12 November 2004

Lost In TIme

Have you ever felt as if you were trapped in-between two realities? Like alternate parallel universes and no one else can seem to find their way to you?
I am taking a short break from packing up my house today...Trying to decide what goes and what stays. I've lived in the same house my entire life meaning I've never felt as if I were leaving my home before. The fact is in 2 months and 8 days..I will be. I will never again have this so-called feeling of home. No, I'm not being kicked out or anything like that but I won't be here 24/7 with my parents to try and figure out. I'm stuck. After Holland I'm planning on going to college..where? I don't know that yet. I do know I would MUCH prefer to not live at 'home' though. After living 'on my own' for so long thousands of miles away for six months I simply cannot see myself coming back to not being out late, having to know where I am every second, and showering before 9 so my dad can get to bed. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and all they have done for me but I'm the more adventurous type, I want to see what is out there and experience life with friends late at night and all-night studying where I don't have to worry about the keyboard waking my parents up. Yes, tasting this upcoming freedom has much responsibility to it as well. So as I pack up my room figuring out what to store in the attic...In a way I say goodbye to this old sanctuary depending solely on HIM as I should to be my one and only. Well, off to label and move more memorabilia, maybe one day we'll see it in a museum!
By the way...does anyone know what the postage cost is to another universe? I seem to have lost my price chart.

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