Gooble, Goble, Gobble..there we go! Enjoy!

New college update...the University of Alabama has offered me a full ride plus living expenses...the race seems to be between DBU and AU now..."A U guys"..sorry, couldn't refuse putting a little Goonies action into the day. have a great one! (for the record, i'm glad auburn won)

24 November 2004


Why is thanksgiving celebrated? Yes, a colony back in the day survived throughout winter and yet why isn't it a day of survival? Instead we travel a long way to get together and eat...how much more American can you get! Don't get me wrong, it's a great holiday and all, I mean who can complain when getting a week off from school and escaping Ms. Wright's wrath. I just want to get you thinking why you celebrate what you do. I think too often we simply go along following the crowd than we question what we are doing in the process. Give thanks...but know why. Spend time with family and friends...but don't leave in anger. Put off the dishes, spend time together and embrace each others' company. Think, talk, and eat.

Oh and if anyone can tell me why moms worry so much about cleaning a house when your siblings come home..please let me know. After living in a house for almost two decades you'd think said siblings would know what the house looks like dirty.

Happy Turkey Day!

23 November 2004

A Simple Thanks

Sometimes, when one is off daydreaming...it is better not to ask why. Juniors, thanks for today, despite the headache...i enjoyed spending time with you all. You'll pick up right where i'm leaving off come jan. 20. No need to worry at all. Thank you for that. Posted by Hello

Jumping for joy?

 Posted by Hello

A look astonished

Maria after finding out i wasn't talking to Mr. Austin Michael Higgins but indeed one of the Dutch folk! Posted by Hello

20 November 2004

Of Conquest...

Today was so crazy, late night broom hockey was a blast aside from my going to bed at 3am and having to wake up at 8!!! We have new carpet so this officially is not my house anymore...well, at least not as I know it. Holland is fast approaching. In EXACTLY two months I'm outta here. Funds are coming yet never as quickly as one could hope. I know God is providing though so I'm not really worried about it. "Santa's helper" never seizes to amaze me, she got lost yesterday going to Hobby Lobby! Still love ya kid! We're working hard to frantically put our house back together before the new furniture gets here on tues. I'm glad my parents can do this though. They have wanted this for a long time and were planning on it before 9/11 and my dad lost his job. I see the joy it brings them in their eyes, a well deserved joy after living in this house for almost 21 years now. I'm off to see the wizard called Mr. Clean and watch my episodes of Roswell, hope you all had a grand day.

New thought: A customer came up to me the other day after we asked him if his son would want a picture with Santa Claus...his reply "I can't, I'm not Christian" What up with that yo?!? Is that what some people think Christ is all about. Remember: Christianity isn't a religion but a relationship.

18 November 2004

WhoaOH we're half way there!!!

No need to fear, earth is safe as long as Master Chief is near.

Hmmm, life in short right now:
conquered Halo
aced economics test
can't wait for another tues. night
had fun last night although strange fire was absent
love God
love the dutch
--the end for now

16 November 2004

what's the story? morning glory...

So, I almost didn't want to type this blog as I knew it would take away my "Grand Finale at the Sound of a Buzzer" post which I really tend to like.

Things are coming up fast, I leave in two months three days no matter how much Amanda or Katie try to tell me differently. Now if it's God speaking I guess I've got another response eh? Anyways, today was good. Went to work for a bit and then off to Tuesday night. After our weekly trip to Four-bucks, I drove a friend home and had a nice chat for quite some time. Quote of the night, "I like some meat on my bones." It won't make sense to anyone except for the person who said it but I thought I'd put it in there anyway. (Don't be confused Bailey Pen. It's ok, just breathe...)
People tend to be giving me lots of advice lately, not people I really know or have ever seen but it's odd because it's just what I need when I need it. Aha yes, Katy Sem and Alexa have guessed right, I am again talked about my beloved poets. We've been talking a lot lately as a group and society about letting people do things as they want to, as Brent explained worship coming in many different forms. Here is a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien I have fallen in love with recently, "Not all who wander are lost." Think about it. Let me know what you think.
Off to watch Elf since I never have before...I could use a laugh as well I guess...p.s. Joey, I am SO glad you are home same from Turkey! Can't wait to hear what God has done over these past months with your life! Call.

