22 June 2008


i depart tonight for New Zealand. 14 hour flight! Pray my luggage stays with me this time. I had some difficulty with my Phoenix to San Fransisco flight and had a 5 1/2 hour delay in the desert. Katy, thank you so much for waiting so long to pick me up! Anyways, this morning I finally got my luggage from that friday flight, just in time to leave again! but m mom taught me well, i packed all my california clothes in my backpack just in case. Turns out it came in handy! Be sure to check my NZ blog at www.aliciainnewzealand.blogspot.com for updates while I am abroad!

I may not have internet for a week, so happy birthday Randy and Brad! I value your friendships so much!

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Amy Trianne said...

I LOVE YOU SSSSOOOO MUCH! Safe travels my friend. The SECOND you get internet access, i want to hear all about your trip!!!!!!!!!!

Bye, miss you.