28 February 2008

just have's

I was talking to one of my roomies today about the just have's in college life. The "I just have to make it past this test," or "I just have to make it through the week." I feel right now as if my life is in a I just need to make it to spring Break time. I am so stressed at times all I need is time to be on my own. I haven't had much time to process things going on in my life so as new things come i just get more stressed. It's sad i know. It's now of the hard things about living with so many people. I love my roomies, but I think i am discovering more and more how introverted i am. Then, there is also the, i "just have" to make it through this semester, keep the scholarship so i can begin to pursue some of the ministerial dreams i have for my remaining time at ASU. I have no plans for Spring Break. I really need to get out of Tempe though. I'm thinking about just going for a drive...any suggestions?

19 February 2008

love is everywhere!

as i was walking to school i saw this!

14 February 2008

fact:: today is arizona's 96th birthday

have you ever had one of those morning where you wake up and everything is off?

Today was that morning for me. It was 9am. My phone alarm was going off. The rest is my mental processing.

alarm...arrgggg. (i'm not really a morning person!) *hit alarm off* what time is it anyway? Nine? why did i set my alarm. it's still pretty dark. i do NOT want to get up. is it really nine? *squinty eyed looks at clock* yeah it is. darn. why did i have to get up so early? oh my gosh i am sore from working out yesterday! abs...ow! Where am i even? Texas? Holland? no, i don't live in egmond a/d hoef anymore. Guido does. Oh yeah. I'm at school. Why am i awake? i don't have any classes on friday? is it friday? *looks at phone clock* oh my gosh it's thursday. do i have classs on thursday? I HAVE A TEST TODAY! *gets up, dressed, feeds the puppy, and rushes to the bus*

I made it to class early. Then as a Valentines/ Arizona birthday suprise we got to use our notes on the exam! lucky for me i take amazing notes...no seriously...they are amazing! even my professors say so.

Have an amazing day!

08 February 2008

g for gut...as in gnome.

Ever have one of those sickening gut feelings that someone you love is having a hard time at the moment? Well, I'm having that. I can't sleep.

05 February 2008

"What's the Difference between Payton and Eli Manning?" -my roommate Amber

The Russians are here! Our Nav director as ASU, Mike Bedient, used to live in Russia before moving back to the states. For the past 7 years, he has led a team back to hold an English camp. 11 of those students and friends are in town getting the American experience. I've met a few of them and they are pretty cool.

The Superbowl was here in Arizona this past weekend and I got the benefit of a lot of free amazing things as a result! I went to the PGA tour's FBR tournament in Scottsdale. We got the VIP treatment with valet and sat on the famous 16th hole cheering, booing, and having a fun time. When Phil Mickelson came, we started the "ASU, ASU" chant just for him as he is an alumni. That evening, the Counting Crows had a free concert at Tempe Beach Park! We worked our way up to the 2nd row and rocked out to Mr. Jones and Long December. Free firework show afterwards too! And then the Giants won to wrap up an amazing weekend! Now I am out of my Tuesday classes debating which paper to work on while the puppy is taking a nap. Is it Spring Break time yet?

01 February 2008

Super Bowl XLII

I can't even walk around campus without seeing Super Bowl advertising! I guess that is expected as I even caught a glimpse of the Patriots after finishing practice at out stadium. While we have been in classes, the team has been only yards away practicing for Sunday. I even caught a glimpse of Snoop Dogg advertising something. It's pretty cool. Granted, i would be sooo much more excited if the Cowboys or Packers were in it, but oh well. Counting Crows has a free concert tomorrow so i'm excited! There have been a lot of free concerts but i have been too busy to go! So go NY..please beat the patriots!