28 January 2005


Every see something that makes you want to stop and play with a platypus?

Hey guys, if you want a great laugh at the expense of one of our beloved Dutch folk(assassin), there is a picture of alexa here we need to let everyone know about. the responsibility lies with you Doctor.
just look at the random pictures and it is hard to miss. This should cheer you up Nurge!

27 January 2005

With the Flip of a Coin...


SO TODAY I"M THINKING THAT AMANDA LYNN BRADLEY STILL OWES ME A STORY ABOUT A PLATAPUS!!! it's so weird thinking that right now all of you are in school and i am way over here. it's all too sureal and has yet to come true. or maybe my biking and directional skills simply wish that. i doubt any of you remember (because i didn't) but there was a video tour of both cbc and Marcus that we filmed back in Oct. for the Hays. I never would've thought that i, myself would come to cherish that video so much. I've been reassured that maybe for three months or so you and i will all be in touch but after that only time will tell. "wisdom is knowing what time it is"--do you all remember that?!? Anyways, i've just been in kind of a somber mood and missing all you guys. I'll give you my cell number and maybe you can give me a call sometime or since i lost all of your phone numbers on the list i had you may feel free to e-mail them back to me. Love you all, Adios for now. Sir Brooks..i'll see you down under with the enigma eh?

25 January 2005


check this out..dutch humor eh?
Click me!

A-HOI Matey

What if pirate ships could fly...would you jump on?

So in case you are just totally out of it, I am in Holland right now. Things are odd. I can't tell as to whether or not I am actually here yet. My house is far away so a lot of biking is involved. The one things I miss is all of you guys as well as all of my 8th graders. So here it goes...

LORD, I just wanna pray that al of the conversations go smoothly for your greater purpose as although some people had problems with my leaving they will be able to move on and serve you all the more. I pray they all know I miss them just as much if not more and love them so much wishing they seek your presence to be active in their lives. Protect all and comfort my heart.
Your bond-servant, Alicia

18 January 2005

Latest Conclusion

So here are my thoughts...to take and cherish or trash

I just read everybody's latest blogs over Pine Cove and am still sad about not being able to go but at the same time it gives me comfort to know things are gonna be ok. If I had gone I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to fellowship with the Village church and play the longest Ultimate Frisbee game in my life! (over 3 hours) Going to the Perspectives class yesterday was cool and so glad I decided to take it alone without friends last year. It's strange to me that by being out into a situation I didn't want to be in over 2 1/2 years ago sends me to Holland in two days! I am stoked about tonight as my cousin is going to Mid-school tues. night and may start going normally.

This morning I went shopping to find a few last minuate items. As I reentered the mall for the first time since working there, I saw a sign that broke my heart. Closing. My favorite store is going to be gone when I return. Prints Plus has so many memories for me. Running into friends, posters that inspire my work, and talking to the guy who works there on slow day by comparing Hinduism to Christianity. I'm sad about saying goodbyes so that's where I'll end this. Doei

16 January 2005


This guy has always been a huge inspiration to me. Ron Blue works for God's glory at Dallas Theological Seminary. Give it a listen. He also has a sermon on the CBC website. 4 more days!
scroll down to: 10/17/04 Ron Blue

13 January 2005


This time next week I'll be on a plane!!! eeeekk!

09 January 2005

~Swirling Vortex of Enigma~

won't anyone throw in a rope?

So these past few days have been ridiculously crazy. The congrats/farewellness was yesterday and it was great. My parents gave me a party that I will remember for a very long time. Probably the biggest surprise was my fifth grade teacher (who I blogged about 16 Dec.) was there yesterday! She drove all the way from Katy, Texas near Houston just for that! It turns out my kindergarten teacher had helped my mom give me a gift I mentioned a month ago with thoughts that my mom would soon forget. It was a blast but I still felt as if I was being congratulated for something I never really did.
I saw so many old and current faces...I was very pleased and my mom was left happy so that's what really matters. I think I had my first grasp on reality as I had to say goodbye to my oldest sister Laura. I think I've always felt more of a connection with her. After the celebration cleaning was up, I said goodbye to Mrs. Wickett as I fought back tears. We've been bonding a lot lately and it's a shame to put that on hold at least for now. I've even been considering going to UT just to be closer to her and also since their journalism department is top-notch with a few of my old editors going there.
After a nice dinner at El Chico among friends we headed out to go see Finding Neverland which I would recommend but not if you're already in a fragile crying state. It deserves an Oscar. And then today was my last official Sunday School with everyone there as next week they will all be gone at Pine Cove. I'm thinking about going up to the College class next week so it won't be as hard. I also am sad the Ireland trip was cancelled, I felt like I was a part in helping it form so it is kinda sad but maybe you should all go to Holland now instead eh?!? Wed. night I will be saying a lot of goodbyes and hopefully see-you-laters. Could it be hitting me as reality you ask? Maybe...a few more days will tell.

07 January 2005


don't forget tomorrow, sat 8 jan 2005. there is my graduation/farewell party from 3-5pm at Crossroads!!! Hope to see you all there.

The Generation that will change the world is the Generation that the world cannot change!

06 January 2005

Ah, the taste of victory...

Press on men! I see the eye through the darkness yet!

So, today I accidentally slept until around 1 or so and then ran around town doing a bunch of errands and made some money. I still don't feel as if I am done with High school as I know it but maybe when I go back to visit herbst soon, I will feel like I am done. As for now, off to try and clean my room as I just finished up another essay. Hope all of your days went grand. Oh and by the way...Alias rocked last night! Too bad I only see 3 episodes before I leave! I'll manage...somehow...

05 January 2005

Stealth Bombshell...

Alias starts in 3:45 hours!
bring it on!

Funny Isn't It?...

Have you ever seen a one-armed bandit run from a blue truck in front of your house? Just wondering...

Things are so crazy lately. Holland preparations are on the way and my mind is spinning with everything that still needs to be done. If it isn't done it would be ok but it is set in my mind of what I want to get done. How can I outdo what I did last year? I don't have to worry about THE PRANK anymore since I am not able to go to Pine Cove. Scholarship essays are crazy right now for me and I think my main problem is I truly don't care as to where I go to college. I have numerous choices and anyone seems ok. Essays calling...

p.s. a few of you told me you wanted calendars yet so besides lola, if you want one let me know so I can make it. They are $15.