01 November 2004

You Think You're Going on Fine and then WHAM! A Bread Truck!

I can't really tell you why I thought of this quote from Carl on Family Matters...but the fact is I did. The fact is I am no longer a member of the (movie/gaming company whose name i am not supposed to display on a web page)'s realm...I am free. The fact is I realize the black-heart in this world even more today. The fact is people cannot be trusted. The fact is sometimes life will stink and you must simply get over it and move on. I got hit with a curveball today...not even a strike but an inside pitch. Said company is the enemy...not in itself but by the employees working there. I have been struggling for a while as to if it was where I was supposed to be or not and after much agitation I decided not to transfer because of the customers at my store. I didn't want to leave them behind. The company's grasp over the Flowerplex has loosened its grip today as one store across town was slammed into by an old lady's car. An outside force and yet my store was disrupted by an inside one. Don't be surprised if you see entirely new faces there. Yes, us employees were uninformed and yet it was our responsibility to figure out what was going on inbetween the abyss of chaos. I couldn't take it anymore.
I'm free...and broke.
Although there is evil in this world...and dead among us, don't be turned off to trust. Yes, I was crushed along with two other employees because of the actions of another. What was done was wrong...there's not much more to it. I shouldn't have given my number to others and they shouldn't have used it against the three of us and yet, I feel more of a sorrow for those left behind. For the one who isn't caught..For the one with the fogged conscience. Trust people...even if it turns out to hurt you years later...make an impact. People are what matters most in this world. For John 16:33 says, "In this world you will have trouble...but fear not. For I have overcome the world!"
Take faith and hope in this. All will work out...now, i've got some free time...let's see what God has in store. At this moment...i believe i have a date with a certain mountain bike and N70 digital camera.

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