17 October 2007

sparing meat

I feel like we can learn a lot from Rocky.
In the face of adversity:: he persevered.
With school lately I feel like I'm entered in a marathon leading in circles. I get lapped at times, but there is always the one kid with a cast and asthma behind me giving me the confidence to continue on. College is rough...but it is also four years of my life! this block of time is filled with questions after. What to do and be...I have no idea. I am 54 school weeks away from recieving a degree. That's insane!

*cracks open a few eggs and chugs them from a glass. Puts on biking gloves and beanie to go for a jog. Stops by the meat locker to punch a few cows and heads home to do the same the next day in preparation for the big duel. *


My head is full of thoughts...
My tummy is full of popcicles...
My fingernails are full of left over clay from my ceramics class...

I feel like redesigning the site.

09 October 2007

Amsterdam's buyout offer bothers brothels

you gotta give a thumbs up to the mayor for trying. the people's reaction saddens me. http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2007-10-07-redlight_N.htm

02 October 2007


Sooo....you know how you go to bed around 1 and then at 3:30 you give up going to sleep and update your blog? tonight is that night for me.

This is a very common site in our house (Casablanca). Vegas and Katy on the bed chilling as Katy plays maj jong.
A few nights ago we were all actually home and decided to take a family picture. We have one where we are all looking, but i felt like this more accurately displays our house at any given time. I love my roommates!
I bought a waffle maker finally! This is Wally. He is very happy here.

This was my first batch of waffles from Wally. Look pretty good if i say so myself (which i am). I even made the batter from scratch!

Tonight began the weeklong tradition of Katy's birthday celebration! My bible study came over plus the roommates to have dinner and dessert.

This is Katy's cake. Look closely...it's her face in the sprinkles!
And finally, here is Becca and me. I had a friend from Texas illustrate my idea for the Nav shirts and this is how they came out! I like them!