31 August 2011


Our Bible Study Introduction was tonight. Here is what it read in reference to 1 Cor. 1:26-2:5 and 1 Cor. 15:10

Weakness, Humility, & Gratitude :: Walking Perpendicular to the Ways of the World

There is a beauty in taking a walk. There is a rhythm, a movement in which you travel. Breathing in the air, observing the sights, but moving with purpose towards a given destination. When you walk, do you walk aimlessly? Do you ask for directions or follow the same path you have gone before? In a new city, who is your guide in the back streets? If Jesus asked you to take a walk with Him, would you? Would you let him lead even if it meant taking a new road you’ve only heard of before?

Let’s spend the semester walking. Moving purposefully away from the World, unsure where God will ask us to go, but moving into a greater intimacy and understanding with Him.

As we walk, will you travel with your friends in weakness, humility, and gratitude? At times it may feel like they are slowing down your stride, but I want to ask you to embrace them and not run off leaving them behind, but running the race together. Building one another up in grace and truth as Christ first bestowed to us.

13 August 2011

5 W's and the H

In journalism, I was always told to get a good story, look for the 5 W's and the H. The who, what, when, where, why, and the how something took place. Then, piece it all together for others to understand the text clearly.

Reporter's Notebook, U.S. version

As I look through scripture, I find the people I connect with the most are those who never received the W's or H and still decided to step out in faith.

Just think of Job. How many questions did he ask and yet in the time of waiting did not sin against God, but put his hope in the anchor. How often did Moses try to find his way out of speaking only to have the Lord prove Himself as I AM and appointing him to be his mouthpiece to Pharaoh along with Aaron. Isiah didn't ask the task, but responded with "Here am I." He didn't pull out his reporter's notebook asking for the location, time commitment, and what it would cost. He went.

I fell like my journalistic nature can hold me back at times. To feel like I see the beauty behind the story as a whole, I want all the details before I can piece it all together instead of letting it happen along the way. Who are you making me out to be? What does this dream mean and how does it fit in? When are you going to reveal yourself yet again? Where will you glorify your name next? Where do you want me to be? Why Lord is this piece suddenly moved across the country? Why are the cinder blocks suddenly on my feet? Why do the colors look like they are shifting? How am I supposed to know what you desire of me?

You see...these answers don't really matter if I am just focused on getting the end result. The end result is Christ Jesus. And He has given us himself in the Spirit, Father of our hearts, and the Word.

The answer to the question truly is Jesus.