31 August 2005


Oh! How i wish for sanity!

30 August 2005


Boo for studying...yea for Equilibrium.m

"It is not the message that matters, but your obedience to it" Father in Equilibrium...what are your thoughts?

29 August 2005


As of last night, not only am i the reigning Mario Party 5 champion in Holland...i am also the Mario Party 2 champ right here at ASU. That's right...no autographs please.

28 August 2005

Mi Liefies..

To whom these are from. I love both of you very much and thought of your friendship today..Thanks for all the talks, fires, and laughs.

25 August 2005

The Lost Little Light of Mine


"Shut up you moron!!!" "Ok, self"

So, i have never felt so dumb then working in my drawing I class...i admire those who can draw..and have accepted that i cannot. Why can't the school just leave it at that? Let me take photography courses!!! i don't want to wait a whole extra year!!!!

24 August 2005

Cookie Hold Up

So...After my human event class yesterday there really wasn't much more for me to do in the day. The English was read..The sleep was acquired. I decided to wander.
Upon this wandering escapade, I, discovered 5th floorers Dani, Lara and Matt baking some cookies before the evenings cookie social. I decided to join the fun and then after bringing down the peanut-butter cookie batter from 5, the elevator decided to break down causing a few to be stuck in it(which we didn't know at the time). Two female friendly campus police came...smelled the cookies and continued their work. One partner took the stairs to the second floor to see if anyone was stuck. The second partner emphatically accepted our offer of a chocolate-chip cookie. We heard a crackle on her com. "repeat" she cried back. Then immediatly she informed us, "Someone's stuck!! Gotta go!!" After shoving the whole cookie in her mouth, she bolted to the stairwell as duck with its tail feathers lit.
I don't know if this makes much sense..just add in my usual faces and gestures and hopefully it will be just as funny to you as well. And then I found 5 euros..Dang it. I'm in America...$6.21. That oughta be about right!

23 August 2005


So..I really do love my truck.
It is so reliable. This 1991 Dodge beauty is deserted in Texas now. I have another bike over here. I have not yet named it; however, apparently because it is so hot in Arizona, on certain times of the day you are not supposed to bike ride on the streets. Let me explain. Heat expands toch? This causes your back bike tire(the most difficult to repair) to bust . in a very annoying manner on your way to class. Oh the joy of heat.

On a much blijer(happier) note, I am loving the Navigators. We had our first 'official' meeting tonight and I got Katy, Terry, and Justine to come with me. God is zo goed. he provided in ways we never expect. I love hanging out with these people. We are hanging out again tomorrow, have a girls night this weekend, and are planning a camping trip over my birthday weekend! I am so in! Classes are good. I have two bald professors which I love, a Chinese 2-D Design instructor, an English teacher who had a pirate-teamed wedding in Vegas, and a Drawing 1 teacher who asked us to turn off our cell phones so we don't ruin the "vibe" in the room. I was required to buy $200 of art supplies which all look the same to me. Oh well. I am truly grateful for these new Christian friends and seeing Mariam(a girl I went to HVE with) all over again. Pray for me to become involved in my personal study as it is easy to push those books I want to read aside in exchange for the required. Well, off to bed so I can bring a healthy Drawing vibe tomorrow. ik hou van jullie! (jij ook pookey!)

22 August 2005

College Life

I was planning on uploading some photos of my campus for you all on flickr.com but I uploaded our cheese party photos from last night instead and ran out of my monthly allotment of space. So I guess you will just have to wait until Sept. (which of course rebekah is the best month ever right?!?) I am finding my way around pretty well now. Yesterday wasn't as good. The is the view from my dorm. The "A" is white now since the freshman white-washed it the other day. I have met with a group called the Navigators a few times now. The first 'official' meeting is tomorrow. I really think this may be the Christian group for me. They are awesome people. I had my first class its morning so now I am sitting eating lunch in the Memorial Union thanks to this whole technology called wireless internet! Double Score!! Well, I am talking to a few of you online so I will go to put my full attention there. Take care my peeps. And remember...jij kan kom chilla als ja willa! (Not pick up Jeanie!)

21 August 2005


No..not that! Clean up your minds dirty!?!

So i feel like i am a tourist for the first time. Walking around with a map and having absolutly no clue where i am or how to return to where i came from. Holland was easier than this! man, off to attempt and find the pool! Doeidoei.

19 August 2005

Diminished Dreams

So for whoever cares i am at ASU right now...too tired to type anything else as i have been awake for 23 hours! Photos coming soon after i seek out revenge at the airling personal who took my silver lighter that alexa gave me almost 3 years ago!!! I AM SO BITTER!!!! This is the lighter that started the collection. Just you wait Henry Higgins just you wait! *shaking dirty fist in general direction*

17 August 2005

Leavin' On a Boeing Plane...

