26 November 2004

mind warped

Well, this morning started very early with our traditional running around town to shop and find the best deals. It's not my favorite day of the year due to the stealing of precious sleep time involved but I did get a lot of stuff I needed for Holland. Yesterday wasn't so great for me as I awoke with the turkey at 7am (after staying up until 3am due to my mind's venturing around the universe) sick, and unable to taste the holiday. I spent the majority of the day stuffed in my room away from the 21 other relatives in my house and not accomplishing anything. I still have an entire book to read which we were assigned last Friday and both the read book and 180 study questions are due Monday. I work a Santa schedule of 10am-9pm tomorrow and then 11am-2pm Sunday plus church so the probability of my actually finishing this will astound even me I it comes even close to the truth. College applications and transcripts for admission and scholarships are all due in 4 days!!! Still have to call back to tell DBU what day I can go in for an interview.

Oh, my calendar is complete so for a suggested donation of $15 towards Holland you too can own this Alicia D. Garcia original! I guess I better get working on Sense and sensibility...It's only taken me 4 1/2 hours to read 24 pages so far! Wish me luck...

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bAiLeY said...

I read sense and sensibility for my summer reading project...i read it and did my whole project two days before school started...its gay!