25 May 2005

The truth behind my senior speech...

i talked with semmelbeck last night/this morning and i just felt it nessacary to explain myself...

I haven't even seen the video yet so i really hope it makes sense. I tried filming numerous occasions and just could never quite make it through. I wanted to say more, i wanted to go through every experience and in words make sure i could flly thank al of you. I couldn't make it. i wanted to spread my word of wisdom and let you know how i feel. i couldn't do it. i wanted to be sure you felt how encouraged and challenged i've been by all of you. i couldn't express it.

Thank you all SO much. i will and do miss you but things will be fine. To the class of 05, thanks (i can't say it enough) i hope to see yo uall again son. Austin, be careful in the air force ok. andra, i'm glad you are recovering. neema, pursue your dreams at ou. and so many more.

to the class of 06, also thanks and remember. "change is inevitable, expect the unexpected." Congradulations on surviving a year of our pranks, jokes, and sarcasim. Now it's your turn. Keep the fire burning and the ideas and the problems you see of us in your head...don't lose them. Don't brush stuff off, if you see something you want to change then don't be afraid to. Jump to the occassion. Rise like yeast in the oven. (i know, pathetic but it's all i got) just don't be sad. all of us will still be a phone call or e-mail away.

Specifically to Jordy and Nurge........i cannot express how you two seniorites have helped me grow. thank you, dank u wel, mucho gracias. languages cannot express what i wish to say.

The New ASU Freshman, Alicia D. Garcia

24 May 2005

you underestimate my sneakiness!!!

Man i love being able to still be sneaky!

This next week is graduation. Last sunday night was a youthweekend here (to find out more go here ) but i am sad because i had to miss out on the CBC senior speeches. i feel out of touch with everything going on in Texas right now. The yearbooks came out and i am anxious to see it as i forget al of the photos i took for it. The sneakiness part was that we were able to purchase one of six of this certain designed corrie ten boom watches. My old youth pastor always spoke of wanting a watch but instead of purchasing one forhimself he bought one as a gift for his wife. So, being me, i decidedto get other's help in fullfilling his wish. Brent once said duringthe begining last summer "wisdom is knowingwhat time it is" we were studying proverbs and discovering wisdom. Ecc. also has the time statements that go along with it. I have been overjoyed lately as God has been showing me so much. Love you all!

-the misplaced texan!

05 May 2005

Funny isn't it?

Funny how we don't view life as precious until it is gone. i just
found out this guy i knew is now dead. he tried to kill himself and i
guess it worked after spending a month is the hospital as a result.

When will this world ever learn?

You Guys

I just wanted to let you all know i truly appriciate all the comments and support. i am not sure if you know about www.holland2005.tk though or you can use www.holland2005.blogspot.com anyway, just want to make sure you are getting all info possible. i will only keep this post on here temporarily so write down the address! love you all.