15 November 2004


Jane Austen is new on my despised list. Sense and sensibility stinks!!!

strange what effect words can have on others. Yesterday, a panel of high-schoolers got the chance to speak to the mid--school classes. It's so amazing to see how some of our freshman have grown since they sat in the opposing seats. As our other seniors and juniors spoke, the faces of the audience focused with such devout attention. You can tell these high-school punks have made an impact on the lives on their small groups and Tuesday night crowd. I can't wait to see what God has in store for these people I am glad to call my friends. Keep on keeping on.

Also, can't wait for our 'eternity practice' at the night of strange fire on wed!!! See all you guys and gals there!

13 November 2004

Cleansing of the Pores?

In the past, I only found a drop of salt-filled pupil influenced water to only fall from my face about once a year and on a very rare occasion twice.
I used to never cry.
These past two years have changed that but, it's not that I was/am a huge black-hearted being, yet crying is just not how I express my sadness...It normally comes in music or writing or writing music. And then even when the tear does come it is normally alone or in light company. But tonight I saw pictures from the past of what in my room I have present pictures of...the same places, different years.
You see, tonight was the play "And Then They Came for Me" presented by the Marcus JV theatre crew..(Keila and Bailey, you guys rocked no matter what you though of your parts!) It was a story from the holocaust mainly based in The Nederlands. I was good until the end. I was fine until one of the actors placed his shoe next to the other items in remembrance of those lost. I was ok until the candles were placed in a row and the strategic placing of said candles left them as the only thing left on stage once the curtain was drawn. And then I was not.
I walked those streets.
{I think what really bothered me is in 8th grade, Andra and I had the opportunity to meet with a 'real-life' survivor of the holocaust. Eli showed us his scars and told us his stories. The last play I viewed in entirety in that auditorium was Andra's JV performance before she quit. She cried when Eli showed us his pictures...warned an auditorium of teenagers to be a strong example of good to our world. I tend to think it was the last time I saw that emotion of good ambition in her eyes. I tend to think why I am dancing around the subject is the memory I have of Eli's two possessions left from this event in history...his hat with numbers stitched on it for the concentration camps...and his tattered holed left shoe.}

All those lives lost...Corrie Ten Boom and Anne Frank. Holland, Germany, Poland, Europe, the World.
Embrace your life.
Don't use history as an excuse
You are who you choose to be.
Stand firm. Stand strong. Cry when you need to, but don't dwell or hold grudges. I know another salt-filled tear will come soon...in approximately 2 months, 7 days I will despise it's taste yet again in my lips...And yet, I'll be ready to move on and embrace this venture God has graciously allowed me to join in on. John 16:33

12 November 2004

Lost In TIme

Have you ever felt as if you were trapped in-between two realities? Like alternate parallel universes and no one else can seem to find their way to you?
I am taking a short break from packing up my house today...Trying to decide what goes and what stays. I've lived in the same house my entire life meaning I've never felt as if I were leaving my home before. The fact is in 2 months and 8 days..I will be. I will never again have this so-called feeling of home. No, I'm not being kicked out or anything like that but I won't be here 24/7 with my parents to try and figure out. I'm stuck. After Holland I'm planning on going to college..where? I don't know that yet. I do know I would MUCH prefer to not live at 'home' though. After living 'on my own' for so long thousands of miles away for six months I simply cannot see myself coming back to not being out late, having to know where I am every second, and showering before 9 so my dad can get to bed. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and all they have done for me but I'm the more adventurous type, I want to see what is out there and experience life with friends late at night and all-night studying where I don't have to worry about the keyboard waking my parents up. Yes, tasting this upcoming freedom has much responsibility to it as well. So as I pack up my room figuring out what to store in the attic...In a way I say goodbye to this old sanctuary depending solely on HIM as I should to be my one and only. Well, off to label and move more memorabilia, maybe one day we'll see it in a museum!
By the way...does anyone know what the postage cost is to another universe? I seem to have lost my price chart.

