24 November 2004


Why is thanksgiving celebrated? Yes, a colony back in the day survived throughout winter and yet why isn't it a day of survival? Instead we travel a long way to get together and eat...how much more American can you get! Don't get me wrong, it's a great holiday and all, I mean who can complain when getting a week off from school and escaping Ms. Wright's wrath. I just want to get you thinking why you celebrate what you do. I think too often we simply go along following the crowd than we question what we are doing in the process. Give thanks...but know why. Spend time with family and friends...but don't leave in anger. Put off the dishes, spend time together and embrace each others' company. Think, talk, and eat.

Oh and if anyone can tell me why moms worry so much about cleaning a house when your siblings come home..please let me know. After living in a house for almost two decades you'd think said siblings would know what the house looks like dirty.

Happy Turkey Day!

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