19 March 2007

San Felipe and back again

So last week was Spring Break (don't panic mom and dad, it's only a henna tattoo!). It was a good break. One day we even got to serve a local missionary by helping him move as after 7 years he has to move back to the US to be with family in poor health. (His name is Bob if you want to keep him in your prayers as it is a hard time for him to leave his ministry and move on.) I got to hang out with some precious people but a lot of stress has still been on my heart lately with school. One of my friends is in the same position I am, but he has joined the army knowing his scholarship is gone.

I am trying everything I can to stay at ASU next year and study hard. This is going to be an intense week for me. Yesterday morning my hardrive crashed so Katy drove me around to buy me a new one and after over 6 hours I finally am back up and running for my classes tomorrow. So for the past year I have been reading straight through the Bible and last week I was at II Kings 23:22-23. I love how immedietly as Josiah hears from the Book of the Law he takes action right away as his eyes are enlightened. Talk about Ecc. 5:4 and not delaying when making a vow to God! Josiah took action on what he knew to be true and he didn't waste a minuate in it! This is the focus I am praying for as this semester goes on. I still have 2 tests, 2 presentations, 2 photo assignments, art sketches, a critique, the study for the girl I am discipling, and preparing for next weeks tests in the next few days alone. But i am aware of the situation I am in and need to keep at it. A friend of mine actually complemented me the other day as I walked her to my car about my ability to know what I need to do and doing it. It was nice to know people can see my heart and how much I yearn to stay in the land I love here in Tempe. Funny...two years ago I would've never dreamed those words would come from my mouth! I love the way God works...sometimes i wish he'd give me a sneak peak at the future though!

Here is a photo of Katy in my amazing cowboy hat missionary Bob gave me, DJ, myself, Heather, and Sara Bedient. Mexico really was a good time to just relax and get to know the freshman girls better!

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