11 November 2004

To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

This is not something i wrote but instead it is a republishing of a friend of mine's blog. I love the meaning and song. Also, does anyone else find it ironic that this song was made 21 Sept...or is it just me?!?

There's a Rock that is so much higher than ourselves and that Rock is God. I often try to do things on my own and do them my way and I find myself falling. This last week I battled with a decision that was like that. I know what I wanted to do and I was determined to do it but I knew God's will was the exact opposite. Thats when you got to pray for God to let you go to the Rock that is higher than yourself. And you have to be really prayerful about it. While I was struggling I picked up my guitar and just starting singing random things that came in my head and then came up with a song which is a prayer between me and God

>GOD LET ME FLY 21.09.04 --click.to.listen

When life seems weary
When theres no hope
When life seems dim
When you feel alone
When your covered in Darkness
Theres no light ahead
When you feel like giving up
Theres one place to go, so pray

God let me fly
to the Rock that is higher
Than I
Than I (x2)

When your heart's overwhelmed
and you wonder why
how can it be
that your stranded in life
Well then pray to God
Give Him your life
Hand it all over
and fly, fly, fly

God let me fly
to the Rock that is higher
Than I
Than I (x2)

09 November 2004

Casting Crowns

It's crowded in worship today
As she slips in trying to fade into the faces
The girls teasing laughter is carrying farther than they know
Farther than they know

But if we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching?
Why aren't His hands healing?
Why aren't His words teaching?
And if we are the body
Why aren't His feet going?
Why is His love not showing them there is a way?
There is a way
A traveler is far away from home
He sheds his coat and quietly sinks into the back row
The weight of their judgmental glances
Tells him that his chances are better out on the road

Jesus paid much too high a price
For us to pick and choose who should come
And we are the body of Christ

Jesus is the way

==this song and the one called "you said" just happen to be my two favorite worship songs right now, as you read this...think about the words..don't just start snappin' and tappin'

Amanda Bradley: displaying our tax dollers at work. Sorry for the blur and pixalation on this picture and yet it seems to add to the fogged mind junior Amanda Lynn Bradley felt as after locking her keys in her own car, the fire department came to let her in. Oh what a night at fourbucks...we love you amanda...and katy, thanks for the spare piece of advice! Posted by Hello

Ah, the sound of utter destruction...

Today is 9 Nov. The day earth will finally be free.
"Switching to plasma!"
"move, move, move!"

the sounds echo troughout this entire country as all answer the call of Halo 2.

07 November 2004


A friend of mine once told me the only person we will never have to say goodbye to is also the only one who will never leave us no matter how hard we try to run.
Tonight was one of those nights I further realize the fact that the course of history goes on and goodbyes are inescapable. I spoke with my little brother today and he kept telling me about how much he misses America, strange because I feel as if I'm ready to escape this country. How much easier would it be to swap places and yet we both are in places we are supposed to be in. I spoke with another friend of mine tonight who says she misses the Dutch being here. My comfort only goes so far as I try to help and yet looking back...I was in the same place for 2 years before now! Anyways, the time is coming no matter how much I try to shift my mind from it. I am going to leave behind this great youth group and venture into the 'real world' that lies outside of the Flowerplex. It's not that I doubt Holland or graduating early, I am truly overjoyed at this opportunity...It is simply that as now as the final year of high school is ending, the youth group is now forming into this ideal mixture of craziness I have wanted since my freshman year. I go to Holland not to escape this group, but let them grow and develop to serve God with such a passion next year. As we go on our separate missions, I'll be praying for you all that you will be aware of God's presence and allow Him to lead your pursuits. May He bless you to be a blessing and remember...It is not simply goodbye, but instead 'until a later time.' Ik hou van jou...to all.

