29 September 2005


Does anyone else realize that the Alias and Smallville premiere's are on at the same time!!! Oh well, i guess my espionage will have to go on but my super powers will remain.

28 September 2005

Story of my Life to Date...

i stole this from Hayley's blog..how true that is...

HOW FAITHFUL IS OUR GOD! okay, so there once was the girl that went to college...and everyone around her said "this is going to be so good" "you're going to have such a good time," "this is exactly where He wants you" and on the outside, the little girl said it too. but really, when she was all alone she was panicked because well...the little girl didn't think this is what she was made to do. "but Jesus...don't You remember...You've called me to the nations..." "yes, I know My little one," He said, "but I have called you here for now." "oh, but Jesus...I want to pursue You...I want You...I am hungry for you...don't You want that from me""of course My love, I made You to pursue me" "then send me here, or there, send my anywhere! (this little girl can rhyme) but just not here! don't You see the kids all around the world with a passion for You...they're leaving their homes, forsaking all they've known, and i want to do that for You" "do this for Me""i don't know how," the little girl said...she had never done this before. "I will teach you, and you will grow in Me everyday...it is not your job to be like them, it is your job to be who I've created you to...and this, My love, is it"

Isn't it cool when God reiterates things to you after you have already learned them. Like trust me, trust me, yup still here Alicia. I love God!

27 September 2005


So, i found out today my scholership requirements have changed! No more community service needed. 24 hours/year which is no prob. But the best...only maintainind a 3.25 instead of 3.5 GPA!!! God rocks my face off!

26 September 2005

Women love men in uniforms

Austin Michael Higgins.

I will miss you, please don't take the helicopter mission! God is going to use you so much. Don't think back...look forward. Hopefully we can keep the friendship streak alive. I know you probably won't ever read this..but you know it. Take luck! Your sis, Alicia

24 September 2005

You wanna wrestle?

Oh man, sorry the updating has been a few days. Things have been hectic and my internet was down for a while! Well, i moved rooms..i am now on Best C4 instead of 3. It is def. a good thing. I am currently watchinf the ASU/Oregan State game as i am so tired! I haven't got much sleep lately at all! And then we had a Brian Regen party after going to Gammage for a free tribute to Blake Edwards concert where both he and his wife, Julie Andrews, were there! I was three rows away from her! It was awsome to see her sing along to the songs in her seat! I went to a Old Testament 8-hour survey course which is why i am so tired now. Hung out with some pretty cool people, had pizza, watched Sweet Home Alabama, and am now off to dream-land as i am going to church tomorrow with Billy and Katy. Night.

21 September 2005

Thoughts from a misbent youth...

So, life really is confussing right now. i keep on second guessing myself. I sat out on my favorite bridge for about 40 min and just returned. During Bible study tonight..i think i finally came to a realization that scares me. I think too much. Seriously. Some stuff keeps flying through my mind and i don't know how to handle it. I just want to turn it over to God but stupid me keeps myself from doing so. I talked to Samara tonight. That was so refreshing. I also spoke with Jeremiah again today. We talked about Holland and the hurricane some as his family has to relocate. I thought of Mrs. Nelms a lot. She also lives in Katy, Texas like Jeremiah's family. I would hate to lose contact with her yet again. Maybe she is one of those people that Ariel likes to mention...in your life just when you need it and no more. No follow up, or worries...but you can't help but think about them and the impact in your life. I've been doing a lot on photoshop recently..i also move tomorrow to my new dorm room. Not to mention my two papers, art project, and math homework due. I am meeting with Katherine on Friday to go shopping for a friend's gift. it is too far away for me to get on my own so she volunteered to drive and we are hanging out for the day. Well, i'll put some of my furtherfinish band work up here..let me know what you think. I don't know how the band feels having only Joran on the cover even if the back is all of them. I am also designing a staffphotography website and new business cards. Man, i am so tired. I need to follow Guido's advice and sleep an uber-load! Well, i best be off to shower and write my human event paper. doei. love you all. (notice the period katy?!?)

20 September 2005


I stumbled across an old website of mine today! Oh man, i'm a nerd! http://www.geocities.com/baseballchick903/Laughter.com.htm

19 September 2005

Hey guys..just wanted to let you know some stuff is going on between helping out friends in Texas and here at ASU with me..if you could pray i'd appriciate it.

Too good to pass up!

A panda walks into a bar, sits down and orders a sandwich. He eats, pulls out a gun and shoots the waiter dead. As the panda stands up to go, the bartender shouts, "Hey! Where are you going? You just shot my waiter and you didn't pay for the food." The panda yells back, "Hey, man, I'm a panda. Look it up!" The bartender opens his dictionary to panda: "A tree-climbing mammal of Asian origin, characterized by distinct black and white coloring. Eats shoots and leaves."

Here is a photo of Matt on the bridge.