So, i head out to Arizona in 13 hours. I guess i better pack. I love you all, and in case i don't see you...good-afternoon, good-evening, and good-night.

16 August 2005

Bending to my Knees

"When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face"

I couldn't really say that any better than coldplay themselves, life is interesting.

The phone rang, my heart raced, The pulses echoed a hollow tone to their mocking depth and distance. What was i doing? Am i really this foolish. After dialing the numbers i realized the truth...yes i am that stupid. 'It's not that i don't care, I'm just stupid" Forgive me.

15 August 2005


Sometimes you make me so mad I want to push you into on coming traffic....
But then I realize..I'd kill myself trying to save you.

14 August 2005

ik ben terug...

So i was in San Antonio this weekend. I'll share an interesting story with you in my next post if i remember. If i don't...too bad for you.

This blog is a question for you all to now pray for Greg Lewis and his family. he passed away yesterday from cancer. Only one more to complete this circle of three now right Alexa? Take care and be safe everyone.

11 August 2005

Interesting stuff

So today was the start of the LISD school year..and I didn't have to go. But I did get an education today.

I had Starbucks this afternoon with Andra. It was really cool to catch up with her again. I am totally over the trust issue and fear she caused me three years ago(she doesn't know it was her that pushed me there yet) She is off drugs, starting school and trying to quit smoking. I did find out my friend sunshine had started smoking however. She is one of the last I ever would've guess. Then I gave a Holland presentation to my mom's bible study. I really enjoyed it as they were so interesting it encouraged me like no other. Also, I talked to Jean today and am thinking about presenting to the missions board and trying to get some money for youth contact to eventually rent another building in a few years...We shall see. This evening I went to Starbucks with Amanda and laughed so hard I actually spewed. it's been a good three years or so since that happened but I really enjoyed our time together a lot!! I love you Amanda!!! I saw Bailey Ashley Pembroke and her dad...I saw George, Brian, Chad and the rest of the guys at Starbucks..and I saw Frank at Blockbuster.

I also saw Andrew Smith. My co-photo editor last year. This was the shock of the night. It turns out this morning Cameron, a friend and Marquee photographer, killed himself. It is pretty shocking but it hasn't hit me yet. I was listening to the conversation on my left as Bailey and Amanda talked. They were all so upset and unknowing of what to do. Most of the people in that group Andrew left me to go talk to is either Mormon or nothing. I am meeting him at Marcus on Monday to talk about it now. Whoa. What can I say. Please give me wisdom Dad. Well I better head out..Don't forget to read the post before this...It is about AOL language and worth looking at. Take care. Check this suicide song out..it's the one called "Goodbye(I'm Sorry)"

Are you AIMing me?!?

So..this is what i don't get. Since when did aol aim recieve it's own status to be inserted into the English language. I just don't get it. Like people saying wuz ^? instead of what's up or even wuz up? It seems to me hitting shift+6 is more difficult that the U then P. And then jk has been around a while in simple conversations..i get this one but LOL? If you are laughing out loud must you announce it before you do? Or if you say it but don't laugh isn't that hypocritical. That could cause some scars along the way. G2G is just as long as saying gotta go. The 2 takes more time to say and takes away from the language flow actually. And then TTYL(talk to you later) ok, it is shorter but it make me think of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger saying "Ta Ta For Now" TTFN.
I just don't know what this world is coming to. From softball i started saying jk or the spanish way of jk(hota kah). Than in Holland grapje(ggrrr ap ya) So i guess i can understandstand that one but especially lol..i mean come on. laugh or not. It's like being your own sports announcer. I am not going to sit down. I am now going to type the letter A. I am now thinking. I am now getting annoyed with this! I am now going to laugh...perhaps out loud. I am now going to ponder on this. Don't be lazy kids. Speak full sentences. As for me, I am now going to bed!

A.U.B. Amanda! (it's not an aim term..it is just because the Dutch way to say "here you go" is something i have not yet conquered in spelling so A.U.B. is easier..maybe it will catch on...)
Don't be afraid to ask for help. It is not an inconvience when somebody cares...it is an inconvinence when we don't ask and make people guess what is needed.

10 August 2005

Democratic USA

So, in the spirit of America..i am taking a vote. Which do you prefer? Xanga or Blogger? Frizbe21 against Spartacus21. Who will come out on top as Alicia's blog choice? only your responses will tell...

09 August 2005

30 can be a pretty cool number too...

So today is my parents 30th wedding anniversary.