06 November 2004

Help is On the Way

Today was the third time the Marcus Engligh Honor Society hosted a book drive for central elementary. Central is a very poor school in our district where Spanish is the most popular language and most kids there have never owned a single book in their lives! Things such as these give at least a flickering image of hope for society as we at least do something for another even if it is solely for service hours. But does that justify it? Is it enough? Why is it we tend to look upon events such as this Book bash and think of it as enough? Why is it we as humanity get so close to seeing one loving another and turn off our minds to even fathom what more there is to this sculpted piece of chasos called Earth? Pray for joy to all nations. Thank God for choosing you...if you too have redeemed the coupon of life.

05 November 2004

And in case I don't see ya...Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

So, it's official now, high school football is over as I know it. I watched senior guys stand in the middle of the field crying as they hugged their friends. The barren field remained lit up after everyone else left. The image still captured in my mind is that of an empty field after all the buses had left the Colony and began their venture back to MHS. I don't know how the eerie sense overcame me, and yet it did. This chapter of my life is rapidly being set to an end point. High school is almost gone, and with that...The innocence of responsibility and financial stress. Thank God there are people there along they way to help us out in life...I don't know how we could make it otherwise.
I have a new job at the mall with Katie Lorenc, who ironically I have called 'Santa's helper' since we were in 5th grade. Let me explain, Katie and I have acquired jobs at the Christmas workshop station in the mall. I as a photographer and she as an elf!!! I am so looking forward to spending time with her before I leave. My one regret about leaving is I am just beginning to realize the importance of a quote which says, "my time is not my own." I truly wish I could spend so much more time with the youth group and everyone in it...Especially all of you sophomores...Be involved. If I or we don't approach you, come to us..Please. I speak boldly saying we would all love to get to know each and every one of you better.

Savor you time...It will be gone before you know it. Get on now..Tick, tock.

04 November 2004

Up Up and Away

A big Hoi (or hello) to all. Great news on God's faithfulness...today i purchased my plane ticket for Holland and plan to depart from the United States of America on 20 Jan 2005. I want to thank all of you who have donated freely your support and wave of prayer...it is such a blessing to have God provide for us what we need when we need it. At this moment, i am approximently 1/5 of my way before the concert is brought into consideration. If you have no earthly idea what i'm talking about then you can go to a website which i can't seem to find at this moment but will add in this spot soon with a hyperlink..ohh, big technical word! Anyways, i just wanted you all to share in this joy for the kingdom. may He bless you to be a blessing

03 November 2004



y una message especial de mi hermana diana y mi hermana en Jesu Cristo (quien donde en el nederlans). Feliz cupleanos y te amo...gracias para tu amigiendo en mi vive.


01 November 2004

You Think You're Going on Fine and then WHAM! A Bread Truck!

I can't really tell you why I thought of this quote from Carl on Family Matters...but the fact is I did. The fact is I am no longer a member of the (movie/gaming company whose name i am not supposed to display on a web page)'s realm...I am free. The fact is I realize the black-heart in this world even more today. The fact is people cannot be trusted. The fact is sometimes life will stink and you must simply get over it and move on. I got hit with a curveball today...not even a strike but an inside pitch. Said company is the enemy...not in itself but by the employees working there. I have been struggling for a while as to if it was where I was supposed to be or not and after much agitation I decided not to transfer because of the customers at my store. I didn't want to leave them behind. The company's grasp over the Flowerplex has loosened its grip today as one store across town was slammed into by an old lady's car. An outside force and yet my store was disrupted by an inside one. Don't be surprised if you see entirely new faces there. Yes, us employees were uninformed and yet it was our responsibility to figure out what was going on inbetween the abyss of chaos. I couldn't take it anymore.
I'm free...and broke.
Although there is evil in this world...and dead among us, don't be turned off to trust. Yes, I was crushed along with two other employees because of the actions of another. What was done was wrong...there's not much more to it. I shouldn't have given my number to others and they shouldn't have used it against the three of us and yet, I feel more of a sorrow for those left behind. For the one who isn't caught..For the one with the fogged conscience. Trust people...even if it turns out to hurt you years later...make an impact. People are what matters most in this world. For John 16:33 says, "In this world you will have trouble...but fear not. For I have overcome the world!"
Take faith and hope in this. All will work out...now, i've got some free time...let's see what God has in store. At this moment...i believe i have a date with a certain mountain bike and N70 digital camera.

