30 October 2005

Ug buys ugly houses...

Ug, has been the word on my lips this past week.

Things have been so hectic here at ASU since coming back from Texas this past weekend. I spoke at Navs on tuesday about Holland which made me EXTREMELY nervous and stressed. From what i hear most people didn't notice how much i was shaking or the fear in my voice. Then i had a paper due friday i hadn't started..on thursday i found out our professor was going to push it back until monday. Now i have to restart since he doesn't like my thesis! At least i have more time! i also have the final draft of my english paper and an art project due. Get to go buy more art supplies for that tomorrow with money i don't have! Therefore, plasma is first tomorrow..although i am concerned about it taking up my time.
In other news, our first meeting of the Best C bible study was on friday followed by the Legend of Zorro! It went pretty well, i felt out of it so i truly hope the message came across. Katy is leading next week(yes, that katy) and i am really excited to hear about what God has been placing on her heart and how He has revealed himself to her this past week. Whoa! i just realized the time and better get some sleep. Love you all, thanks for visiting!

26 October 2005

Anyone else need a trim?

hair cut
Originally uploaded by baseballchick903.
So...this is what i've been up to lately. check out the xanga for the other details. Yea! thank you terry!

25 October 2005

black and yellow beauty

"did you know the Bible doesn't have cliff notes?!?" -mariam

23 October 2005

1st class

i forgot to mention, i totally understand Brian Regan's interpertation of first class since i rode in it for 34 min in my Autin to DFW flight!
Also, quote that made me smile..."if our country elects (HIlary Clinton), i will take that as confirmation that God is leading me into foreign missions!" -Jeremiah


So, i just wrote something really long on my xanga and really should be working on my paper right now. Confusion stirs within..and stress..don't forget stress. interesting conversations in Texas with siblings this weekend and the words to the song i wrote in Holland stating "It is feeling i fear" seem to be striking true to me ever-more-so right now.

19 October 2005

The only art...

The only art i can succeed at right now is the art of losing...

2-D design is intense..i am getting tired of it! i stayed two hours for nothing today. no joke, we were getting reviewed by her and sat there waiting and after 2 hours 57 minuates had passed, she had still not gotten to me. She told us we could leave once we were done...i never even got to start! now i have to go back another day. oh wells, that is how my life is rollin' these days. How's life for all of you? Lately, i'm missing the CBC Agape life. Oh four-bucks! how i miss thee! the laughter, the fire-trucks, the joy.

17 October 2005


Mario is the victoy of N64 yet again! by 5 stars and 153 coins!!! 4 days till i see my family again. So, i am speaking at Navs next Tues. now. ack! pray for me. Need some sleep before my 7.40. night.

16 October 2005

The Majestic!

So, my bike, the majestic, and i went out for over 30 miles today! I'm not even that tired. church and go-karts tomorrow...time to shower! doeidoei

12 October 2005

New forum!!!

Feel free to join..all are welcome! This is for the new Bible study we are starting up..i have class in six hours and i don't care!!!

10 October 2005

Relient K Kinda Day

We finally got down to 86 degrees today!! i was freezing! hooray for bikes! check out my xanga for all the details!

09 October 2005


prayer is always appricitated. thanks for the text messages..you know who you are!

06 October 2005

Stealth Bombshell

ARGG! I can't believe Vaughn is dead!!! did anyone else notice the fact that they were in Amsterdam though?!? or that they spoke Dutch!

05 October 2005


"Part of abiding in Christ is finding Jesus where we are at." -Emily C.

Ahhh, smores, open vuur bij mijn huis...memories. i miss you guys..more than you know. Thank you for helping me see Christ in you.

04 October 2005

Toy Story Moment...

You know where Andy and Woody are dancing around and the song comes on talking about how good friends they are...i have always wanted that in life.
God may not choose to rely thing like that to me..but he does give me some pretty great insight on who he is through others. Happy birthday Katy..no more embarrisment from me ok...i think i did that enough at http://www.xanga.com/frizbe21! Love you, may he assist you to see his presence and become a woman of God through and through over this next year. I would never do anything to intintionally hurt you. Can't wait till we start 'through painted deserts' do you find the first word in that ironic? or the fact we live in a desert? Take care. see you soon.

02 October 2005

Dear SB,

You think you are so mysterious and yet before the e-mail i figured out it was you. You call and i love to talk when not in class and when having ample time. I saw Julie Andrews and thought of you for the following week. You think you are SO sneaky, and i love you for it. :) So mom, this post is to you...i don't mind people knowing you check my site..it makes me feel loved. So SB, Strawberri, Phyllis, and mom..enjoy your day, know you are loved, and continue working to become a woman of God through and through.

01 October 2005

game day