09 March 2008

oh my goodness I missed my roomates SO much. (as titled by my roommate...i think she missed me)

new dream::

  • live in SO CAL (preferably Irvine area) for at least one year of my life.

dreams fulfilled from the weekend::

  • Driving down Ocean Ave on Laguna Beach while yellowcard is on
  • finally reaching Orange County and blring Supertones with the windows down

now...to the neighbors con SONIC. peace and love.


Soozan said...

I has pictures youuuu tookkkk!!!

I must say, being in SoCal this weekend kind of changed my mind about it, too...I really loved
a) the humidity
b) the beach/ocean
d) Lots of random cool things

KT said...

Hi, you're a big dork and that's why I love you.

Amy Trianne said...

I agree with Katy :)