30 March 2007

candy..popcorn...peanuts..get your candy here!

So i got a new job for the summer today! I am working at Chase Field where the AZ Diamondbacks play as a vendor! My first day is for a pre-season game Sat. afternoon and then I get to work opening day! I've always wanted to be a vendor! Imagine...money for working...and getting to go to unlimited baseball games for free! I am so excited! My friends mock me about my excitement though!

Speaking about baseball, i also played my first game on an intramural league here on campus. It was fun although we did end up getting run-ruled! my average is currently a .500. not too shabby! One field error though. i think i'm probably the only one who actually cares about that though! I have an enormous list of things to do for tomorrow so i think i am off to bed!

Gods zegen voor ons.

27 March 2007

26 March 2007

Won't you be my neighbor?

It's Official!!! We are having the best neighbors ever this summer (well..while they aren't off serving God in different countries!) going into next year! I love how God answers prayers! Now if he will just release the answer to the whole confirming he wants me here next year!
BIG test in Geology at 9am. This is a big one please pray!

25 March 2007

whatever happened to wishing upon a star and dreams coming true?


My life consists of a lot of ifs right now. If i make this grade I'll be ok or if i can drop this class and maintain three A+ grades where one class is not on the +/- system i can make it. Or if all else fails if i get the art scholarship i'll have in-state tuitian for next year. If I spend my time filling out scholarships I can for sure stay at ASU next year.

I feel like a broken record lately. The situation I am in is on my mind constantly. This past week I actually succeeded in stressing myself out to the point of illness. Exactly one year ago, a dear friend of mine said, "God answers prayers like there is nothing hard about it." I agree with that. But it is still hard for me when the answer is wait. In the Bible it says to be anxious about nothing. Seriously? nothing?!? that's hard.

There is so much I want to be able to take into my own hands and control yet I realize I am not able to handle anything right now...especially on my own. This Tuesday is a major test for me. It is my hardest subject and also one of the key classes in determining where I will be next year. Key in our terms. Since God is above time it is all taken care of. Another friend used to always remind me of that. I wish I could take these truths and let the peace of Christ reign in my heart. Right now...i am uneasy.

21 March 2007

Dust Bowl

So I live in the desert.

Today in Geology, Prof. Burt was talking about the effects of wind on erosion and the development of dunes. Talking about (as DC Talk put it) how you can't see the wind but you can see the effects of the wind. Biking to my Art History test i felt the wind on my back and thought back to a story a friend shared with me last week. We shared testimonies and he reflected on the moment he recieved Christ remembering a gust of wind. At the time he just thought it was pretty sweet, but with reflection admires the wind recognizing the Holy Spirit is described as a gust of wind. I'm not really good at recognizing God's presence in my life. He's always with me, but sometimes it is harder for me to see than others.

I feel like I'm in the middle of a dust storm. God's presence is all around everything in my life right now but as the wind picks up I can't see what is forming around me. I'm not sure where I am headed or where to step. I shift my weight trying to maintain balance only to realize the best bet is to wait until I hear a whisper guiding me where I should go.
On Spring Break we played a version of Fear factor and in one of the rounds a teammate was blindfolded and had to run behind someone banging a pot lid to direct them where to go. It's scary not being able to see. And sometimes I don't want to take a step forward. But as God's whisper guides I know I can trust His voice to follow. I want to be a Rhino. Running 30mph while I can only see 30 feet in front of me. As I've said before...the Christian life is like driving at night. You can only see as far as the headlights reach, but you can make the whole trip that way. So here I am...waiting to move. Waiting to run ahead.

19 March 2007

San Felipe and back again

So last week was Spring Break (don't panic mom and dad, it's only a henna tattoo!). It was a good break. One day we even got to serve a local missionary by helping him move as after 7 years he has to move back to the US to be with family in poor health. (His name is Bob if you want to keep him in your prayers as it is a hard time for him to leave his ministry and move on.) I got to hang out with some precious people but a lot of stress has still been on my heart lately with school. One of my friends is in the same position I am, but he has joined the army knowing his scholarship is gone.

I am trying everything I can to stay at ASU next year and study hard. This is going to be an intense week for me. Yesterday morning my hardrive crashed so Katy drove me around to buy me a new one and after over 6 hours I finally am back up and running for my classes tomorrow. So for the past year I have been reading straight through the Bible and last week I was at II Kings 23:22-23. I love how immedietly as Josiah hears from the Book of the Law he takes action right away as his eyes are enlightened. Talk about Ecc. 5:4 and not delaying when making a vow to God! Josiah took action on what he knew to be true and he didn't waste a minuate in it! This is the focus I am praying for as this semester goes on. I still have 2 tests, 2 presentations, 2 photo assignments, art sketches, a critique, the study for the girl I am discipling, and preparing for next weeks tests in the next few days alone. But i am aware of the situation I am in and need to keep at it. A friend of mine actually complemented me the other day as I walked her to my car about my ability to know what I need to do and doing it. It was nice to know people can see my heart and how much I yearn to stay in the land I love here in Tempe. Funny...two years ago I would've never dreamed those words would come from my mouth! I love the way God works...sometimes i wish he'd give me a sneak peak at the future though!

Here is a photo of Katy in my amazing cowboy hat missionary Bob gave me, DJ, myself, Heather, and Sara Bedient. Mexico really was a good time to just relax and get to know the freshman girls better!

07 March 2007

every fork has its day

i would just like the world to know, this is the end result of the Goliath fork. But alas, the hot glue was too much for my poor skin to handle, so Nurse Katy came to the aide. I guess Dr. Garcia doesn't make out of state calls. But my finger is bandaged and hope of pain decreasing is at last here.
Did i mention there are only 3 more days to San Felipe? I think i can sleep well tonight.

05 March 2007

wisdom is knowing what time it is...ecc. 3

I haven't posted on the blog in a while becasue i am so confussed and wondering i don't know what to do right now.

Psalm 27:14 says, "Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD."

I love how God gets the fact that we don't get it. The first and last thing in this verse is to wait on the LORD. We tend to like the being strong part and the taking heart but the waiting...not so much. And yet God has to put it in one verse twice! Just as he talked to Moses about freeing his people, God reminds Moses the staff is in his hand. God constantly tells me, i'm here, right here. I'm accesable for you and want to work through things and future plans with you. Just relax.

But it's hard to do when you are left waiting.

I'm tired of giving things up to God and then pulling the little kid routine pulling on his pant leg asking him to let me in on His plans. I wish the whole waiting thing were easier.

02 March 2007

I have built a monster...

9 feet and 10 inches. The fork structure is finished. I bought 7 cans of spray paint so my weekend will be spent transporting the beast across campus to the paint booth before the final photo shoot. Not quite as large as Golaith but i will still call the fork by that name!