17 October 2007

sparing meat

I feel like we can learn a lot from Rocky.
In the face of adversity:: he persevered.
With school lately I feel like I'm entered in a marathon leading in circles. I get lapped at times, but there is always the one kid with a cast and asthma behind me giving me the confidence to continue on. College is rough...but it is also four years of my life! this block of time is filled with questions after. What to do and be...I have no idea. I am 54 school weeks away from recieving a degree. That's insane!

*cracks open a few eggs and chugs them from a glass. Puts on biking gloves and beanie to go for a jog. Stops by the meat locker to punch a few cows and heads home to do the same the next day in preparation for the big duel. *

1 comment:

Brent said...


That thing about what to do and be?

You'll still be wondering that two decades later.

The primary difference is that you've done more and been something...so you just refine those things by trial and error.