24 May 2005

you underestimate my sneakiness!!!

Man i love being able to still be sneaky!

This next week is graduation. Last sunday night was a youthweekend here (to find out more go here ) but i am sad because i had to miss out on the CBC senior speeches. i feel out of touch with everything going on in Texas right now. The yearbooks came out and i am anxious to see it as i forget al of the photos i took for it. The sneakiness part was that we were able to purchase one of six of this certain designed corrie ten boom watches. My old youth pastor always spoke of wanting a watch but instead of purchasing one forhimself he bought one as a gift for his wife. So, being me, i decidedto get other's help in fullfilling his wish. Brent once said duringthe begining last summer "wisdom is knowingwhat time it is" we were studying proverbs and discovering wisdom. Ecc. also has the time statements that go along with it. I have been overjoyed lately as God has been showing me so much. Love you all!

-the misplaced texan!


CMD said...

ha i cant believe that you said i fell off the bunk at pine cove! but it made me laugh so i guess its a good thing too! well i hope that your day has been great and cant wait till i can see you agian!

Bethany said...

Hey I have to say that even on a video I really loved your senior speech. I am playing laser tag in the yearbook by the way

the new sophmore