28 February 2008

just have's

I was talking to one of my roomies today about the just have's in college life. The "I just have to make it past this test," or "I just have to make it through the week." I feel right now as if my life is in a I just need to make it to spring Break time. I am so stressed at times all I need is time to be on my own. I haven't had much time to process things going on in my life so as new things come i just get more stressed. It's sad i know. It's now of the hard things about living with so many people. I love my roomies, but I think i am discovering more and more how introverted i am. Then, there is also the, i "just have" to make it through this semester, keep the scholarship so i can begin to pursue some of the ministerial dreams i have for my remaining time at ASU. I have no plans for Spring Break. I really need to get out of Tempe though. I'm thinking about just going for a drive...any suggestions?

1 comment:

Brent said...

Go to Sonoma.

Buy a trail pass.

Park at several trail heads.

Bring a Bible.

Bring a journal.

Take your camera.

Spend the day.

That should do it.