02 March 2008

Today I am 21.5!

It's officially my half-birthday!

I went to California last weekend on a Navigator trip and in our car we shared our life stories. These stories included stories of my oldest sister breaking Diana's dream house before she really got to play with it and our chalk villages tha would go all the way down the street! As I thought back on my past, i've decided that occasionally I will write of my youth. As this is my half-birthday, i've decided to begin with one of my favorites!

I don't actually remember how old I was when i was baptized. I believe it was around 8 or so. My dad got to perform the task. He asked me what seemed like a never-ended series of questions in front of a multitude of people at CBC Bartonville. Belive it or not, I didn't really like being the center of attention. I was pretty nervous and was careful to not lose my footing on the slippery stool at the bottom of the pool. it was finally time and my dad put down the microphone. I crossed my arms and my dad emerged me into the water "in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit."

It's funny becasue apparently my mother baptised me as a baby in our bathtub in order for her Catholic family to not be worried about my salvation and when tey inquired if i was baptised she could respond yes.

As my dad emerged me into the lukewarm pool, I held my breathe for wat seemed like eternity. He started to pull me out so i began to exhale. As soon as all of my air was gone i felt his arms push me under again. Apparently the first time i floated! He wanted to be sure the job was done correctly! So, after being completly submerged, I arose with a slight cough and gasp for air. There is no doubt I was baptised that day. And that I survived to tell the tale!

What was your baptism like?


Soozan said...

How ironic...I was talking with Susan about an issue I am having with this lately, as my church asked me if I was baptized before I took communion yesterday, and I was startled and said yes. But I kind of wonder if it counts.

...because I was baptized as an infant in the Lutheran church my parents attended. I'm completely unsure as to what I think of infant baptisms. I could write it off immediately, but I honestly haven't studied up on it. However, from what I gather, it doesn't count. And I have been wanting to be baptized, but haven't been for basically the last 4 years. I'm kind of considering either asking Nav leaders if I can do it before going to Japan, or either actually being baptized in Japan if that is possible.....what do you think?

(on a side note, I also hate being the center of attention...)

Tracy P. said...

anyone that knows me knows that I love being the center of attention, but that's not the point!

You want to know about my baptism? I"ll have to put that as a post in my blog. It's more than a comment-length story.


Tracy P. said...

P.S. so i'm not the only one to celebrate my half birthday! My 21 and a half birthday is this saturday - we're having a "sober" party at my house after work. (most people from there that party use alcohol - they know at my place it'll be Dr. Pepper, bottled water, and Capri Sun at my place or they don't come!) But it's exciting!