05 March 2007

wisdom is knowing what time it is...ecc. 3

I haven't posted on the blog in a while becasue i am so confussed and wondering i don't know what to do right now.

Psalm 27:14 says, "Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD."

I love how God gets the fact that we don't get it. The first and last thing in this verse is to wait on the LORD. We tend to like the being strong part and the taking heart but the waiting...not so much. And yet God has to put it in one verse twice! Just as he talked to Moses about freeing his people, God reminds Moses the staff is in his hand. God constantly tells me, i'm here, right here. I'm accesable for you and want to work through things and future plans with you. Just relax.

But it's hard to do when you are left waiting.

I'm tired of giving things up to God and then pulling the little kid routine pulling on his pant leg asking him to let me in on His plans. I wish the whole waiting thing were easier.


Toni said...

Hi Alicia! I can't believe I just now explored and found your blog. I love about what you wrote about giving things up to God only to ask about them. I do that alot. I will actually pray, 'I know I gave this to you, but...' or ask the status of a request :) His time is not our time and its better!

Are you going to the Mexico mission trip this year?

A Mutating Missionary said...

Hey Sweetie,
It doesn't get easier with age...
However, it does get more intimate. Enjoy Him in the process.