16 September 2005


Hooray for seeing my first Broadway show for 10 bucks with people i am starting to really care about.!
Hooray for fridays!
Hooray for ASU football on Sat.!
Hooray for plasma drives!
Hooray for people actually helping one another even if it seems help is far from minds!
Hooray for Wilco's 'Heavy Metal Drummer' song!
Hooray for old ladies at Movin' Out!
Hooray for the Bijbel!
Hooray for sleep!
Hooray for my community service/internship starting at 8:30!
Hooray for lunch with Emily!
Hooray for Ultimate Uno!
Hooray for music!
Hooray for photography!
Hooray for 90-min bike rides not involving groceries!
Hoaray for me sleeping! Right now!

1 comment:

Emily Christensen said...

Hooray for lunch with Emily?! Yeah!! I made your blog I feel so honored. That was a really fun lunch wasn't it? You're a blessing and I'm so excited to see how God used your life in Best C.