03 September 2005


I thought i would steal Nurge's ideas here. well, in afew hours i am heading off for a weekend camping trip with the Navigators. And i guess i've been sold out. I changed the facebook date today but someone told. Today i advance to 19. I'm not a fan of birthdays just becaus was the i've come to realize not everyone has a memory of these things like me. I love suprising others..but don't really like being suprised myself. I still think my best birthday was a few years ago when C-Mac held a suprise party for Rebekah and no one believed Bekah when she said it was mine too! That was awesome! Well, i just want to take this time to thank all of you who have helped me out on the way. I love you all and wouldn't be here without. My deepest gracious hug ever! -Alicia


Bethany said...

Happy B-Day!
you know for being in another state you should feel pretty honored that I am telling you this before my own flesh and blood. Well thats partly cause I don't know where she is.

chris. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope it's the greatest ever! :) hope it's great cause it wont be too long before i'm there myself. like i have a choice? lol.

Jean said...

Am I allowed to wish you happy birthday now, or do you still not want me to do anything? :P

kaylah said...


Anonymous said...

It is nice when people remember your birthday. It shows you who really cares about you and makes a point to remember your special day. You, like everyone else, deserves one day to feel special. And you are!