17 October 2005


Mario is the victoy of N64 yet again! by 5 stars and 153 coins!!! 4 days till i see my family again. So, i am speaking at Navs next Tues. now. ack! pray for me. Need some sleep before my 7.40. night.


Schuyler said...

Well, I am the only guy who signed up for Holland, and they need more guys, so I am pretty sure I am going for sure. And ryan mallard, mitch gist, and tom egbert all are gonna try to go too! which would be so cool if we all went! but we find out the team on the 23rd officially. I guess. they might extend it so those guys i named can apply and go. we'll see. I'll tell you the news on the 23rd.

Bethany said...

You know I was thinking about you today. and how much i miss you...you are a really wonderful pearson and i just think you should know. have an amazing day.