05 September 2005

Camping...It's EXTREME!

So I had a blast this weekend. I turned 19, got embarrassed by a new friend on multiple occasions, and went camping near Flagstaff, Arizona with the navigators. God is so good. On Wed. I am starting my Bible study with the honors navs girls' and couldn't be more pumped for it. My classes are going well I guess. I am getting the homework done just dreading my next paper and art project due this week. I think I really am hoping God has something in my future working with youth, discipleship, and for furthering his glory...my thoughts go back to Holland these days. I miss home. I hope I can make it through the rest of this semester successfully. Ik hou van jullie, Al#3


chris. said...

that is an amazing picture...did you take it yourself?

spartacus21 said...

yes i did..it is near flagstaff, arizona