24 September 2005

You wanna wrestle?

Oh man, sorry the updating has been a few days. Things have been hectic and my internet was down for a while! Well, i moved rooms..i am now on Best C4 instead of 3. It is def. a good thing. I am currently watchinf the ASU/Oregan State game as i am so tired! I haven't got much sleep lately at all! And then we had a Brian Regen party after going to Gammage for a free tribute to Blake Edwards concert where both he and his wife, Julie Andrews, were there! I was three rows away from her! It was awsome to see her sing along to the songs in her seat! I went to a Old Testament 8-hour survey course which is why i am so tired now. Hung out with some pretty cool people, had pizza, watched Sweet Home Alabama, and am now off to dream-land as i am going to church tomorrow with Billy and Katy. Night.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I am so excited for you...to have been so close to Julie Andrews...what an awesome university you are going to to have that type of performance to attend.
I love blogs...it is the only way I truly feel connected.