31 October 2004

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Grand Finale at the Sound of a Buzzer

Senior Brayden Bunting stood at the sidelines watching the events on the field. His face suddenly turned stern and unwavering until a single tear slowly descended down his check. Last Friday night, 29 Oct, was not the last football game for the Marcus team; however, it was the last home game.

"This can't be it," Bunting said. "I just don't feel like this is it and that it's really all over."

Marcus faced a loss of 27-28 against state-ranked Allen when, instead of going for an extra point punt in the 4th quarter, the team attempted a two-point conversion as senior Grant Parker was taken town at the 4-yd-line.

"For all of us seniors," an unnamed source said, "We never truly felt like seniors until tonight when we realized it's all about done and over."

With around 100 seniors, or one-sixth, of the senior class of 2005 graduating a semester early...These last six weeks are some of the only chances one may have to see their childhood friends.

"I'm just now starting to become close with some of my elementary friends again," Senior Spartacus said. "it's weird for me to think that in a few short months I'll be half a world away and I may never see or have the opportunity to become as close with these acquaintances as I am now."

As the buzzer sounded, the field was filled with seniors for the last time singing the alma matter on their home turf. As feeling that this part of their life was almost gone...They all went out and adopted a platypus.

**editor's note: I was really missing newspaper and the quotes in this document are accurate. To all my fellow seniors, this is it. Let's make the most of it and remember...When pulling a prank, make it one for the books.

29 October 2004

Back In Time

What if I were to tell you I spent the majority of the day in a castle cheering on knights and serfs with friends and actually enjoyed myself?

I spoke with the Dutch again today...I don't think they realize how nice it is to talk with someone I've never even met for 10 minutes and not feel weird except for talking slower. My freshman year, I embarked on the 'cloth of innocence' theory and now I see I was way ahead of my time. That cloth of innocence is completely diminished for me. Let me explain: it is not an experience cloth..But instead, one of observation and knowledge. I saw Andra today. For those of you who have heard my reality, you know who this is and why it is so important to me.
Listening to conversations around me makes me wish people could simply come to their senses and accept truth and morality. Why is it the ones you thought you knew in elementary school seem to be the ones you are complete strangers to today? Yes, paths change as do people; however, I can't help but dwell on praying for these past comrades and hoping others are doing the same. I realize I cannot be the one to help them all see truth and accept it, yet I am still keeping my watchful eye about wishing someone else comes along when they are ready. Pray He may soften callous hearts.
After reading this you may think of me as 'sad' or perhaps out of touch. What is sad to me is we sit around putting our creator on pause while we worry about our upcoming test or the way we look or even (gasp*) guys! What is sad is the fact that people won't accept truth. What is sad is we sit around letting it stay that way worrying instead if it matters since this whole free will/predestinization paradox leaves us baffled. I'll tell you what..Romans 8:28 says...it all matters.
I'm not the sad one here. "For in this world you will have trouble...but fear not for I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)
For I know where my hope and faith is...do you? do we live like we do? do we let ourselves?

28 October 2004

Tyger Tyger burning bright...

My list of eerie tiger involvement in my life...

