15 November 2004


Jane Austen is new on my despised list. Sense and sensibility stinks!!!

strange what effect words can have on others. Yesterday, a panel of high-schoolers got the chance to speak to the mid--school classes. It's so amazing to see how some of our freshman have grown since they sat in the opposing seats. As our other seniors and juniors spoke, the faces of the audience focused with such devout attention. You can tell these high-school punks have made an impact on the lives on their small groups and Tuesday night crowd. I can't wait to see what God has in store for these people I am glad to call my friends. Keep on keeping on.

Also, can't wait for our 'eternity practice' at the night of strange fire on wed!!! See all you guys and gals there!

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NURGE said...

Hey Hey Hey Hey HEY!!! Keep on Keeping on is my thing, just like saluting.... don't you DARE steal it. Its copyrighted you know, dont make me get a lawsuit against you. You know i'll do it too