25 June 2008

World Cup- nope

My team is GONE! Goodbye Netherlands. I can't believe we lost again! At least it wasn't to the Portugese again! Next time. Orange unite!

22 June 2008


i depart tonight for New Zealand. 14 hour flight! Pray my luggage stays with me this time. I had some difficulty with my Phoenix to San Fransisco flight and had a 5 1/2 hour delay in the desert. Katy, thank you so much for waiting so long to pick me up! Anyways, this morning I finally got my luggage from that friday flight, just in time to leave again! but m mom taught me well, i packed all my california clothes in my backpack just in case. Turns out it came in handy! Be sure to check my NZ blog at www.aliciainnewzealand.blogspot.com for updates while I am abroad!

I may not have internet for a week, so happy birthday Randy and Brad! I value your friendships so much!

18 June 2008

i could have danced all night...

Tonight I was able to see the Broadway Revival of My Fair Lady! It was one of the musicals my mother and i would watch when I was younger. The others were The Music Man and the Sound of Music. I paid my $10 (yay for student pricing!) and took my seat. As i looked through my playbill I noticed a familiar name from my survey of musical theater class. Mrs. Higgins (Henry Higgins mother) was to be played by Marni Nixon!!!

In case you don't know who that is...it is this woman!

Sister Sophia from The Sound of Music. The one singing about how perhaps Maria isn't a problem after all but a "A will-o'-the wisp!" She also was the voice of Maria in West Side Story and sung for Aubrey Hepburn's part in the original My Fair Lady film! She has other credits, such as, Grandmother Fa in Disney's Mulan and the voice of Deborah Kerr in The King and I. At the age of 78, she was still a joy to watch on stage.
I'm really glad I went to the theater tonight!

13 June 2008

Abee and the Screaming Monkey

Tejas..the sightseeing that matters

I hadn't written about my Texas trip yet...but it was good!
(sorry mom...you are in the back of dad's cripple pic, but it's hard to see!)

10 June 2008

to whom it may concern...

I really like minigolf and visiting friends!

03 June 2008

Goodbye Cruel World!!!

Today I lose an amazing roommate and friend. Alissa showed me a little bit more on how to accept love from others and aided in God's breaking down my pride through finances. She listened when I needed to tell things I couldn't share with others and allowed the occasional rant. We laughed at the same spots in movies and ate our body weight in Popsicles. I've never rocked out in cars so much or seen her car swaying in the wind. We walked to class together and took Costco trips primarily for the free samples. We sat indecisive for long periods of time and sat avoiding homework on our laptops for even longer periods of time!
Alissa...thanks for being there for me this semester! Hopefully I'll get to see you and the Cubbies in Chicago soon! Drive safe and ticketless!!!

02 June 2008

what an amazing day!

This was my day.

  • wake up
  • go to church
  • lunch
  • help Maggie move in
  • swim for hours with friends
  • play baseball with a boofie board in the pool as a bat
  • shower
  • pizza
  • hours of Mexican Train dominoes
  • cake and coke floats
  • 27 dresses
  • *smiling*
So glad summer is officially here!