30 October 2005

Ug buys ugly houses...

Ug, has been the word on my lips this past week.

Things have been so hectic here at ASU since coming back from Texas this past weekend. I spoke at Navs on tuesday about Holland which made me EXTREMELY nervous and stressed. From what i hear most people didn't notice how much i was shaking or the fear in my voice. Then i had a paper due friday i hadn't started..on thursday i found out our professor was going to push it back until monday. Now i have to restart since he doesn't like my thesis! At least i have more time! i also have the final draft of my english paper and an art project due. Get to go buy more art supplies for that tomorrow with money i don't have! Therefore, plasma is first tomorrow..although i am concerned about it taking up my time.
In other news, our first meeting of the Best C bible study was on friday followed by the Legend of Zorro! It went pretty well, i felt out of it so i truly hope the message came across. Katy is leading next week(yes, that katy) and i am really excited to hear about what God has been placing on her heart and how He has revealed himself to her this past week. Whoa! i just realized the time and better get some sleep. Love you all, thanks for visiting!

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