I guess i take it for granted that i do have two loving parents(even if i don't always feel that way.) Even though i want the rock-star drug abused jail bird then came to know God story...i am glad to have been raised in the enviornment i was. It's rough being back home and seeing how they have changed. I just and stubborn sometimes..well, let's face it, a lot, but i still and thankful for their support in my life.

I just returned from star and fire-gazing at Grapevine Lake with some friends. Why is it God shows me people whom both i can be comfortable with as well as am willing to let them get to know me just before leaving yet again. That kinda stinks. But to the title of this blog. Thanks mom and dad..you may not here it in person just yet, but thanks(for almost everything *wink*). Here's my hope to 30 more!

07 August 2005

Lovin' Da Fiets!

So, my arm is still really bruised and sore from the giving blood incident.

One thing I miss about Holland is the biking. Believe it or not I became fond of my Ranger. Than Ranger 2 and finally the reserved inigo. Today/tonight was the college swim/volleyball/hangout end of the year party. I have not regretted leaving my camera behind more!!! Anyways, I saw Danny and Jason at Blockbuster yesterday. You may be asking, why is Alicia mentioning that? Well, let me tell you...They were biking so we decided that at the Farney's party we would go out biking! We went out for 45 minutes. There sure are a ton more of hills here though! I kinda wished we could've been out longer but it was getting pretty dark.

The real reason I love the Farney's is because their house is so large and out there...The stars multiply from the one or two I may see from time to time around my house. I miss Egmond and seeing the Ursula Major constellation out of my room window! Well, Alias season 4 beckons..I think my bike is summoning me for tomorrow! WHOO HOOO!

06 August 2005


Sooo..in the morning i will go to Crossroads for the last time in quite a while. Now i will be off to find myself a new home church in Arizona. That's wierd.

05 August 2005

Is it normal for your leg to twitch?

04 August 2005

Blood Donor

So, I was actually kinda sad that I couldn't give blood after Holland. Even after my last experience found here.
Then I got a phone call saying policy had changed so could I come in and let them stick a needle in me after-all! If that doesn't excite you I don't know what would. So I decided to go in. There was a new nurse so the interview time took twice as long. It seems people get wierded out when you have been out of the country for six months or so. Acceptable. I sat in the chair as normal ready to give blood. She couldn't find the vein in my left arm so she decided to stick my right. Almost done, this other nurse came over to adjust the needle and ended up causing a hemo-something. Basically meaning my arm will suffer from pain and bruising for the next couple of days. I guess it's good I had this as oppose to someone else because I really didn't care which could come across as patience to her. Maybe that's why I seem to always be stuck with the new people at banks or restaurants or airports or blood care centers. Someone has to try em out so I guess I'm glad to help. 11 more weeks till I can go back again!

02 August 2005

Hooray for Vision!

I'm getting new glasses! I walk into the office and the first thing the doctir says is 'i think you will need a stronger lens." Go figure! it turns out i'm neither far-sighted or near-sighted...i'm a differnent long word meaning i just can't differentiate between lond and short distance ranges. That's odd. Oh well, i guess people always have told me i see things with a uniqe perspective(i'm gonna take it as a compliment!)

01 August 2005

As Dangerous as it is...

So I'm thinking a lot these past few days, as dangerous as it is.

Tonight I put in the class of 2005 CD Craig just gave to me. I'm weighing this whole Holland thing and trying to figure it all out in my mind. I'm back. My body is in America so I should transfer my mind here as well. Last night I went to the Russia meeting and Mrs. G said something that really spoke to me when discussing Christians worldwide, "Our languages are different, but our hearts are the same...they beat." Between that and Amanda saying the thing that impacted her the most was, "going over there and realizing, I was nothing," my mind is turned back to Holland.
God has taught me so much I don't want to lose it. I don't want to 'waste' the next four years of my life in studies when what I want to develop is not photos, but a deep relationship with God. It sounds kinda cliche and cheesy but I truly desire this now. Being a sheep, I still don't make the time, recall this desire to mind, or put sleep as a lesser value than this. That hurts. I'm starting to feel. Not overall but in small things (If you have ever seen the movie Hardball or Finding Neverland you will know what I am talking about). I want to change but I just don't know how. I still worry when I should trust. People say realization is the first step and then comes the desire to change. Well, I am stuck. I need support and encouragement to continue out of this rut I am in. I can't do it on my own. Eugene Peterson once said," A diminished view of God is the price you pay for your comfort." Well, it's been quite some time since I've felt entirely comfortable in a place so now I am asking you, LORD...help me see you clearly. If you do, I'll do my best to remember the staff.

"'As nothing is more easy to think, so nothing is more difficult than to think well.' If we ever think well it should be when we think of God." A.W.Tozer