07 August 2005

Lovin' Da Fiets!

So, my arm is still really bruised and sore from the giving blood incident.

One thing I miss about Holland is the biking. Believe it or not I became fond of my Ranger. Than Ranger 2 and finally the reserved inigo. Today/tonight was the college swim/volleyball/hangout end of the year party. I have not regretted leaving my camera behind more!!! Anyways, I saw Danny and Jason at Blockbuster yesterday. You may be asking, why is Alicia mentioning that? Well, let me tell you...They were biking so we decided that at the Farney's party we would go out biking! We went out for 45 minutes. There sure are a ton more of hills here though! I kinda wished we could've been out longer but it was getting pretty dark.

The real reason I love the Farney's is because their house is so large and out there...The stars multiply from the one or two I may see from time to time around my house. I miss Egmond and seeing the Ursula Major constellation out of my room window! Well, Alias season 4 beckons..I think my bike is summoning me for tomorrow! WHOO HOOO!


Anonymous said...

That hemoraging in your arm sure sucks. I hope it heals soon. And yay! for biking!


spartacus21 said...

That's the word!! thanks, and thanks for commenting! I talked about you a lot today! Love ya.