1. Born in 1986--year of the tiger
2. When attempting to get a mocha frapachino combination mixed at Starbucks in my name of 'spartacus', my mexican sister Barb decided to randomly name it the 'tiger'
3. Barb rewarded me with a tiger lighter after coming back from NY
4. Alexa slayed a tiger in order to protect my severed head...see picture below

i have a few more but if you have any more to add to this list then please comment.....and remember, if you don't get it at stokes then it just won't do

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27 October 2004

Perspectives on the World


This class is one that impacted me greatly...i also found out Abby Lorenc and Jessica Semmelbeck took it the same time i did last year. I questioned the course until asking Moody VP Larry Mercer if he had heard about the course and its accuracy. After getting an astounded reply from him i decided to take it and have not regreted it for a day since then. If you are interested in doing missions, hearing about it or want to see what God is doing in the world i strongly urge you to sign up...you won't regret it.

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In the Army Now...

I don't know why, but lately i have simply been in an army kind of mood. I used army metaphors last night with my 8th grade girls and wore my dogtags today.
--random comment: i may be takin gon a 6th job as, get this, a Budweiser employee. yes, yours truly the SADD officer and very against drinking mexican may soon be employed by the enemy!

Anyways, i don't really remember much of what i was going to write as it seems to have left my mind but i do remember last night's conversation i had with one whom i shall call 'screw girl.' We talke about the upcoming opertunity of Ireland and i couldn't quite put my finger on what i wanted to exactly say so instead i decided to use the words of others.

Top 5 Reasons why People Don't Go On Mission Trips (talk to me if you want the rest of my notes on this particular topic):

1. "I'm willing"--don't follow through
2. Debt
3. Support Raising--either and arrogant or ignorant person
4. Family
5. Marriage

"Support Raising is not anti-Biblical; but anti-American"
Todd Aaron of thetravelingteam"Which one will win? Faith or Fear?"

Find your mission...find your purpose and do it. You won't nessacarily have a 'feeling' over whether or not to go or do a particular thing, but you'll have to force your head knowledge to transform your heart with God's aid. Press on...the mission is your's and your's alone...hope this helps screw girl.

25 October 2004

Remembering the Alamo

This weekend i ventured forth into the wonderful world of San Antonio. I can't even describe what a great time i had visiting my great Aunt Mary who, i just foundout, is named one of the top tn best chefs in America! Her resturaunt is called El Mirador so if you are ever at Durango and St. Mary's in San Antonio drop by and see her. Ok, enough for that public service announcement. I first of all want to congrate the band for doing an awesome job and getting into state for the first time EVER!!! way to go Bat Girl! Back to SA, i walked by the Alamo, conquered the river walk and picked up an honorable mention i'm not too fond of for a picture of a reaaly cool homeless guy i talked to as he was jamming out to his music. Halo was played, trollies were ridden, and all before the 9 p.m. toll to the sound of dripping rain and seven over-exahusted teenagers walking around with extra meals for the homeless. It was a great trip overall even though we missed one day of school simply to go to classes. I guess that's what makes us journalism kids strange to outsiders...a field trip to take classes...hmmm, what may be worse is the fact that we actually enjoy them! Our keynote speaker in the closing session happens to be this years; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Lesson. Odd to see what becomes from certain opertunities..this was his third time nominated and he finally won! Brings 1 Tim 4 into the picture as he was first nominated at the age of 26. "Combat Dave," as the infintry called him, appears to be a Christian by what he said. He told a story too long to type but at the end asked us what 'our mission would be.' Odd enough as i shugged off the idea i rings true...what is my mission what is yours...who will lead? Or who shall we force to simply follow? will we honor our father with what we do? or try and shun him from our lives? I know what all of us wish we would say to there questions and yet the answers seem so much harder when they arise...viva San Antone

22 October 2004

To my boys: I am so proud of all of you guys. I know we thought about this game since Ms. Nelms's skiing in the 5th grade (we'll maybe only Brayden wondering if he would ever make it to this day!) Congrats guys, this is a great gift for our senior year...as we embark on our lives, let us not forget the memories we have shared. Thanks for helping me write this chapter of my life. NIGH! Posted by Hello

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