18 September 2005

Sounds of Silence

Have you ever heard a jazz saxomophone player dance notes off of Frank Lloyd Wright's last designed bridge and send them to the stars? Thanks for the music Matt, it was beautiful!

16 September 2005


Hooray for seeing my first Broadway show for 10 bucks with people i am starting to really care about.!
Hooray for fridays!
Hooray for ASU football on Sat.!
Hooray for plasma drives!
Hooray for people actually helping one another even if it seems help is far from minds!
Hooray for Wilco's 'Heavy Metal Drummer' song!
Hooray for old ladies at Movin' Out!
Hooray for the Bijbel!
Hooray for sleep!
Hooray for my community service/internship starting at 8:30!
Hooray for lunch with Emily!
Hooray for Ultimate Uno!
Hooray for music!
Hooray for photography!
Hooray for 90-min bike rides not involving groceries!
Hoaray for me sleeping! Right now!

14 September 2005

God is good...

I love my two Katy's! God has blessed me with not one, but two of these great people..thank you LORD for that!

13 September 2005


So i am trying out this new thing called google-talk. It is pretty cool but it isn't quite up to par as MSN Messenger. There is this one really cool feature though where you can 'call' people. Basically, if you have any sort of microphone in a web-cam or free-standing...others can hear you speak through their speaker system. So, i was trying this new feature out with Guido yesterday...i talked and he heard me through his speakers! Isn't technology amazing when it works! Well, Guido decides to talk back, so he's talking and talking and talking..and then i asked why he wasn't typing to respond. "can't you hear me?" he asked. Nope. So he decided to start yelling on his side so i could hear better. "Guido, do you have a microphone at all?" i asked. "what do you mean?" It turns out good 'ole Guido had been yelling at his speakers the whole time wondering why i couldn't hear! Ik hou van jou Guidodadi!!!

11 September 2005

Hoots and Salutes!

-Hoots for ASU losing to LSU in the last minute 38 seconds of the big game! Stop being greedy and let Keller play his game coach!

-Salutes for Aaron here in the middle enjoying his collegiate marching band experience! (even if he did lose in house rules Uno tonight)

**And the salute of the day goes to Jean...Hooray for God!

09 September 2005

Big Game Day

Tomorrow #15 ASU takes on #5 LSU. Our campus is flooded with LSU transfer students and soon, NCAA players. Interesting. According to our QB Keller '...despite our feelings for what has happened, it is a game. And for us tomorrow, Game on!' Well, i am off to grab a bite to eat before getting my 50-yd line wristband for tomorrow's game. it's on ESPN just in case you want to get inb on the action. Then next week...USC. Go SUN DEVILS!!!

08 September 2005

Post #150

"God notices you. The fact is he can't take his eyes off of you. However badly you think of yourself, God is in love with you. Some of us even fear that someday we'll do something so bad that he won't notice us anymore. Well, let me tell you, God loves you completely. And he knew us at our worst before he ever began to love us at all. And in the love of God there are no degrees, there is only love." -Rich Mullins

06 September 2005

ik ben moe . (and maybe sick) Gefeliciteerd Cuz! Ik hou van jou!

05 September 2005

Camping...It's EXTREME!

So I had a blast this weekend. I turned 19, got embarrassed by a new friend on multiple occasions, and went camping near Flagstaff, Arizona with the navigators. God is so good. On Wed. I am starting my Bible study with the honors navs girls' and couldn't be more pumped for it. My classes are going well I guess. I am getting the homework done just dreading my next paper and art project due this week. I think I really am hoping God has something in my future working with youth, discipleship, and for furthering his glory...my thoughts go back to Holland these days. I miss home. I hope I can make it through the rest of this semester successfully. Ik hou van jullie, Al#3

03 September 2005


I thought i would steal Nurge's ideas here. well, in afew hours i am heading off for a weekend camping trip with the Navigators. And i guess i've been sold out. I changed the facebook date today but someone told. Today i advance to 19. I'm not a fan of birthdays just becaus was the i've come to realize not everyone has a memory of these things like me. I love suprising others..but don't really like being suprised myself. I still think my best birthday was a few years ago when C-Mac held a suprise party for Rebekah and no one believed Bekah when she said it was mine too! That was awesome! Well, i just want to take this time to thank all of you who have helped me out on the way. I love you all and wouldn't be here without. My deepest gracious hug ever! -Alicia

02 September 2005

Sun Devils Bringin' the Heat!

Number 20 ranked Arizona State won 63-16 over PA's Temple! A-S-U!

01 September 2005

Game Day

So today i am also boring and posting the same thing to Xang and Blogger...deal with it!

So, I just finished my honors class and am wearing gold pumped up for the first game tonight again Temple (some team from PA). I just wanted to share with you guys the wisdom from your ASU Barret's Honor's class...
Are you ready?
"While smoking marajuana is 'getting high' in America, in the eastern cultures it is a mystical experience."