23 August 2005


So..I really do love my truck.
It is so reliable. This 1991 Dodge beauty is deserted in Texas now. I have another bike over here. I have not yet named it; however, apparently because it is so hot in Arizona, on certain times of the day you are not supposed to bike ride on the streets. Let me explain. Heat expands toch? This causes your back bike tire(the most difficult to repair) to bust . in a very annoying manner on your way to class. Oh the joy of heat.

On a much blijer(happier) note, I am loving the Navigators. We had our first 'official' meeting tonight and I got Katy, Terry, and Justine to come with me. God is zo goed. he provided in ways we never expect. I love hanging out with these people. We are hanging out again tomorrow, have a girls night this weekend, and are planning a camping trip over my birthday weekend! I am so in! Classes are good. I have two bald professors which I love, a Chinese 2-D Design instructor, an English teacher who had a pirate-teamed wedding in Vegas, and a Drawing 1 teacher who asked us to turn off our cell phones so we don't ruin the "vibe" in the room. I was required to buy $200 of art supplies which all look the same to me. Oh well. I am truly grateful for these new Christian friends and seeing Mariam(a girl I went to HVE with) all over again. Pray for me to become involved in my personal study as it is easy to push those books I want to read aside in exchange for the required. Well, off to bed so I can bring a healthy Drawing vibe tomorrow. ik hou van jullie! (jij ook pookey!)


Brent said...

"Vibe" of the room. I love it. I'm going to start using that. Cell phones are "vibe killers."

Anonymous said...

well i just have to say that to complain about heat is just making up excuses (smoucious)?